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  1. Happy Birthday Noel...

    Thankyou Jorge, Unfortunately tomorrow I will be out & thus unavailable to accompany the intrepid flyers on yet what looks to be a another great Venezuelan venture. I might however avail myself of the goodies offered.
  2. Happy Birthday Noel...

    Thanks Bruce & TerribleT, You should know by now that behaving myself is not what I am behooven to, although I will try. Bruce not being smitten by any ball sport of any sort frees me to the less violent more sedate sports~followings of such as the TT races on the I.O.M. Or rally cars or superbikes. Sometimes relenting even to the Super-boring Supercar tunnel parades, where contestants are given an unlimited supply of replacement door mirrors to play with. However my personal favourite is taking off (in the opposite direction of flight path) in FSX, climbing to speed then diving down for 'even more', and swooping up into a loop. At the top of which I level off, and fly upside-down in the opposite direction and immediately on coarse. Much more fun and faster than doing a left or right 180 degree 'flat and up the right way' "proper" turn.
  3. Happy Birthday Noel...

    G'day Bruce, Not sure if I've ever been "hats hy" 'd before. So I'll take that as a compliment Yes awol I'm afraid. Past three weeks or more my taste pallet has gone awry. Everything tastes not just bland, but actually verging on inedible. Even the really good stuff. So surviving on 1/4 bowl of cereal for breakfast, with 1/6th of a banana. Have had to double sugar quantity in tea. Hardly drinking any coffee (usual average 6-7 per day, now maybe one cup 3/4 full). Forcing down one slice white toast with a smatter of butter, Promite & jam. Tastes aweful. Usually really nice. Bacon & eggs, roast dinner, Cherry Ripe, even salad tastes 'not right'. Fortunately? around the same time I lost all appetite. Not at all hungry (not like me at all). Have had a few weeks of broken sleep around 3 hrs a night, so 'crashing' during the day. Dr says my blood tests over a week ago 'way out'. ie one reading previously around 3 or 4, last Thursday week was 103!!. More blood tests, ECG & Dr Monday Tuesday coming. Hopefully that will help my GP get to the bottom of this mess. An excellent side effect is that I've lost 6 lb weight in three weeks. Was 11 stone 11 lb. Now 11 st 5 lb . Am sipping water day & night, no snacks really, and just two tiny 'meals' each day. Feel somewhat depleted (well I'm out of condition now for well over five months and only the past two weeks been able to carry full body weight on left ankle. But I am getting on the exercise bike a couple of times a day (only slow 5 minute sessions. Helps circulation etc). Really sorry that you are experiencing so much frustration with W10. I am glad I did not upgrade. And most certainly when I finally do get a new PC, will insist on W7 Pro be installed. In spite of the above, I did have a great birthday, and thanks for your good wishes.
  4. Happy Birthday Noel...

    Thankyou Scott
  5. Happy Birthday Noel...

    Thanks guys
  6. OZx "JoinFS" Club Flight Fri Dec 1, 0930z

    Yes, 'try'; when applied sparingly, it can invite in all sorts of strange totally unexpected experiencings.** **experiencings is a term more in tune with the engineerings academia, as opposed to the more common "experiences". A term of some ill repute, offered excusedly by non-engineering 'boffin-types'. A little 'type' goes a long way, so no Capitals. Always ushered in surreptitiously, usually into innocent unexpecting conversations, otherwise may leave a nasty dent, if you get my bent. I really do need another coffee.
  7. OZx "JoinFS" Club Flight Fri Dec 1, 0930z

    Ummm, you missed the 'try' word Jorge
  8. Warren ten and above, so on par or better than Parkes/Dubbo for me. But only one forklift, and no train?.
  9. Thanks Craig FYI my framerates are pretty bad tonight. Dubbo & Parkes under ten, radiotelescopes were above 12. Open country just getting a bit above that. Not the 30fps I was hoping for. So my results won't really help, sorry. But thanks for all you've done. Boy you whacked that loco with a big stick!!.
  10. Hi Craig, The files pointed to in attached grab were ones I did not have. I renamed your listed files "zz........off", will that work?
  11. I have a ground scenery problem at Bathurst (no payware). Global, Vector, Freemesh Oceania all on. Suggestions?? Will post Warren pics once there,,,,
  12. Will download & have a look later this evening/tomorrow. Too washed out right now to take a chance n not screwing it up. The above download (not the P3D windsock) is I take it ok for FSX?.
  13. OZx "JoinFS" Club Flight Fri Nov 24, 0930z

    It's got me stumped what you're on about. I like TreeTops post. It's nice and round, a bit splintery and somewhat grey. You might find such (posts) somewhat useful; you could put say three in a row and chuck something at them to see how strongly planted they are,,,, And I reckon the TreeTops one could last longer than the others. But I wouldn't mention any of this, to any strangers eh?.
  14. OZx "JoinFS" Club Flight Fri Nov 24, 0930z

    That's just not cricket!