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  1. Nice pics guys. Sorry Ray David & Jorge were unable to enjoy. Here's some more, including the dolphins etc I mentioned. Ray you will be pleased to know there's at least two vessels with heli pads you can have a go at landing on. The platforms are some metres above the dark deep murky~lurky waters, so you should be able to skitter away before sinking into the deadly depths. But your helicopter would probably get spat out of the water, like most of mine do. There is however a download add-on for the config file so helicopters that are supposed to float; do.
  2. Hi Bruce, have sent you a further 'PM' here.
  3. Hi Bruce, see my replies to our PM messsagings. Have sent off an email asking what to do/how to order etc. In my 'PM' recent reply I have included the webpage where I was able to click on the free download items & get direct downloads, but the stae/NT groups I think may be payware, and hence the email pop-up/s? Anyway when he gets back to me I'll forward his email with any comments. Enjoy today's flight
  4. Hi Bruce, Have sent you a PM here. Links work ok for me. PM has screen grabs etc. Main website = http://www.rogersaussieflightsimaddons.net/index.html
  5. and a very well-earned rest at that too! Loving Mt Isa
  6. If you would like the Seaplane PBY bases:- http://www.rogersaussieflightsimaddons.net/Downloads/Sea Plane Bases WW11 ORB.zip Main site here:- http://www.rogersaussieflightsimaddons.net/index.html Darwin centre-distance, airport far right distance (out of view) Aproaching YDCB
  7. Thankyou Bruce, looking good. VFR Coomalie Creek to Batchelor.pln
  8. Already looking really good & quite exciting.
  9. Is the graphics playing up with anything else besides FSX? I know of a problem with many USB plugs tat can be easily fixed. Does it play up when you jiggle the joystick USB plug/socket connection??. __________ ========== <<< If not making good contact with the socket, try wedging a thin piece of plastic, say from a shirt box or similar (about 1/3 the thickness of a Visa card), behind inner tongue & metal body of plug. __________
  10. +2 to wot Pat sed. Magilliant!!
  11. VFR Westonia to Cunderdin.pln :)
  12. Some more pics:-