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  2. OK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,whats the secret
  3. ???????????? magic
  4. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    Hi guys please help !! Who can give up to the card these objects can not find anywhere ?? Thank you ! Sceneryobjects\CSATORNA\csatorna1.sco Splines\Koenigsforst\0,5m_Damm.sli Splines\Spline JorD\str_2spur_22m_redbrick no path.sli Splines\Spline JorD\str_2spur_8m_redbrick no path.sli Splines\Spline JorD\str_2spur_8m_redbrick.sli Splines\test\Parkstreifen.sli Thank you !
  5. here you go Jorge Scenery bgl <test> EGLA runway intersection, In P3D v3, all items present P3D v4.1 Whit & yellow conical cones missing as are white gable. Using your Lib posted here
  6. Here is the add-on.xml file (it was nowhere!!) , I made it as the sample above , if you place it in the folder next to the other files , restart the Sim and done... Jorge add-on.xml @bruce Ok will see..thank you.
  7. Help Required

    i would grab the open beta library, Jorge has been updating as people post their finding so its greater than 90% compatible with p3d however we recommend if you encounter a problem with missing objects or distorted objects please post it in the open beta thread
  8. Help Required

    Thanks Matt that answers that. Do I still need oz_lib 1.0 , 1.1, 1.2 or just the new Lib for P3D Thanks again Peter
  9. Help Required

    you do not need to use the addon.xml, ozx can be added the fsx way by just adding the scenery library i would avoid doing that way until you are familiar, many developers dont use that method as it can cause strain on the cpu looking external to the root directory for addons, particularly if have p3d in another drive than c: but if you want to try the latest fad/craze its located in your C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 just remember you also need to create a addon.xml for oxz its one haf doz the other, but it has been linked to cpu strain and noting the installer installs into several folders, it kinda defeats the purpose
  10. OZx in Prepar3d v4

    Ok thanks for that Jethro ...... had a feeling there could be a problem. Cheers.
  11. OZx P3D Libraries Open Beta *** UPDATED 27/11/2017*****

    Hi Jorge Just getting back into simming and have switched over to P3D so I may be a little confused. I have read the entire thread but I am unable to locate the add-on.xml file Have placed everything in the folder described above. now I cannot get it to activate in P3D Thanks in Advance Peter
  12. OZx in Prepar3d v4

    Hello Tom, OZX Ver 4 with Libs Ver 2 No this will not work as intended, because v3.0 v3.1 v3.2 v3.3 v3.4 v3.5 and libs v1.0 v1.1 v1.2 are completely different to those now defunct (OZx_AU v4.0 & Libs v2.0) and are not as you say a modified OZx_AU v3.5 with extras. It would be best if you go with the current OZx complete offerings (v3.0 v3.1 v3.2 v3.3 v3.4 v3.5 and libs v1.0 v1.1 v1.2) as they will present less complications with regard to the required Libraries and Jorges updated Libs for P3D.
  13. OZx in Prepar3d v4

    A further query re P3Dv4.1. Recently had my old system crash and burn (good news really) ... as it gave me the impetus to get a new one, and move to P3D V4.1. My question : I was one of the lucky (?) ones that managed to get a complete download of OZX Ver 4 (with Libs Ver2), before it was withdrawn with the implosion of OZX back then. Whilst I did not use it on my old FSX machine, it would seem to provide a much simpler single installation of OZX into P3D V4.1, assuming I use Jorge's updated P3D version of the Libs rather than the Libs Ver 2 that came with OZX v4. Does this seem sensible, or are there potential problems with OZX Ver4, which was basically OZX 3 to 3.5 with extras ?? PS A huge vote of thanks to Jorge and the team for their hard yakka in updating everything for P3D. The contribution of you guys to our hobby is immense, and greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  14. Help Required

    Hi Jorge Just getting back into simming and have switched over to P3D so I may be a little confused. I have read the entire thread but I am unable to locate the add-on.xml file Have placed everything in the folder described above. now I cannot get it to activate in P3D Thanks in Advance Peter
  15. Displaying OzX airports in the GPS in P3dv4.1

    Hello John, Don't be so hard on yourself, So you have the OZx airfields showing in the GPS for P3Dv3.4, that means you have the "340+ Selectable Ozx airfields v3.3" package working in that sim, you just need to put those same .bgl's into P3Dv4.1 http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/1753-340-selectable-ozx-airstrips/ the latest version 3.3 includes GPS locations for both AU and NA/CAN If you want to install the latest v3.3 340+ GPS OZx3.3_airstrips_BGL_files.zip inside the pack there are two further zip files containing the bgl's for both AU and NA AUS_airstrips_JB_2010_12_07.zip PNW_airstrips_JB_2011_05_24.zip NA BC/CAN "PNW unidentified ICAO Airstrips PNW NA.1.0" original package (these 'bgl's are now included in the 340+ v3.3 pack) Previous separate downloads for AU 340+ and the above PNW NA 1.0 .bgls installed to Addon Scenery\Scenery The v3.3 package install instructions tells you to install these bgl's into the Addon Scenery\Scenery folder, so that is where you might expect to find the bgl's in P3Dv3.4. These are the files you will need to copy across to P3Dv4.1 Addon Scenery\Scenery For AU OZX_Bushstrips_NewSouth Wales_JB.BGL OZX_Bushstrips_NorthernTerritory_JB.BGL OZX_Bushstrips_Queensland_JB.BGL OZX_Bushstrips_Southern Aus_JB.BGL OZX_Bushstrips_Tasmania_JB.BGL OZX_Bushstrips_Victoria_JB.BGL OZX_Bushstrips_WesternAustralia_JB.BGL For NA/PNW OZX__Z_CAN_BC_CZ01.BGL OZX__Z_CAN_BC_CZ02.BGL OZX__Z_USA_WA_WZ01.BGL OZX__Z_USA_WA_WZ02.BGL OZX__Z_USA_WA_WZ03.BGL If you also have "Ants Aussie IFR and VFR Waypoints" package, along with Ant's Airfields then copy these across as well. Ants_Aust_IFRwaypoints.BGL Ants_Aust_VFRWaypoints.BGL Hope that all makes sense, I typed this while the freezer was being defrosted in the next room, needless to say the ice being chiselled out broken up was a great distraction, Oh what an unruly racket.
  16. Perth YPPH

    I'm a sceptic at heart so I wonder what is going on. A mob called IBISDESIGNGROUP found over on Facebook were reporting exactly the same information as above. They too have now gone very quiet in fact their page doesn't come up any more. So, GeorgeG111 and Goody what's occurring over? As much as I would like to see the Wagga scenery, Perth is my Holy Grail.
  17. Hi good people It's probably a senior stupid moment, but I have all the OzX airstrips showing in the GPS in P3Dv3.4. Now I've just moved over to V4.1, and I can't remember how to get the airstrips showing in the GPS. Anyone able to help a moron? Regards John
  18. Yesterday
  19. Download Aerial Images

    Unfortunately, this link no longer works. Also, my options.cfg file seems to overwrite itself when I open the editor. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  20. It’s scenery items I had previously placed with IS in Scotland. I’ll check a strip in AU and let you know later. Cub and orange traffic cones showing just not the gables and white conical cones. More later
  21. I am downloading England now and global LC Europe as well .
  22. Just Orbx england preferably No clutter ftx Central is broke but the temp fix works fine https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/147074-issue-ftx-central-stuck-at-finding-files-to-update/
  23. What scenery do I need for this flight Bruce? I have England which I have to re download. What else? Is there any freeware airports to add?
  24. Which airports, please .. Jorge
  25. Jorge, cones & gables ok in P3D v3 but not showing in V4
  26. Is there a HOF file with this map?
  27. Thanks People, all good now.. Much obliged to you all.. Terry.
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