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YBMC Traffic Update for FSX (should work in P3D I'm told)

These files will give you an update to FTX AU AI Airline traffic for schedules as at 29 May 2017 for Flukey's magnificent development of YBMC.  

You will need FTX AU AI installed for these files to work.  FTX already has good coverage for Jetstar, Tiger and Virgin flights to and from YBMC.

These files add:

Air New Zealand A320 flights 769/768 from and to Auckland on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday;

Alliance F70 Flights 4078/4079/4072/4073 between Brisbane, YBMC, Emerald and return on Monday and Tuesday;

Jetstar A320 Flights 800/801 between Adelaide and YBMC and return on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday;

QANTAS B717 Flights 1578/1579/1579/1580/1581 between Sydney and YBMC all days of the week and the aircraft overnights YBMC every day except Sunday;

Virgin ATR72-500 FIFO Flights 9143/9153 between Brisbane, YBMC and Miles (except I had to substitute Dalby as OZx Miles is not AFCADed) on Sundays (in real life once a month not once a week but AIFP doesn't give that option).

The YBSU/YBMC May 2017 schedule for May is available on the YBSU website.

Just drop the bgl files into your FSX/Scenery/World/Scenery folder and start up FSX.


YBSU-YBMC Traffic Update 20170529.zip

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Hi Terry,

I really appreciate your value addition, AI traffic files for Flukeys YBSU Airport. If I could only get them to appear or even land per the Schedule.
I wonder if my parking or nodes are preventing AI from spawning or landing, have you any ideas what the problem might be or do we need the v5.0 FTX AU AI traffic pack specifically for these files to spawn AI.

As you may remember from my post in the Wellcamp thread, I am using FTX AU AI v4.2 and had great results, finding that v4.2 actually had all the aircraft needed for the Wellcamp AI traffic. 

I was hoping that the YBSU/YBMC traffic files would offer the same inclusions, as far as v4.2 FTX AU AI aircraft.

I checked each Traffic file with AIFP and found that only one aircraft was missing (FTX AI Fokker F70 Alliance)
I substituted it in AIFP compile and save, with (FTX AI Fokker F100 Alliance) from the v4.2 FTX AU AI.

Despite many attempts to spawn at or about the arrival or departure times directly from the traffic .bgl scheduled times I have not seen any AI landing or departing the field.

These are the aircraft in FTX AU AI v4.2  corresponding to the YBSU/YBMC traffic files.
AC#1,476,"FTX AI Airbus A320-200 Air New Zealand International"
AC#1,476,"FTX AI Fokker F100 Alliance"  ( the FTX AI Fokker F70 Alliance - was in red text indicating this aircraft would be missing if the FP was used)
AC#1,476,"FTX AI Airbus A320-200 Jetstar New Logo
AC#1,476,"FTX AI Boeing B717-200 Qantaslink NC"  (VH-NXE is listed in the aircraft.cfg)
AC#1,264,"FTX AI ATR 72-500 Virgin Australia"

The only one I have seen (fleetingly) was the (Qantas B717 Qlink NC - VH-NXE   Flight schedule 31st May 19:20 pm YSSY-YBMC F:1578), as it approached from the south from YSSY it flew about 7000ft and 2Km off the coast, travelling right past YBSU/YBMC heading for Noosa then turned back to YBSU at around 3000ft I though it was just being vectored to land from the north, it did the circuit twice. VH-NXE B717 overflew the airfield to the south east then to the south where it disappeared over the horizon.

Cheers Terry - YBSU is a little quiet without your traffic files.

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Gday Jethro, bit of a puzzle there mate as I checked them all before releasing and they seemed to work OK within the limits of FSX AI which doesn't always run exactly to schedule, particularly arrivals depending on weather etc. but usually departures are pretty close depending on how FSX AI prioritizes flights if there are several close together.  Arrivals may also be be complicated by other traffic hence go-arounds and it seems after a couple of those the aircraft may continue onto the next leg.

That QANTAS B717 should land and stay overnight every night except Sunday.

You should also have quite a bit of traffic from FTX AU AI both airline and GA as my files merely add to the airlines - so if you're not getting much check traffic level I use 30% here and also as you've mentioned elsewhere no other conflicting scenery AF2 or ADE.

If you would like to PM your traffic bgls I will try them on my system.

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Thanks Terry,

Its got me puzzled as well. Though I can't see any particular reason your traffic files aren't working in my case, It could be something in my sim preventing aircraft from appearing.  I've checked using AIFP for any unconverted FS9 traffic files (none found) I didn't think there would be any, I only use FTX AI,  Default FSX, & OZx traffic files.

I've also searched my directories for any conflicting Scenery/Airport the only ones found were the 2 ADF_AI bgl's  which have been deactivated. 

My AI traffic sliders are set  @ 35% for both 

I also have Default  FSX traffic enabled with the FTX AI control panel, including all the other options within the CP.

I do see quite a lot of traffic at various times elsewhere in the sim (FSX Accpack Boxed version - Deluxe Gold), just nothing at YBMC/YBSU, tumble weeds roll through but no AI even from FTX AI traffic or even Default traffic. 
I do understand FSX AI system can be a little on the flakey side with regard to the afcad, weather, other traffic, and sometimes even a ground-hog, flying at ground level or lower than 50ft. I usually wait for the AI system to settle any backlog or anomalies with about 5 - 10 minutes either side of the Scheduled flight.
It is surprising that no matter which day of the week I don't see the QANTAS B717 Parked overnight at YBSU. 

While I am looking for specific Aircraft per the flight schedule, I am also looking for other included aircraft from all 5 YBMC traffic files wether parked, sleeping, taxiing, taking off,  or landing, they just aren't showing up day or night, o/nite.

I've attached my copy of your YBMC/YBSU traffic bgl's below. 
The (Traffic_YBMC_Airline_Alliance_FSX.bgl) which uses the F70, has currently been substituted with my available F100 from FTX AI aircraft. The other 4 have not been altered as they appeared to show the aircraft needed.

It would be great if you could take a quick look and test them for me.

YBMC YBSU Traffic Test set.7z

Edited by Jethro-VH-JET

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Your files work fine on my setup Jethro and the F100 appeared as scheduled for departures as did all the others.

You might want to try disabling Flukey's masterpiece, trying the default and if that's OK, re-enable Flukey's. If it still doesn't work try uninstalling and re-installing Flukey's. If still no go you might have a corrupted download.

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Thankyou Terry,
I've had the Sim running @ YBSU while I searched the web for any relevant articles on the issue of AI traffic not showing. So far I've found nothing that hasn't already been looked into. A couple of hours surfing and checking, and not one aircraft landed, not even FTX AI or any default. Although there were quite a few vapour trails passing overhead.

Your suggestion sounds like the logical next step, so will check YBMC Default with FTX AU SP4, if the traffic appears then I will re-download Flukey's YBSU and reinstall. The YBSU scenery/airport looked perfect on first install and still does!!  But I will do as you recommend, you never know, but something is amiss because the aircraft show in the Aircraft/FP list under Traffic Tools in the FSX menu, but are not physically there in the scenery ( I thought this may be an FSX glitch where enabled Aircraft Shadow on ground can sometimes exclude the aircraft from view, but alas it was not the case.

Off to do some experiments, back later hopefully with good news.

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Hi Terry,

Well, quite a mixed bag of results, I'm still scratching my head what the problem might be.

So I disabled Flukeys YBSU in the scenery Library reverting to Default FTX Aust SP4 FSX YBMC, there at the terminal sat the FTXAI QANTAS B717-200 VH-NXE as well as the substituted FTXAI F100 Fokker VH-FKF, also appearing were some other GA aircraft along the south parking, a DC3 in front of the south end of the main terminal.
I then saved the flight scenario / (time) where the AI planes were showing (23:03 Sat).
Then re-enabled the existing install of Flukeys Sunshine Coast Airport YBSU, the AI planes were all still there.   
So I exited FSX and reloaded the Saved flight, only this time all the AI planes were gone, every one except the static planes that are part of Flukeys YBSU package. AI Aircraft still showing in the FSX Traffic Tools Explorer, but are nolonger showing in the scenery.
I then removed Flukeys YBSU and re-installed a freshly downloaded copy and re-activated it in the FSX Scenery Library.
Then loaded the saved flight where the planes had previously appeared, same time same day, there were no AI aircraft anywhere on the field. Subsequent restarts of the same saved flight, AI were all gone. Me standing there as FTX BOB listening to the cars and birds chirping, all eerily void of life and AI.
Once again I disabled Flukeys YBSU from the Scenery Library, and when FTX default YBMC came back for the same day & time, there they all were GA AI along the South parking & B717 / F100 parked back at the terminal. I have not seen the Jetstar A320-200,  Virgin ATR 72-500, or the Air New Zealand A320-200 at YBSU per the schedule.

Its starting to feel a lot like an afcad problem, or my YBSU is surpressing the display of AI aircraft. Flukeys YBSU resides in the FSX Scenery Library above OZx and Orbx/FTX so it shouldn't be a layer issue. All other airfields continue to display AI aircraft the sky is also alive with AI.

Searching for a possible reason has lead me to a culdesac, running out of ideas and might need to put this one in my too hard basket.

Edited by Jethro-VH-JET

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Hi Terry and Jethro

I have the same issue on P3D3.4. All AI is there on default scenery but using YBSU (always shown as YBMC in STB, YBSU is not ever shown) no AI traffic is visible at the field. I can view all AI in the air arriving or departing YBSU. I use Super Traffic Board (STB) which shows all the AI existing and if I use the view AI on a plane on the ground at a different minor default airport (but not all) via STB it shows the plane at an airport with very little scenery and no proper ground scenery. Returning to normal view all the YBSU scenery objects and plane are above the ground which is as in the STB AI plane view i.e. blurry ground with little definition (i.e.not the normal YBSU ground textures) and there are no AI planes visible. Refreshing the scenery via the scenery library returns it to the full YBSU again with no AI. This does not happen if none of Terry's AI is active.  

Hope this helps find a solution to this great scenery which is further enhanced with the AI.


Edited by peterb
clariying and correcting

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Gday Peter, YBSU doesn't show up because the ICAO name remains as YBMC for several reasons in the Sim. Afraid I know nothing about P3D because I haven't gone there. So if you feel my AI update is causing your problems then I would remove it - it only adds current schedules for aircraft and places which are not in FTX AU AI v5. Obviously I couldn't release an amended FTX AU AI without breaching their EULA.  I am surprised that any AI would have an effect directly on scenery and would suggest the cause lays elsewhere (but see other general comments below).

Gday Jethro, very mysterious results there mate and suggestive of conflicting scenery problems to me or see below. 

Getting on to AI generally I have found that too much AI can cause problems in the Sim owing to my modest system (see sig below) becoming overloaded and display problems occurring both with the AI and with scenery and weather texture loading. I run no road AI. I run Airport support traffic at min or off in larger aerodromes. I run a worldwide freeware ship AI at min suggested and recreational boats at 10%. I cannot run OZx AI shipping at the same time as the worldwide AI shipping around Australia so I have to choose between one or the other. I have disabled the default AI aircraft since the first installation of FSX. I found I had to uninstall the Military AI package owing to too many scenery conflicts and AI overload at some airports.  I use FTX AU AI, FTX AU GA AI and FTX international AI when in Australia with all other FTX AI (NA, Individual airports,GA etc.) manually turned OFF at the bgl.  I use a freeware worldwide Aircraft AI in which I have manually tuned OFF at the bgl all Australian/NZ/PNG  airline and GA traffic.  By doing these things on trial and error over the years I find I can operate into most AU/NZ/PNG airports at 30% except the majors YBBN, YSSY, YMML where I cut back to 15%.  During my increasingly infrequent excursions outside of the Australasian area I have no difficulties with this setup.

Hoping this may be of assistance to you both.

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Well thankyou for that information Terry, greatly appreciated, it certainly is worth experimenting with the levels and types of AI employed throughout the sim. I have tried reducing some of those factors to see if it makes a difference in my sim. Unfortunately the same resulting lack of AI into YBMC/YBSU however with YBSU active.

I have been examining the 3 afcads / .bgl's  in ADE to see if there is any node, taxiway link, or parking allocation that might prevent AI from showing at YBSU in my FSX sim. The three bgl's are the stock FSX afcad  for YBMC APX88410.bgl  The YBSU  rf_YBSU_ADEX.bgl  and YBSU/YBMC rf_YBMC_ADEX_dummy.bgl
I'm no afcad expert so couldn't really tell wether anything was amiss, but comparing the stock YBMC with YBSU nothing looked disconnected in any way, atleast as far as I could make out. The airfield designator (the small Pink circle with red crosshair, which tells you where the center of the airfield is located and details about the afcad/ade/adex) was possibly in a different location ?, all nodes and T/ways were connected although more nodes in Robs YBSU ADEX. The allocated terminal gates 1, 2, 3, 4, are 23meters in YBSU and 3 gates in Stock are 18meters in FSX YBMC APX, so that should not present an issue for AI aircraft & AI system choosing to bypass YBSU/YBMC. Runways are connected to T/ways in both stock YBMC & YBSU. The YBMC dummy seems to contain excludes for the sourfly lights & YBSU buildings but the tower is located in a different place to the Stock and YBSU airfield .bgl's.
I still can't work out after looking at the various .bgl's in ADE why the AI don't display in my FSX setup.  It is clearly not your traffic files because the Aircraft can be seen when YBSU is disabled, but disappear when re-enabled / sim restart from saved flight.

I am not going to punish myself any longer, my too hard basket is full !!

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