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  • OZx AU Complete + OZx NA Complete + OZx Libraries By JayKae

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    Instructions for OZx 3.0:

    Instructions for OZx 3.1:

    ======================================================================== Instructions for OZx 3.2:

    Instructions for OZx 3.3:

    ======================================================================== Instructions for OZx Libraries 1.0 + 1.1:

    ======================================================================== Instructions for OZx NA 1.01:

  • OZx AU AI Shipping for FSX- EAST coast Supplement By jeansy

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    AI Shipping Traffic for FSX

    traffic extends from Cape York down and across to Adelaide and most parts of Tasmania

    the supplement includes-
    -Naval traffic that are all landable by both helo and plane with Australian and Visiting and some Historical
    -Cruise ships that are Landable by helo
    -Merchant traffic

    also included is a custom file that changes the smaller boat AI to include fishing vessels

  • Default FSX GPS gauge By Guest

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    New adjusted FSX GPS gauge to include traffic and terrain shadowing.
  • YWSY - Whitsunday Airport Qld By eliassmith02

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    A small airpark near Shute Harbour. Qld
    NOTE. Please make sure you have the ozx library installed.