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Help finetuning Omsi Graphic settings


Okey so now that i made Bowdenham more heavy by building a long route that use scenery object from many maps, I now need to fine tune omsi , was driving the Golaz bus and had several times the jumping bus issue

also sometimes when starting omsi fresh selecting golaz blue bus it goes white like there is lack or leak of memory sometimes i have to close and open omsi twice for it to load properly

(i think same issue i had before with Mb405 Ver2)

My Graphic card Gtx580 on Intel7 2600K 8Gb ram with proper fan cooling (11 fans)

running on windows 7 Pro

Specwise and considering theres no problems running top-notch shooters i find the lag problems on omsi strange

but is not the only lag game, Scania truck simulator lagged so bad even on lowest settings i could not play it.

maybe is just some game has capped the memory at 3-4 Gb

So back to Zero in settings tuning my way up to good settings

As for AI traffic cars can realy get much lower even set to 14 there is way too many cars on roads in bowdenham

when driving far away city, Bus AI traffic is nesesary, AI buses used in bowdenham Man Sd200, Sd202 , Mb Citaro (after all Citaro should be lighter than NL202)

Now with the settings almost to zero and AI traffic off, no jumping bus issue, bus load fine in selection menu when starting omsi, there is however little lag when driving fast.

My settings right now

Graphic tab

Target framerate 30

Neighbour tiles count 1

Max obj visibility 500

Min obj.size 2.00%

for reflexion 6.00%

Real time reflexions: Economy

Particle systems : Active 100 particles per emitter, only user vehicles and NO P.S checked

Sun glow effect: ON

Max object complexity: 3

Max map complexity: 2

Graphic advanced:

Max tex mem set to 1000 mb

Real time reflexions texture size 512

use material channel everything but reflexion map checked

AI traffic:

All set to zero now for testing purposes

Here i need to know what settings i should use

Road traffic max count unscheduled cars

parked cars

human max count

factor passangers at stations

schedule priority

scheduled buses

I dont know how to balance the AI traffic say if i turn up unscheduled cars then how much do i turn up parked cars....

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Sometimes, setting your "Neighbour Tile Count" to 1 can actually lower frame rates, because your PC is constantly having to draw each tile as it comes close. So try it on 2 or 3, because then your PC does a little more work at the outset (loads 2 or 3 tiles) but then does not need to load those other tiles as it approach them, thus it can give a smoother drive.

Unscheduled cars, I tend to have at 250-350,

Parked cars, I have at about 50%

Human max count; can't remember, but around 50% of the setting

Schedule priority - most maps don't set the schedule priority so this will often make no difference. But try it one down from the max setting.


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Something i found was big help is on graphic advanced, was to limit all textures (except own bus) to 256

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Things are gettings worst I now took SD202 for a drive and the all graphics in game starting flashing like crazy

then i got a message that Nvidia driver has restarted and i had to restart omsi because it went flash after restart of graphic driver.

Next when playing i suddenly find melting texture stretching

This was once a tree

checked the editor but nothing was streched like that one the road

and it only happened once but seem to be related to the Graphic flashing

Anyone else had this issue and how is it fixed?


Here is the setting i had once this happened




What do i change now to see if this random flashing problems goes away

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Marcel came across the issues with OMSI's game engine, basically the thread optimisation for GPUs and CPUs, the CPU is processing system data and game data, Marcel had the idea to have just the GPU load the textures and CPU usage better optimised so loading maps wont be noticeable on multi-core systems.

Im not a programmer but i think OMSI's current engine and most simulation game engines rely heavily on the CPU with the GPU just processing what the CPU tells it, i may be wrong but games like Diablo use the GPU processor leaving the CPU to actually map out the game, the GPU is just video graphic data processing the CPU is doing both in this instance leaving the GPU redundant to do minor work imo.

Again i could be wrong but i've tried all methods, getting 23.0 FPS on Bowdenham but it depends on system activity, FPS just drops to 5 at random, i think svhost in windows is the culprit for most unstablity. If you see the memory usage for that application, its literally more than any other file on Windows.

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Oddly deformed objects might eventually be caused due to objects that are accidentally attached to light poles etc. but I presume it's not your case. What you're experiencing is very strange. Even though expanding an already extremely complex map makes it extremely heavier, I don't think you're supposed to have those issues. How long is the route that you have been building? Even though you have 8GB, OMSI will only eat up to 2GB. Your new map version might be experiencing a memory leak in OMSI. Anyway, this is just speculations, as it's difficult to deal with possible solutions for a (still) unstable PC. However, how many 'pre-rendered frames' are set in your nVidia Control Panel?

What I find strange is the lag when dealing with Scania Truck Simulator. My computer is very basic for today's standards and I can run it with almost full settings without stutters.

But I at least some interesting facts about the settings: the contribution made by the number of AI Humans to the map "lag" is almost none. You can leave it with a high value. Scheduled buses may be set to 1000 as well. The real performance 'devil' which we can partially tame is the Unscheduled Vehicles density.

Are you able to run other dense maps as Canterbury, Spandau etc. without problems?

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In my Nvidia control panel there is no pre-rendered frames setttings i think Nvidia has removed this option on newer drivers

I think is because of how big bowdenham has become

for example choosing Citaro makes almost no problem

But More heavy buses like SD202, Golaz and Mb405 and i even have problems loading the bus up (it get white) even when omsi has loaded.

and many times i get the "Could not read the o3d file zu wenig arbeitsspeiche" this tend to happen when there is heavy memory usage by omsi...but now it happen almost every time i load a more heavy bus like Mb405 ver2 on the upgraded bowdenham

for example load the MB405 ver 2 bus fine on newcastle without the bus apearing white

but it wont load up in bowdenham

When omsi start it usaly start around 180.000kb in task bar then quickly grow up to around 900.000kb

if i start Omsi editor it will also grow quicky up to around 700.000kb

When i click Options in Omsi to finetune settings

it take about 2 minuts before option tab oopen is it normal to take that long?

(this happen on all maps)

I normaly not have problem on other maps (sure had some problems on Berlin with heavy traffic in past)

i will do more test on the other maps later

Yea i also find it strange the lagging on Scania truck simulator

Can all this lag be caused by the Kaspersky Internet security program?

How can i find out how long the route is?

But i think is about the same size that the 520 route

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Back to testing...seem like when i Turned absolute all AI traffic down to zero (bus,car,people) then Mb405 ver2 load up

Now i will slowly increase it all and see what happens

I still think the problem is related between many screeneryobject + Ai traffic

The problem could be too many cars in line on certain roads everyone waiting for the other to turn and that way crowding the roads with acumulated traffic but i am not sure


BUS AI set to 1000 and Cars and people to Zero no problem loading MB405 Ver 2 bus

i do however with this setting get some smale Lags where the game stop up half second and continue but not a big problem

What does 1000 bus means anyway, does it means AI buses travell more often

or just means that they apear similtaniosly on one tile?

What I find strange is the lag when dealing with Scania Truck Simulator. My computer is very basic for today's standards and I can run it with almost full settings without stutters.

Yea this is very strange my though is if there is some incorrect setting in the graphic card

but then again i can play Modern shooters at max without any lag

I do have a strange Nvidia driver problem that is totaly random sometimes the Graphic driver Restart after recovering from a crash this happen mostly if browsing,youtube and other things (like omsi) is opened at the same time.

But i even had this problem playing omsi without youtube

is totaly random can happen 5 times a day or none in a week so i have no way to find out what is causing it, i already installed the Newest graphic card driver a week ago the random problem is not gone but happen lesser.

I dont know if that is related to the antivirus or if is a driver issue and if this is related to the memory problems in omsi.

Edited by Gilgamesh

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I turned down omsi setting to bare minimum but i still can't load Man NL202 without getting an error or white bus (memory issue)

And only because I got bowdenham so big

i am out of ideas of what to do



I even increased the max memory in omsi even up to 7000 (ihave 8gb ram) but that wont help either

As Thiago meantioned somewhere sometime ago Omsi rely more on processor than Ram

My graphic card is top-notch but the problem im having seem to be with big cities with loads of sceneryobjects and that omsi i think only use 2GB memory max and only 1 processor core.

I think Omsi should have been upgraded to better supourt bigger cities with heavyer sceneryobjects my opinion we reaching the limit in how big a city can be realy even with a powerful pc

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