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  • OZx YSDU Dubbo NSW By hanleyc

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    Dubbo is one of the leading regional airports in Australia, with two major airlines providing 152 flights per week, which service more than 186,000 passengers per year. The Airport provides direct return services from Dubbo to Sydney and Broken Hill, and is serviced by Regional Express (Rex) and QantasLink.
    I decided to take on this project with the assistance of the people listed below as my first attempt at scenery design, and then release it under the OZX banner. I have attempted to get it as realistic as possible, given my limited information, photos and also limited access to the airport. Please enjoy.
    Craig H.
    Drop the Dubbo NSW folder into addon scenery folder and activate scenery in FSX. This has been designed to work with FTX AU. P3D users may need to manually create an "Addon Scenery" folder (or similar) if one doesn't already exist in P3D root.
    There are some minor texture issues with P3D that we are continuing to work on, but it does work for the most part fine in P3D.
    Airservices Australia Chart:
    Clonaz (Bryan) - A big thanks goes to Bryan who supplied us with 7.5cm PR scenery of the airport and surrounds. Without this, this project wouldn't have happened.
    Jorge (Aeronauta) - Also a big thanks to Jorge for helping me with the PR side of design and the ADE file.
    Assistance in object design and airport features, layout and testing:
    Treetops, Aussieman, TerrbleT, Scottharmes6, TonyM, Timmy74, Mike Burbidge, Craig H
    Hope I havn't forgotten anyone.
  • Manly ACT TWO By Chuckinho

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    Welcome back to Manly.
    A year after the release of Manly ACT ONE, Manly ACT TWO brings 11 new routes to the sunny seaside suburbs of Manly.
    New areas have been introduced which now connect Manly with Mosman via the Spit Bridge.
    Manly ACT TWO brings a new level of realism when it comes to the driver experience. Manly Drivers will be expected to learn their way and will be guided by timetables and journals.

    Included Routes.
    Pre-existing ACT ONE routes
    136 - Manly Wharf to Narraweena Shops via Dee Why. (extended to Narraweena in ACT TWO)
    E36 - EXPRESS Manly Wharf to North Curl Curl via Freshwater Shops
    139 - Manly Wharf to Warringah Mall via South Curl Curl
    155 - Manly Wharf to Dee Why Shops via Brookvale
    159 - Manly Wharf to Dee Why Grand via Wingala

    Routes introduced in ACT TWO
    135 - Warringah Mall to North Fort/quarantine Station via Manly
    E35 - EXPRESS Manly Wharf to Manly Vale Shops via Balgowlah Shops
    E41 - EXPRESS Manly Wharf to North Balgowlah via Seaforth Shops
    143  - Manly Wharf to Spit Junction*
    144 - Manly Wharf to Mosman Junction*
    145 - Warringah Mall to The Bluff via Manly Vale West
    151 - Drunk Bus - Spit Junction to Dee Why via Manly*
    E65 - EXPRESS Spit Junction to South Curl Curl via Kenneth Road*
    169 - Manly Wharf to Narraweena via Dee Why*
    L78 - LIMITED STOPS Spit Junction to Dee Why*
    248 - The Spit to Spit Junction via Seaforth Shops*
    This is a heavy map, you will need to ensure that you run CFF Explorer. You may need to lower your settings if you run into issues.
    Make sure that you download all 4 files + any Hotfixes.

    Also be sure to turn collisions off for the best experience

  • 340+ Ozx airstrips selectable in FSX By Guest

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    If you want the OZx airstrips (340+) to show up in FSX airport selection list and being able to select to fly to and from them, you can download the BGL files at the bottom. That will add these airstrips to FSX list of airports/airstrips. The download contain one BGL for each region.

    This is very basic. It does not contain afcad files, but you can select the airstrips in FSX list of airports, and start at a airstrip or fly direct to an airstrip by using the FSX flight planner and GPS. The airstrips that did not have an ICOA code I have allocated a YZ.. code so to facilitate selecting the airstrip by name or by code. I have added an excel spreadsheet for all the airstrips with their ICOA codes that is included with the download file.

    If u don’t want to see the airstrips, they just remove the BGL. A very easy process.
  • OZx AU AI Shipping for FSX- EAST coast Supplement By jeansy

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    AI Shipping Traffic for FSX

    traffic extends from Cape York down and across to Adelaide and most parts of Tasmania

    the supplement includes-
    -Naval traffic that are all landable by both helo and plane with Australian and Visiting and some Historical
    -Cruise ships that are Landable by helo
    -Merchant traffic

    also included is a custom file that changes the smaller boat AI to include fishing vessels