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  2. Ant's Airplanes Trojan T28A public beta

    This is for the T28A model. It is has always been free to all users although it is encouraged that you donate to aussiex or sim-outhouse if you enjoy using the T28A. The T28B/C and T28D are payware (and still will be). They will soon incorporate the same changes as those in the T28A. The V3.00 update will be free to all existing users of the T28B/C and T28D.
  3. Today
  4. What am I missing?

    All good, i have just downloaded a ton of splines and objects, and the issue is now resolved. and im running bowdenham v3.1
  5. What am I missing?

    For bowdenham V4 you will need omsi 2 to run it I believe.
  6. Ant's Airplanes Trojan T28A public beta

    Same here, payware from the Flight Sim Store - want us to try the beta for you anyway? Dumb question- downloading now. Order Number: FSS0211893 Ant's Airplanes - T-28D Trojan
  7. OZX JoinFS Club Flight November 24

    Some of the new models havnnt been converted, but have a look at them and see of they show up. The locomotive has because it has been used elswhere, but the forklift and the train carriages havnt. Some items have had poly's reduced but they are the same objects. I have also removed objects so that should help frames as well. Try them in both sims Bruce and see what happens.
  8. What am I missing?

    Omsi 1.2
  9. OZX JoinFS Club Flight November 24

    have these been converted to be P3D compatable? Just wondering which OzLib file to put them in, fsx or p3d
  10. What is the reason for this? I use FSX, FTX Global, FTX AU, FTX Vector. Best regards, Heinz
  11. [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    VAR European Cars
  12. [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    Ernest St #1
  13. [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    Back to CAmmeray/North Sydney Anzac Park Public School
  14. What am I missing?

    I have a question, which omsi version are you trying to load this map. Omsi 1 or 2? Cause mostly with omsi 2 versions they will show the version number in the top of the logfile, however yours seem to be missing.
  15. Ant's Airplanes Trojan T28A public beta

    G'day mate. When I acquired it, it was Payware. Purchased direct from your site. Will look in my wallet when I finish paying my bills when my pension hits the bank tomorrow.
  16. What am I missing?

    In theory, all maps should come with a list of all required dependencies...However it's not a requirement here, meaning certain downloads don't have a list of required assets (thus why so many people have missing objects and splines). I'd have to search around, and I don't have the time at the moment, just double check the download page and Google.
  17. In Bruce's absence, I thought I would put something together quickly and to also get you guys to test an update to Warren with the frame rate issues people were having. I have re done many objects, removed some and added others, and hopefully Ive fixed it. I removed the old train, the forklifts, the trucks and trailers, and replaced some of them with low poly versions. Flight plan - can be changed or shortened. I will place the weather file and time of flight shortly on here I have also attached an image of some files that you will need to remove from the OZX_Lib\texture folder as well. There is a zip file which has the location folders where replacement files have to go. Some go in the OZX_Lib folders and the others in the OZX_Aus folders. The files go in the corresponding sub folders in fsx....pretty straight forward. If asked, replace the existing files as some of them will ask you to, others are new. Link for the new scenery https://www.dropbox.com/s/m60hutd1aekskh6/ch_YWRN_updateV2.zip?dl=0 Let me know what you think. Feel free to check it out before Friday. Files to remove prior to installing updated files. You can see the folder location along the top of the window.
  18. I am on the bowdenham map in omsi 1, and i have noticed that there are no tour numbers for the lines. Since there is no tour option, no ai busses spawn, leading to no passangers. I would like to see if i could fix this issue.
  19. OZx P3D Libraries Open Beta

    Andrew , thank you for your great work, let me explain how scenery works , the developer creates the base scenery (Runways aprons Photo Real image of the ground and models of the objects to add . He has the originals , with these some files are compiled (xxx,.bgl) some are scenery files and others are objects files , in general the scenery files from FSX work OK in P3D but the objects and particularly animated (by SIM variables) do not. Here I come to make all this work from approx 10 years ago to convert all to P3D , all I can do is run every library (and its objects) through a program called Model Converter X, MCX is magic it does its work when IT CAN... unfortunately not all models can be converted thats why there are some missing , the ones that are not missing and are black in texture sometimes can be fixed , I say sometimes because the dev's create a Library of objects and they get reused in various sceneries , this they apply using placement files , this files refer to the objects by a GUID not by name , so I cannot decipher what they are. As you see I have run 600Mb of objects through this converter and I think I got a pretty good outcome. I will continue to fix as much as I can , but as I said my team of programmers and investigators is working flat out to make the best of what we have. Jorge ps I do not think there are any developers in OZx developing for P3D . It is very different from FSX. Sorry I forgot to include this folder in the latest Windsock delivery paste it in C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects\ overwriting the existing folder.. Jorge OZx_WS_Wh.zip
  20. What am I missing?

    The map is Bowdenham. I am missing the spline(s) I am missing the object(s) It would be much appreciated if you could point me in the right direction.\ Many thanks - donek Edit: i have searched around and i cant seem to find any splines or objects.
  21. OZx "JoinFS" Club Flight Fri Nov 24, 0930z

    There seem to be a lot of confused people down under. Trev,s umpires and Noel’s reference to to Clicket It was not 30 runs for 6 wickets, more like a score line of 30 points to 6 in the rugby at Twickers Clicket starts Thursday? PS. Guess what the nationality of the referee was? Now that’s really kicking a dog when it’s down.
  22. View File Manfred Jahn 's Douglas C-47 V3 Olympic Arlines SX-BAC textures for the payware Manfred Jahn 's Douglas C-47 V3 depicting Olympic Airlines SX-BAC Submitter jeansy Submitted 11/22/2017 Category Europe Manufacturer Manfred Jahn Model C-47 v3 Specifications freeware model  
  23. Version


    textures for the payware Manfred Jahn 's Douglas C-47 V3 depicting Olympic Airlines SX-BAC
  24. What am I missing?

    It seems as though you have a lot of issues with things not loading properly. I recommend that you download Thiago's Map Tools, to find out specifically what you're missing. Also, what map is this?
  25. What am I missing?

    Hello, i would like to know what spline-packs, textures and what not i am missing from the game. *** It is very overwhelming ***
  26. OZx P3D Libraries Open Beta

    Unfortunatly i dont have P3D otherwise I would help. The more recent additions like my NW airport packs and Rob's Mt isa should be ok as most of the buildings for them were tested or converted. Most likely for these, it would be the windsock only.
  27. OZx P3D Libraries Open Beta

    @aeronauta Thanks for those windsocks, looks like the one at YDPO is working, although the wind reading is at 24 mag and when I line the R66 up the compass is reading more around 21... Is that to be expected, it's not a big deal in my eyes. Just on YRID, my fsx install is definitely showing buildings and in V4 none or very few... Yesterday afternoon I knocked over the Tasmania airfields from OZx V3-3.5, looks like there are 9 airfields with issues, again, mostly missing buildings. I fear this could be a similar issue across each and every state, could there be an identifying factor that the Devs can pick out? Have we got anyone else doing checks in P3D v4 for other states? It would certainly help. QLD looks like a very big task!!....
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