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    • JayKae

      Donation Drive   10/21/2015

      Hey all, I hate to do this as in the old days I paid it all out of my own pocket but seeing I have been contracting ever since I left IBM and my Apple adventure fell through, I simply cannot afford the costs. The donation drive that was held which was so incredibly successful would have lasted until mid year next year but with the declining dollar, I am only still covered for the next bill set that is coming up. I do not care what you can give, even if it is just a $1 every little bit helps. I feel like I am holding my hand up but my surplus money that I used to have is simply just not there so I have to turn to you all to please help OZx alive. There are two topics: Main Site OMSI Section Thank you all in advance, it is much appreciated as always.


  1. Main Category

    1. General Discussion

      Here you can come to talk about anything aviation and what goes on in this wonderful hobby of ours, please take a seat and give us your input on all matters flightsim.

    2. OZx Flying Club©

      Do you want to get together for an online session with 'the boys', grab your maps and your goggles and away you go !

    3. Hutchie's Hatch

      All off-topic conversation can take place here in Hutchie's Hatch, everything goes... within reason of course!

    4. The Paint Point & Aeroplane Alley

      Here is where you can find information about repaints, hosted files and like minded people, aeroplane modelling etc etc.

    5. OZx Support Forum

      Here you can post all your questions and issues, the team will attend to your problem as soon as humanly possible.

    6. The World

      In this forum, you will find subforums for all continents of the world.

    7. 8,707
    8. Beta Preview Screenshots

      Here you will find preview shots of the latest beta by the team, only team members can start a post in this forum but you can reply with your likes and dislikes.

    9. Community Scenery Design Workshop

      Here you will find tutorials on scenery design using SBuilderX, Instant Scenery and FSX Planner programs. The childboard will allow even regular users to attach files that they think 'make the cut' for enhancing the hobby.

  2. VOZ Legacy

    1. VOZ Legacy Support

      Please log any issues regarding VOZ here please. The "FS Support" forum is for generic support issues. Please note that VOZ team members monitor the forums on a regular basis, but sometimes it can take up to 12 hours to get a reply since most of us are on different timezone. Thanks for your patience and our motto is "No issue is left unresolved here at VOZ!"

  3. 3rd Party Support Forums

    1. 7,033
    2. 80,319
    3. 52
    4. 631
  4. ETO / PTO WWII Combat Sim Support

    1. Vanilla CFS3 Discussion Forum   (12,961 visits to this link)

      Click on this link if you want to be taken to the CFS3 forums on the Sim-Outhouse site to discuss a clean, unedited CFS3

    2. ETO Combat Sim Support

      Here is where you can go to get help and support with ETO.

    3. PTO Combat Sim Support

      Here is where you can go to get help and support with PTO.