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How to upload files to OZx (Updated Nov 2016)

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Like every major site, we have a number of requirements and Terms and Conditions we would like you to follow when uploading files to our server, theses are here to enforce quality and safety for the downloader.

Please read the following carefully, however if there is a problem with your upload a staff member will contact you via the private messaging system.

These everyone who uploads to OZx, however if your uploading scenery or other uploads please disregard the sections that aren't applicable to you.

OZX Uploading Terms and Conditions.


These are the Terms and Conditions when you upload a file to the server, by typing in yes in the requirements field in the upload (see below) you are agreeing to these and if you file doesn't not meet this requirement it may be rejected without notice by the Admins.

1, All uploads absolutely must be in ZIP format. Any other formats will be rejected.


2, Your uploaded zip archive must contain a '.txt' (plain text) file IN ENGLISH, containing easy to understand installation instructions, your full name (no alias names allowed) plus any other important information. Note: Failure to provide the above information will result in your file being deleted without notice. Additional readme.txt files in other languages may be included. Avoid having the install instructions in the file description on the download page.


3, All file listings must be IN ENGLISH. Failure to adhere to this will result in your upload(s) being deleted.


4, Thumbnail images are to be in jpg, bmp or png format with the dimensions of 500x500 pixels (a 500pixel square not rectangle, triangle or any other shape). Any images out side those dimensions your file will not be approved.

this is an example of the correct size of a thumbnail, please use this as a template for yours



5, In addition, to your thumbnail a flag of origin*** is to be displayed on the thumbnail.


6, Repaint file naming is to be in the following format, Developer+ Model+Paint description not formats like "Bobs 727.zip" or "Navy S70", ie Carenado C206 N86DF otherwise incorrect named files will not be approved. If the Aircraft is stock aircraft of FSX then the developer will be Default.


However, if your uploading scenery, the naming process is pretty basic, if its an airfield, you start with the Airport Code, then Airport Name and location ie: YSNW Nowra Airport Australia.

or if your uploading Points of interest, you would start with POI. If its an addon for a another FS program, start with the programs name ie PlanG.


7, When in doubt look for a similar file in the library for the naming process.


8, In the File description it should be noted whether the file is for freeware or payware addon. Avoid having the install instructions in this section, and avoid non necessary comments that don't relate to the paint, ie self advertisement and self achievements, this can be done in your signature block. Any instructions and self promotion may be removed without notice by staff. or worst case your file might be rejected


          9, A limit of 2 images is allowed per upload page, not including the Thumbnail preview. This prevents long and drawn out previews on the Portal page.

If there are more than 2 images, Staff will reduce it to 2 or worse case, the file will not be accepted.


10, If you are uploading a updated file, please update the previous version by clicking on "Edit", instead of posting a new file. When a new file is uploaded instead of updating a previous file, the new file will be rejected.


11, Any file that maybe considered plagiarized, your file will be rejected and deleted with out question.


12, All files must be attached to a member name, any "guest" uploads will result in the file being rejected.


13, Repeated uploads that contain shortfalls of requirements  will result in files being rejected. We normally allow for 2 due to beginner error but after that, your not showing any interest to help us out and to meet us half way.


***Now, very important and this is not a new 'rule' when you upload a paint, in your preview screenshot, can you please include a little flag of the country that the registration is from, so for example for Australia, the little Kangaroo in the Australian made logo is fine, everyone will know what it is, for New Zealand, a Kiwi would to but for countries that do not really have national symbols, just the flag will do, this will make it easier for everyone to find the paints and it is a much less cumbersome way of filtering out the paints for OZ and others rather than making different library sections for different countries etc.

Please note, if your file has not been approved after a number of days please check your private messages,

there could be a message from a library manager requesting you to make some changes to your upload.

Unfortunately, if there are no changes made within 5 days of the message sent, the file will be rejected and removed from the server.

While you are waiting for your file to be approved and you see a bracketed note in front of your file ie (Pending) or (Requires Attention) this means that further work as you have some outstanding short falls, once you believe you have completed those updates, simply wait for the staff member to re check it and if its all good, the file will be approved.




This a step by step guide on how to upload to the server


1, Once you click on submit a file  you will need to select what category from the drop down menu as seen



We have several at OZx so you need to select what is the most relevant to yours


Just to add more clarification, when uploading Aircraft textures, the upload to section ETP/PTO/Sim-Outhouse is reserved for another sim platform which is a combat flight sim not Flight sim X. You want to select OZx paints then select the type of aviation then the region ie G/A then Asia for a Thai based C152

The section called for mods in FSX aircraft is primarily, includes different VC textures, Gauges, Sounds and anything else that can be modded for FSX Aircraft

For AI textures, you will need to select Utilities, this will keep all non flyable paints out of the paint section.

2, The Start of the upload

Then you need to upload your .zip file and thumbnail image, please refer above about size and other requirements of thumbnails

Please remember Uploading Rules 1,2,4 & 5 apply here



3, Then you need to add your file name details


4, The file description and what it contains

In the Green field you need to add the name of the download, this is where Uploading rules 6 and 7 apply

In the Orange field you can add tags for faster searches


4, The file description and what it contains


In the Red field, you enter your upload description. this is where Uploading Rules 8 and 9 apply

In the Blue field you need to add the name of the developer of the addon, ie PMDG

In the Yellow filed you need to add the model for what your uploading ie 737 NGX


5, The home stretch


In the Aqua field, you can add again if its for payware or freeware or the rego

In the Grey field, once you have complied with this guide and you understand and agree, type in Yes

And finally in the Pink field, if this is your initial upload, detele the number 1 and leave this field blank, if this is a update refer to the version number section below


6, Then Click on submit, once a library manger has reviewed your files and it meets the requirement they will approve it, otherwise they will send you a PM (private message) asking you to fix any outstanding shortfalls prior to approving.



   File versions


There seems to be a increasing trend when uploading files of late, people are more and more are filling out the version field and appear to be having difficultly understanding how it works.While there is no problem with that, it is becoming some what of a task to keep on top of it to keep it simple for staff and the Downloader.


Lately people have been entering all sorts of values in the version field from "0.1" to "FSX" and many others.To keep it simple for the Library Mangers and more so the Down-loader, can we stick to following for all types of uploads from Paints to Utilities and User Scenery


On the initial upload, leave the field blank as its already version 1, But if you have to edit the file and re upload the ZIP file (therefore a new version).

Place a lowercase "v" followed by a whole number like 2 or 3 (not .2 or .3) we are dealing in whole numbers as you need to upload a new zip file if your editing.


For example this should look like> Just Flight 737 United Airlines to Just Flight 737 United Airlines v2 then to Just Flight 737 United Airlines v3


The importance of the "v" is that many aircraft regos end in a number so if you dont add the "v" many may mistake this as the rego not an update.


There is no need to put FSX or P3D in the version field as OZx does not host FS9/FS2004 repaints


Just remember when you have entered the version change, don't forget to enter in the change log what you have changed.




Please avoid starting the process all over again for a update, if you go to the file that you are updating you can click on edit which is located just below the thumbnail




Then its a simple case of uploading the new file and deleting the older superseded file and adding a version number and entering the changes in the change log.





Please read the following as we have a zero stance on this subject



We want to host your file, as this may seem to be a long process it is no different than other major FS sites, again we want to make it easy for the every day user to browse the library, in turn this makes it easier for people to find your file.

Thank you
OZx Library Staff

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