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  1. Craig you are awesome! Thankyoythankyouthankyou!!!
  2. To HRH Biggles Esq. ale eous Bruce e. {also Esq.} Trusting you've had the best of Birthday celebrations, with all the trimmings. And that that continues throughout this your very own brand new year.
  3. Thankyou Masked Marvel Jay Kae, Amazing man, eh?
  4. Really like that you take the time & do the many 'hard yards' to achieve this evel of naturalness & authenticity. Loving the slightly~faded paint effect
  5. Quick!, quick!!. Need more grey tape,,,,,,,,, With all this trembling going on, I'm in danger of completely falling apart!. Tremble~tremble.
  6. Scenery's nice
  7. Thankyou Bruce
  8. Thirded! Happy Birthday Scott, trusting your Special Day is.
  9. Have sent you a "PM" Teecee
  10. Ho~Kaye Jethro hehe May your dinners always be on-thyme.
  11. You're a good man, Gunga _ Jethro-VH-JET
  12. Hi Teecee, Do you have another version (possibly bundled with others; ie just an AFCAD file?) turned on?. You may have to do a search for it, and any other AFCAD file/s other than the one you want, maybe disable it, renaming by adding ".off" after the ".bgl". When I do this, I add two "zz" at the front, so then it's easy to find it if you need to restore the name. I have found a few now, that I have had to do this to, otherwise they 'hide' the runway texture & other airfield ground textures. Another possibility is simply to find any other one; in the FSX Scenery Selection window & untick it/them?. Do you have the airfield code?. I search that.
  13. Hi Bruce, Great idea:) I'd like to use the 2nd-last one please. See attached screengrab. It's the highlighted one:- De Havilland DH82 Tiger Moth Yellow VH-BAL (but I'd like to maybe change the tail ID).