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Bruce e

EDIT2 - OZx "Eastern Australia Monster" Club Flight Fri April 20, 0930z - Rev 3

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"Craig's Eastern Australia Monster Flight",   M13.  Departing YGDH  

Background:     <Eastern Australia Monster Flight>

Traffic Calls:     <Good Practice>

Kodak Korner: 


Flight Plan.



Sim Settings

Date:   20/4/2018        Time: Take off 1030 local        Aircraft:  GA capable of 120 kt cruise. eg Comanche type 

Departing  YGDH

Save as  "m13"  

Save flight in P3D / FSX          (NOT PlanG)

Replace your wx file with my   <wx>    file  & load saved flight  

Wind should be       210/12

Scenery     1.Usual Oz package  from OZx Downloads

                   2. Plus  Craig has found an interesting HangGlider sim that works in FSX & P3D  that maybe handy when we arrive at Manila Paragliding Club < https://www.dropbox.com/s/6sgm88x4rn7znpe/Airplanes.zip?dl=0>  download & place the three folders in your "simobjects" folder.

NOTAM: There are problems with the models in P3D V4.2 (maybe other Versions also) please replace the models in the appropriate folders with these...(see att)

                   3. Required scenery                        <scenery >

Further edit,,,,v3 below is the correct scenery download which contains the Attunga missing Objects file  to save redownloading the whole file here is the Attunga Objects bgl (add it to your scenery file)

Attunga objects 4Kb

NSW New England Area Airports_v3

Missing Paragliding Club Photo real image - This is a must for the jump zone on the top of the mountain otherwise you will have trees.


 Place the  "NSW New England Area Airports" folder in your sims  "Addon Scenery" then go to your sims "Scenery Library"  & activate. :smile:

                   4. Elias's NSW Airstrips            < ES NSW Airstrips>

Snap 2018-04-15 at 09.15.38.jpg






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"Mate,.....your one week ahead of yourself. We need cover attunga, Tamworth, barraba, lake keepit, Manila, etc etc.,"  



:smile:  Not anymore . See revised plan

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I don't have dropbox (because it quite literally screwed me once ) and this week can't DL either dropbox file (I have been able to DL them by direct DL previously, but that no longer seems to be available.).

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1 hour ago, XBizzyB said:

I don't have dropbox (because it quite literally screwed me once ) and this week can't DL either dropbox file (I have been able to DL them by direct DL previously, but that no longer seems to be available.).

This is what you should see when u click my link. It works as I just tried it. When u click download it gives you the option of direct download or save to a dropbox. select direct.


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You don't need Dropbox to DL the file set or any other file on Dropbox, currently Craig' s <Scenery> link is in an uploading loop, but he has kindly supplied a new link,  just below the red text in Bruce's opening post. It is still DropBox  but, as Craig says above,  just click the Download button > select - Direct Download - Save As - to a folder you nominate. This one's about 500Mb

Edited by Jethro-VH-JET

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If you have installed the manpowered  gliders already into P3Dv4  and you notice problems with each variant of the Airborne C4,  C4 FL, or the Aeriane Swift, you can replace their .mdl files with the ones located after the pictures in the opening post.  I have had the C4  working in FSX for some time now with the original .mdl files vario and animations all model functions work without problems, but I haven't tested the Swift, I suspect it works just fine with FSX. The new .mdl files are for P3Dv4.

If you downloaded the Glider aircraft  in the  "Airplane.zip" there is a "C4"  Airborne & Airborne FL   manpowered hang-glider, 2 Aircraft in different states, containing 3 models ( "prone pilot" &  "landable pilot"  "foot launch pilot") dangling legs and able to run then takeoff,  extend legs for landing and run like crazy).
Airborne\model  folder contains c4.mdl   and    Airborne\model.1a  contains c4a.mdl
Airborne FL\model   folder  contains c4_FL.mdl
The replacement mdl files go into their respective  model folders according to their filenames. Make a backup of your original model & model FL folders before dropping the new files into the right folder/s overwrite the existing with the new .mdl files within the Airborne  and Airborne FL aircraft folders.

Inside the Aircraft.zip you will also find an Aeriane  "swift" glider  
Within the  Aeriane\model   folder you will find  swift.mdl   make a backup and replace/overwrite with the new swift.mdl

Both of these aircraft C4 & Swift can be taken aloft by tow-plane but the default "Maule" and I think the "Piper Pawnee" tow-plane replacement that some of us use, is to fast or powerful for the lightweight gliders (it probably prematurely detaches the tow-line because of the wild ride on takeoff or the excessive speed thereafter, I couldn't hang on long enough to find out It was like a kite on a long string in the eye of a hurricane.
If you intend on using the Default Maule, keep your nose down and hang on tight until the tow-plane  gains alt, you will be above max speed even before leaving the ground.

You can read the documents within the Airborne folder to find out how to replace / backup original "Maule"  to use the much more civilised default "Trike" as Tow-plane for light weights, although I wonder if it matters if using slew to obtain altitude, or when taking a running start with the C4 and looking for the elusive thermals.

I found that the C4  "Landable Pilot" model was the only Airborne C4 that would call & connect Towplane. 
Aeriane Swift also works with TP,  the other 2 C4's are user flown and landed but the Prone model does not extend the legs upon landing you must select one of the other two if you don't want gravel rash on the pilots chest.

Remember to use Ctrl period "." (Apply handbrake)  then  Ctrl+Shift+Y to call TP, and when at altitude  Shift+Y to detach.


Edited by Jethro-VH-JET

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