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Airports Don't Show in FSX Airport List


Hi and Welcome to OzX.

One of thje most frequent questions we get here is about why the airports don't appear in the FSX airport list.

This is by intent, and relates to the design and philosphy of OzX.

Those of you who have had the pleasure of flying in a single engined aircraft to a dirt strip will have noticed two things:

  • The strips are quite bumpy, often inclined upwards or downwards ... but certainly not flat.
  • The strips don't usually have the navigational aids you find at larger airports, and you have to open your eyes and look for them out the window.

Welcome back to the V in VFR -- VISUAL.

There are technical reasons why we don't do this coding for the strips - mainly due to the flattening effect the code has on the field. That being said, a great number of strips do have AFCAD / ADE / AFX coding. Even better, many strips are near to a strip with a start point.

So we don't intend to add start points for little strips: now or ever. Hop in your plane, head to the skies with your whiz-wheel and compass, and you'll discover why.

EDIT: Please do not post links to POI or start point files on the OzX Website, and please refrain from requests also. They will be summarily deleted.

Please do not pollute the ORBX board with similar requests / posts.

Happy flying.

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