Photoreal scenery at 60cm and 1m per pixel derived from 60cm source imagery for France, Luxembourg, Switzerland and stretching partially in to Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy and Belgium. It includes watermasking and blending along all coast lines. Current areas 5S (5 South) through to 39N (39 North) cover latitudes 43.31 to 51.25, from the West to the East of France, and also covering Switzerland. Please see below the PR links for updated AFCADs (Airport files) which have kindly been updated by Joop Mak to match the photoreal scenery. Towards the bottom of this post you will also find any completed patches, and also some links to freeware autogen and airports for France.     PHOTO SCENERY BASE   FrancePR_5S FrancePR_4S FrancePR_3S FrancePR_2S FrancePR_1S FrancePR_1 FrancePR_1B FrancePR_1N_Pt1 FrancePR_1N_Pt2 FrancePR_2N_Pt1 FrancePR_2N_Pt2 FrancePR_3N_Pt1 FrancePR_3N_Pt2 FrancePR_4N_Pt1 FrancePR_4N_Pt2 FrancePR_5N_Pt1 FrancePR_5N_Pt2 FrancePR_6N_Pt1 FrancePR_6N_Pt2 FrancePR_7N_Pt1 FrancePR_7N_Pt2 FrancePR_8N_Pt1 FrancePR_8N_Pt1 FrancePR_9N_Pt1 FrancePR_9N_Pt2 FrancePR_10N_Pt1 FrancePR_10N_Pt2 FrancePR_11N_Pt1 FrancePR_11N_Pt2 FrancePR_12N_Pt1 FrancePR_12N_Pt2 FrancePR_13N_Pt1 FrancePR_13N_Pt2 FrancePR_14N_Pt1 FrancePR_14N_Pt2 FrancePR_15N_Pt1 FrancePR_15N_Pt2 FrancePR_16N_Pt1 FrancePR_16N_Pt2 FrancePR_17N_Pt1 FrancePR_17N_Pt2 FrancePR_18N_Pt1 FrancePR_18N_Pt2 FrancePR_19N_Pt1 FrancePR_19N_Pt2 FrancePR_20N_Pt1 FrancePR_20N_Pt2 FrancePR_21N_Pt1 FrancePR_21N_Pt2 FrancePR_22N_Pt1 FrancePR_22N_Pt2 FrancePR_23N_Pt1 FrancePR_23N_Pt2 FrancePR_24N_Pt1 FrancePR_24N_Pt2 FrancePR_25N_Pt1 FrancePR_25N_Pt2 FrancePR_26N_Pt1 FrancePR_26N_Pt2 FrancePR_27N_Pt1 FrancePR_27N_Pt2 FrancePR_28N_Pt1 FrancePR_28N_Pt2 FrancePR_29N_Pt1 FrancePR_29N_Pt2 FrancePR_30N_Pt1 FrancePR_30N_Pt2 FrancePR_31N_Pt1 FrancePR_31N_Pt2 FrancePR_32N_Pt1 FrancePR_32N_Pt2 FrancePR_33N_Pt1 FrancePR_33N_Pt2 FrancePR_34N_Pt1 FrancePR_34N_Pt2 FrancePR_35N_Pt1 FrancePR_35N_Pt2 FrancePR_36N_37N_38N_39N           AFCADS   Thanks to Joop Mak here are some updated airport AFCADS to be used with this France PR to re-align and update default airports to better match the PR and real world position.   France PR AFCADs A Covering Sections 5S, 4S, 3S, 2S, 1S, 1, and 1B:       (Updated 16/07/16)   France PR AFCADs B Covering sections 1N, 2N, and 3N:   France PR AFCADs C Covering sections 4N and 5N:   France PR AFCADs D Covering sections 6N and 7N:   France PR AFCADs E Covering sections 8N and 9N:   France PR AFCADs F Covering sections 10N and 11N:   France PR AFCADs G Covering sections 12N and 13N:   France PR AFCADs H Covering sections 14N and 15N:   France PR AFCADs I Covering sections 16N and 17N:   France PR AFCADs J Covering sections 18N and 19N:   France PR AFCADs K Covering sections 20N and 21N:   France PR AFCADs L Covering sections 22N and 23N:   France PR AFCADs M Covering sections 24N and 25N:   France PR AFCADs N Covering sections 26N and 27N:   France PR AFCADs O Covering sections 28N and 29N:   France PR AFCADs P Covering sections 30N and 31N:   France PR AFCADs Q Covering sections 32N and 33N:   France PR AFCADs R Covering sections 34N and 35N:   France PR AFCADs S Covering sections 36N, 37N, 38N and 39N   France PR AFCADs T Covering French airfields not covered in above packages   France PR AFCADs U Covering airfields in the PR area in Belgium, Luxembourg, and Italy   France PR AFCADs V Covering airfields in Switzerland   France PR AFCADs W Covering airfields in the PR area in Germany (South West)   Thanks Joop!         PATCHES   FrancePR_Hotfix_ZurichAirport This hotfix is to rectify a problem if you are using Aerosoft's Mega Airport Zurich V1 or V2, and possibly also other sceneries of Zurich Airport (LSZH) which use any type of ground poly.       OTHER LINKS   Regarding autogen there is lots of available freeware for autogen and airports in France.  You can use google and
just search through the links, but I will also give you some good ones below.   France Autogen Corsica
Military Bases and more       Cheers,