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  1. Today
  2. Problems with the Canterbury Basic map

    Please post in the OMSI forum. Topic moved.
  3. the problem is missing files on the map nesesito your help wanted to see if I can pass the missing files
  4. Yesterday
  5. no promises as I dont requests, however if i need a break from what in doing i may do that, as i may still have the paintkit handy
  6. Hey Jeansy could you make VH-OXF for the carenado king air using this default repaint
  7. I recently purchased the Three Generations addon and i've noticed that some announcements on one of the maps I frequently play (Städtedreieck) are being skipped due to the file not being found because it doesn't match the stopname, especially on the HH109_Stadtgelenkbus2012_HHA (Citaro C2). As seen above, some filenames contain extra characters such as "_2" and these announcements are correctly played on every bus except for the buses included in the Three Generations addon as it announces the full stop name (no abbreviations) instead of the shortened name in the .hof-file under [addbusstop_list]. So for example, when approaching the main station which is noted in the .hof-file and in the announcementsfolder as 'Laupendahl Hbf(.wav)', the almex script tries to look up the entire name of the stop (and platform) i'm approaching in the announcements folder - for example 'Laupendahl Hbf (Stieg 3).wav'. [addbusstop_list] Abzw. Griesbach ABZW. GRIESBACH Abzweig Griesbach Abzw. Griesbach Ackermannstr. ACKERMANNSTR. Ackermannstr. Parkplatz West Ackermannstr. Ad.-Stifter-W. AD.-STIFTER-W. Adalb.-Stifter-Weg Adalb.-Stifter-W. Ad.-Stifter-W._2 AD.-STIFTER-W. Adalb.-Stifter-Weg Adalb.-Stifter-W. Afghanische Str AFGHANISCHE STR Afghanische Str. Afghanische Str. Albertbrücke ALBERTBRÜCKE Albertbrücke Albertbrücke Alt-Sisselsforst ALT-SISSELSFORST Alt-Sisselsforst Alt-Sisselsforst I've tried messing around in the Ticketprinter_almex.osc file for the C2 bus, but under the {macro:almex_ansage} I can only get M.V.GetTTBusstopName working, which seems to be responsible for 'binding' the stop name & the announcement file name. .. (M.V.GetTTBusstopIndex) 0 > (L.L.almex_stop) 0 > (L.L.almex_stop_manual) && || {if} "..\..\Announcements\" 0 (M.V.GetDepotStringGlobal) $+ "\" $+ (L.L.almex_stop) (M.V.GetTTBusstopName) $+ (M.V.GetTTBusstopCount) (M.V.GetTTBusstopIndex) 1 + = {if} "_#terminus" $+ {endif} ".wav" $+ $msg (T.F.ev_EFAD_ansage) .. I could just rename every .wav but it would take an awful long time and possibly break the announcements on other buses i'm currently using. Is there any way to get this fixed so all announcements are played instead of only a select few?
  8. OZx "JoinFS" Club Flight Tues Jan 16, + PICS

    Some more pics:- The latter ones I took in an earlier 'adjusted time' flight.
  9. Acceleration Addons

    Hi Christian D, I'd have a look on any Steam forums, to see if there's an 'official' way of deleting/reinstalling, before doing anything else. What CCleaner can do after you uninstall your current install (if that's the 'official' way of doing things), is clean up the leftovers in the registry. You may be able to reinstall Steam straight over the top of the existing (I don't have Steam version so not sure at all). See if you can check out any 'Steam' forums. Maybe do a google search?.
  10. Last week
  11. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    Sorry, here's the object: http://aussiex.org/omsi_main/mrdrive/CSATORNA.rar The funny thing is: I made a readme and packed all the stuff that couldn't be, due technical reasons, not be a part of the installer in a separate archive and the link for that is in the readme.... It could not be that hard to install Vlietburg as long the proper reading is done.
  12. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    Thank you so much !! You really helped! Many fans can not collect a map because of missing objects !!! I, too, was so, I had to spend a lot of time and energy to collect the entire card! If this is not difficult, you can fill in all the missing objects and splines that are not on the map on the site, so people are happy! The map is very interesting, but it was very difficult to collect the details and all the maps on the sites! Soon there will be a video on it on the channel Games on PC In addition, I do not have one wrapper for Sceneryobjects \ CSATORNA \ csatorna1.sco because of this I have a clipping
  13. Acceleration Addons

    Thanks for the explaination. So I will: 1. backup my Windows Registries of the whole Computer. 2. delete all Win Registries of the FSX. 3. install FSX Steam Version, the previous and the new (for the Acceleration Pack) Addons. (4.) and IF there is a problem I will use one of these programs to repair these Win Registries. Is that right ??? Christian
  14. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    Here you are: http://aussiex.org/omsi_main/mrdrive/Splines.rar Never knew that I used those Koenigsforst splines.....
  15. General repaints

    these are pretty basic as i was discharged from hospital after shoulder recon, im full of painkillers, so concentration is hard work for me, as i was falling asleep and the screen is blurry
  16. OK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,whats the secret
  17. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    Hi guys please help !! Who can give up to the card these objects can not find anywhere ?? Thank you ! Sceneryobjects\CSATORNA\csatorna1.sco Splines\Koenigsforst\0,5m_Damm.sli Splines\Spline JorD\str_2spur_22m_redbrick no path.sli Splines\Spline JorD\str_2spur_8m_redbrick no path.sli Splines\Spline JorD\str_2spur_8m_redbrick.sli Splines\test\Parkstreifen.sli Thank you !
  18. here you go Jorge Scenery bgl <test> EGLA runway intersection, In P3D v3, all items present P3D v4.1 Whit & yellow conical cones missing as are white gable. Using your Lib posted here
  19. Here is the add-on.xml file (it was nowhere!!) , I made it as the sample above , if you place it in the folder next to the other files , restart the Sim and done... Jorge add-on.xml @bruce Ok will see..thank you.
  20. Help Required

    i would grab the open beta library, Jorge has been updating as people post their finding so its greater than 90% compatible with p3d however we recommend if you encounter a problem with missing objects or distorted objects please post it in the open beta thread
  21. Help Required

    Thanks Matt that answers that. Do I still need oz_lib 1.0 , 1.1, 1.2 or just the new Lib for P3D Thanks again Peter
  22. Help Required

    you do not need to use the addon.xml, ozx can be added the fsx way by just adding the scenery library i would avoid doing that way until you are familiar, many developers dont use that method as it can cause strain on the cpu looking external to the root directory for addons, particularly if have p3d in another drive than c: but if you want to try the latest fad/craze its located in your C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 just remember you also need to create a addon.xml for oxz its one haf doz the other, but it has been linked to cpu strain and noting the installer installs into several folders, it kinda defeats the purpose
  23. OZx in Prepar3d v4

    Ok thanks for that Jethro ...... had a feeling there could be a problem. Cheers.
  24. Hi Jorge Just getting back into simming and have switched over to P3D so I may be a little confused. I have read the entire thread but I am unable to locate the add-on.xml file Have placed everything in the folder described above. now I cannot get it to activate in P3D Thanks in Advance Peter
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