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  2. [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    Guessing u live in manly or nearby, but if you are westerly, I hope your safe from these horrid fires
  3. Yesterday
  4. Might hold off for a while. When I’ve got everything else up and running, and I’ve got a bit more time to play around with potential problem solving, I’ll give it a go. Thanks for your feedback. Hope you fared OK with Marcus. Cheers.
  5. I downloaded this and only got the directional arrows
  6. [Romanian] !!!!!!!!!!!!! ENGLISH VERSION SOON (TRANSLATE THIS TEXT VIA GOOGLE TRANSLATE) [SORRY FOR THIS] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In sfarsit, m-am gandit ca ar trebui sa realizez prima (sau a doua) mapa Omsi 2 din Bucuresti. Q&A: 1. Ce linii contine mapa - Mapa contine liniile de autobuz 312,313,381 (userul poate sa le exploreze) si liniile 220,116,141,125,232,102,202,133,117,104,123,124,783,323,336,126,368,131,300 (userul nu le poate explora) 2. Cand va incepe realizarea mapei si cand va fii gata - Voi incepe realizarea mapei in luna iunie a acestui an si va fi gata in maxim un an 3. Mapa va fii disponibila si pe Omsi 1 - Din pacate, nu 4. Mapa va fii disponibila pe viitorul simulator, Lotus - Daca acest program se va lansa pana in iunie 2018, da 5. Mapa va avea o continuare - Da, ne gandim sa realizam o noua mapa, "Bucharest Map (Lines: 133,780,131,331,149,261)" Linii: 1. 312 - Piata de gros - via Piata Sudului - Piata Unirii Cine opereaza linia? - Regia Autonoma de Transpot Bucuresti (RATB) Lungimea rutei - 10,5 Km STATII: TUR: 1 Piaţa de Gros 2 UMUC 686 m 3 Bulevardul Dumitru Brumărescu 305 m 4 Bulevardul Metalurgiei 828 m 5 Comişani 541 m 6 Piaţa Apărătorii Patriei 419 m 7 Cartier Apărătorii Patriei 322 m 8 Aleea Râul Târgului 500 m 9 Aliorului 373 m 10 Spitalul Doctor Alexandru Obregia 305 m 11 Niţu Vasile 474 m 12 Piaţa Sudului 420 m 13 Şoseaua Olteniţei 332 m 14 Pridvorului 624 m 15 Costache Stamate 273 m 16 Bulevardul Tineretului 654 m 17 Palatul Naţional al Copiilor 364 m 18 Parcul Tineretului 326 m 19 Vişana 208 m 20 Colegiul Naţional Gheorghe Şincai 714 m 21 Bulevardul Mărăşeşti 573 m 22 Piaţa Unirii RETUR: 1 Piaţa Unirii 2 Piaţa Unirii 474 m 3 Pasaj Mărăşeşti 597 m 4 Dâmboviţa 365 m 5 Universitatea Creştină Dimitrie Cantemir 458 m 6 Piaţa Timpuri Noi 441 m 7 Bulevardul Abatorului 309 m 8 Şoseaua Mihai Bravu 353 m 9 Costache Stamate 432 m 10 Pridvorului 552 m 11 Piaţa Sudului 688 m 12 Emil Racoviţă 658 m 13 Spitalul Doctor Alexandru Obregia 497 m 14 Aliorului 301 m 15 Aleea Râul Târgului 248 m 16 Emil Racoviţă 216 m 17 Cartier Apărătorii Patriei 571 m 18 Comişani 498 m 19 Bulevardul Metalurgiei 632 m 20 UMUC 1,09 Km 21 Piaţa de Gros 2. 313 - Turnu Magurele - via Piata Sudului - Piata Sfanta Vineri Cine opereaza linia? - Regia Autonoma de Transpot Bucuresti (RATB) Lungimea rutei - 8,4 Km Statii: TUR: 1 Turnu Măgurele 2 Aliorului 236 m 3 Străduinţei 350 m 4 Dragoş Mladinovici 450 m 5 Emil Racoviţă 290 m 6 Piaţa Sudului 498 m 7 Şoseaua Olteniţei 332 m 8 Pridvorului 624 m 9 Costache Stamate 273 m 10 Bulevardul Tineretului 654 m 11 Palatul Naţional al Copiilor 364 m 12 Parcul Tineretului 326 m 13 Vişana 208 m 14 Colegiul Naţional Gheorghe Şincai 714 m 15 Bulevardul Mărăşeşti 573 m 16 Bulevardul IC Brătianu 776 m 17 Mircea Vodă 644 m 18 Matei Basarab 460 m 19 Piaţa Sfânta Vineri RETUR: 1 Piaţa Sfânta Vineri 2 Piaţa Unirii 599 m 3 Bulevardul Mărăşeşti 996 m 4 Liceul Gheorghe Şincai 803 m 5 Palatul Naţional al Copiilor 774 m 6 Şoseaua Mihai Bravu 591 m 7 Costache Stamate 432 m 8 Pridvorului 552 m 9 Piaţa Sudului 688 m 10 Bulevardul Alexandru Obregia 657 m 11 Dragoş Mladinovici 294 m 12 Străduinţei 507 m 13 Aliorului 358 m 14 Turnu Măgurele 3. 381- Piata Resita - Via Piata Sudului - Piata Victoriei Cine opereaza linia? - Regia Autonoma de Transpot Bucuresti (RATB) Lungimea rutei - 10,6 Km Statii: TUR: 1 Piaţa Reşiţa 2 Straja 648 m 3 Izvorul Rece 530 m 4 Bulevardul Constantin Brâncoveanu 306 m 5 Bulevardul Alexandru Obregia 657 m 6 Piaţa Sudului 485 m 7 Şoseaua Olteniţei 332 m 8 Pridvorului 624 m 9 Costache Stamate 273 m 10 Bulevardul Tineretului 654 m 11 Palatul Naţional al Copiilor 364 m 12 Parcul Tineretului 326 m 13 Vişana 208 m 14 Colegiul Naţional Gheorghe Şincai 714 m 15 Bulevardul Mărăşeşti 573 m 16 Piaţa Sfântul Gheorghe 1,39 Km 17 Piaţa Romană 1,52 Km 18 Povernei 563 m 19 Piaţa Victoriei RETUR: 1 Piaţa Victoriei 2 Orlando 357 m 3 Piaţa Romană 720 m 4 Piaţa 21 Decembrie 1989 1,05 Km 5 Bulevardul Mărăşeşti 1,82 Km 6 Liceul Gheorghe Şincai 803 m 7 Palatul Naţional al Copiilor 774 m 8 Şoseaua Mihai Bravu 591 m 9 Costache Stamate 432 m 10 Pridvorului 552 m 11 Piaţa Sudului 688 m 12 Bulevardul Alexandru Obregia 614 m 13 Bulevardul Constantin Brâncoveanu 622 m 14 Reşiţa 459 m 15 Straja 461 m 16 Piaţa Reşiţa POZE DIN BUCURESTI CU LINIILE SI STATIILE CARE VOR FII FOLOSITE IN ACEST ADDON: Poza cu Mercedes-Benz 0530 pe linia 312: http://tineretului-vacaresti.ro/obiective/r-t-b-linia-autobuz-312/ Poza cu Mercedes-Benz Facelift pe linia 313: http://transport-in-comun.ro/bucuresti/autobuze/ab_citaro2_6200.htm Poza cu Mercedes-Benz Facelift pe linia 381: http://www.forum.ro-trans.net/index.php?topic=1039.0 Poza cu Mercedes-Benz 0530 pe linia neexplorabila 133: https://forum.metrouusor.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=353&start=154 Capat linie 381 Piata Resita: http://www.forum.ro-trans.net/index.php?topic=3643.0 Capat linia 313 Turnu Magurele: https://forum.metrouusor.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1752&hilit=4664&start=1232 Autobuzele care vor circula in acest addon vor fii: MERCEDES BENZ CITARO 0530 SI MERCEDES BENZ CITARO FACELIFT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Autobuzu'Roman @Ratb
  7. Mercedes Benz 0530

    Hi. How can I get people entry on 1,2,3 door on MB 0530? Thank you
  8. The shiping is untested in v4 I want redo it down the track and change some models to reflect current day and tie in with my oil rigs and darwin ports scenery The bgl should work and the ships should work as well, the well known wake issue may be a problem but the avsim wake fix should solve that But i could be talking out of butt The adf ai wont too well as they are fs2004 models so you will be missing a fair few aircraft If you do install it let me.know how you go with the ships The more i think about it I have a funny feeling that some ships are fs2004 models and they may not work
  9. idea for friday 16march flight

    Thanks for asking and on all of days it was st pats day so no darwin festival We did alright surprisingly since im less than 1km from the beach we lost a few trees and so did most houses in my suburb but we are a suburb thats only 2yrs old so a lot of planning went into cyclone proofing desgin (expect landscaping) The city lost power and is expected to get it back late in the week some other older areas suffered a bit which sucks as you need the air con and running water Im stumpt how much the place was affected by only a cat 2 cyclone its like they have forgotten or ignored past experiences Anyway theres warnings of a cat 4 cyclone later this week so if that happens it will be a long week At this rate i will only have to worry about lawns as i wont have any trees left at this rate I was planning on doing a live flight when it hit but inwas side tracked as i was playing in the street helping some neigbours who didnt do any preps and then entertain the wife and kid as ot was thier first cyclone
  10. OZx Flying Club Additional Sceneries

    Well, this sounds great, thanks for your engagement!
  11. "Craig's Eastern Australia Monster Flight", M9. Departing YBHI Background: <Eastern Australia Monster Flight> Traffic Calls: <Good Practice> Flight Plan. Sim Settings Date: 23/3/2018 Time: Take off 1515 local Aircraft: GA capable of 150 kt cruise. eg Legacy type Departing YBHI Save as "m9" Save flight in P3D / FSX (NOT PlanG) Replace your wx file with my wx file <xxx> & load saved flight Wind should be xxx/xx Scenery: Usual OZx etc New scenery for YWCA, YTLP & YLOH in production YBKE is part of the OZx package
  12. ERROR - TUV 0 & CV.Calculate - J3

    A script error in the named bus. Omsi don't understand some information that is in the script... I don't know that bus, so i'm not able to give you more details.
  13. OZx Flying Club Additional Sceneries

    Understood... I think the small Monster dirt strips will be published as a compilation once Craig is satisfied that they are fit for general publication (I'll see if I can make a link to them in a single post as a short term measure) The windsock thing is Jorge's baby ( see http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/27367-ozx-p3d-wind-animated-windsock-installation-and-update/ ) I expect this will be updated from time to time. I think the hope is to put all the animated windsocks into a "single" xml or a smaller number of xml's for P3D users
  14. OZx Flying Club Additional Sceneries

    Bruce, thanks for answering. I have all OZx sceneries/libraries installed. This is a "must" for seriously flying the Australian continent. My posting just related to those little "addons" -mostly small dirt strips- that have been published for your OZx flight planning (for example Monster Flights ). These ones are a little bit "hidden" for users who don't read the forum attentively. Therefore my question for some kind of summary of these strips and Sode-files. Dieter
  15. OZx Flying Club Additional Sceneries

    Hi Dieter great that you are enjoying our flights all sceneries are available for download from the OZx downloads pages, as a package http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/1825-single-links-ozx-au-complete-ozx-na-complete-ozx-libraries/ With others As individual airfields eg http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/5982-ozx-ybma-mt-isa/ Some of these are posted individually because of their size or just because that is the way the sc. developer wants to do it. See also. http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/679-ants-aussie-airports-complete/ for Ants great collection of fields Currently for the Monster Flight series Craig is posting some small dirt strips to shorten the legs, these are basic and where necessary will be revisited to add features before being generally released through the OZx library Enjoy the rest of the Monster Flight Series due to end in Tasmania in about 10 months, if you need any more help just ask
  16. 01:35:35 - - Error: Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 005D4AC5 in Modul 'Omsi.exe'. Lesen von Adresse 00000317: CV.Calculate - J3 (vehicles\Dennis_Eniro500\ATE_MKI_ZF_5HP602C_2.bus) 01:35:35 - - Error: Fehler bei Bereichsprufung: TUV 0 What's the meaning of this error ? How can I solve it ?
  17. idea for friday 16march flight

    Took my Carenado PA31-310 VH-EDL (thank you again) for a run on Sat YPDN-YMGD-YGBI--YCKI-YPDN emulating a RPT flight of the airline I worked with 1990-95. Getting to MGD was fine. Getting to GBI was exciting, massive headwind, lots of interesting clouds and rain, had to wait half an hour for the 90 degree 47knts crosswind to veer around before takeoff. Getting to CKI was also very exciting, a gust on short final took IAS from 110 to 58, lucky I had set full flap and 32"mfp to get me out of that one. Final YPDN leg very bumpy and slow IAS 180 only gave me TAS 162 (normally circa 200) and had to do a very dicey approach on Rway 36 before I headed for the bar to recuperate. Thanks for the HU and hope you came through OK mate.
  18. Well a new day and a fresh start works wonders. 1. Checked all my .xml files 2. Deleted scenery.cfg 3. Started P3D so it rebuilt the scenery.cfg 4. Ran Orbx Central 3 to re activate 5. Checked what I had showing in lorby_SI. All looked good 6. Ran P3D *** Everything runs including OZx 7. Made config backups 8. I have also added @Flukey‘s YBSU Maroochydore Sunshine Coast to the same OZ_AUS add-on.xml and this works as well. Couple of screenshots over the airport http://www.evernote.com/l/AE0u40A4xNFLnayDLSVx7NdSjrq3HaT_9Ao/ Here is what the file looks like: <SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="4,0" id="add-on"> <AddOn.Name>OZx_AU</AddOn.Name> <AddOn.Description>OZx_AU</AddOn.Description> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Scenery</Category> <Path>E:\Lockheed Martin\Addon_Scenery\OZx\OZx_AUS</Path> <Name>OZx_AUS</Name> <Layer>348</Layer> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Scenery</Category> <Path>E:\Lockheed Martin\Addon_Scenery\OZx\OZx_LIB</Path> <Name>OZx_LIB</Name> <Layer>347</Layer> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Scenery</Category> <Path>E:\Lockheed Martin\Addon_scenery\OZx\OZx_AUS\YBSU Sunshine Coast Airport fk</Path> <Name>YBSU Sunshine Coast Airport fk</Name> <Layer>349</Layer> </AddOn.Component> </SimBase.Document> Thank you all. Off for some Australian flying
  19. Last week
  20. Just a quickie :- Would the OZX Defence Force AI, and Jeansy's East Coast Shipping be compatible with P3D4 ?? Cheers
  21. This came out of nowhere and I just bought it and had a quick go with the Capacity. Pretty good first impression. http://store.steampowered.com/app/730260/ Took a video of my first run, it is available as soon as it done uploading and processing.
  22. FTX AU AI at Flukey's YBSU (FSX STEAM)

    Thanks Flukey, This really helped.
  23. Hi Jeansy

  24. Hi Jeansy

    Hi mate , hope you are well and safe , just saw the news from the "small" cyclone .. stay out of the weather and recover yourself.. all the best Jorge
  25. @aeronauta Jorge, please have a look at this post that I started over at avsim. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/533388-p3d-v42-and-problems-installing-add-ons/ Elaine Dixon has been working with me and It shows if nothing else that there are some issues with the process of adding add-on's outside of the P3D root folder. Cheers Anton
  26. Help With OMSI Crossing Editor

    Hi thanks for your message I double checked what you said in your message and all the correct files are their I also re downloaded Omsi 2 off steam to see if any files was missing but again all the files are their, I am really not show what has gone wrong but omsi crossing editor will not load any sco files at all not even my own sco files that I have created so ill keep trying to figure this out thanks so much for your help
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