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  1. Nonetheless Ray, nice shots
  2. Awesome news guys. Hanley I need to chat with you in about a month if possible please. Presently busy with "distractions".
  3. Having trouble setting up joystick PTT button. Have set up L/Cntrl + R/shift temporarily. Logitech Extreme 3D pro.
  4. Larry will
  5. I'll be there Sunday/Monday with Larry Law, my mate visiting from Powell River Canada. He's booked in to a motel at Katoomba Sun/Mon nights & I'm down the Gt Western Hwy at my brother's place at Blaxland. Then off to the Central Coast, then 5 days in Coffs Harbour. I then drive him up to Brisbane for his flight home. Larry & I 'fly FSX' usually two or three times a week
  6. Lovely pics Scott
  7. Totally agree Aussieman, Matt yes please. The poor things they need to be let out. Gaol food is aweful (they tell me)
  8. "Ca noun drah" took me several years to work out how it's pronounced. Here's some more pics,,,,,,,, OK. Who installed the monitors in this simulator??? Oh oh, it seems I have a slight oil leak problem. That just got a tad worse.
  9. VFR Bathurst to Parkes.pln Couldn't find an airfield for Canowindra ok thanks Bruce. Got it
  10. original pln deleted.
  11. I see you have some new dishes to the north. I might need to throw out some old ones.
  12. All better now.
  13. Looks like another excellent flight, sorry I missed it. Unfortunately the other morning I just touched the start button on my PC & was startled by a very sharp loud BANG!!!!. So, I turned around, walked back to the kitchen & put on the jug. Not wanting to think about the ramifications, I didn't go back into that room until the following afternoon. Had a sniff of the power button, then the p/supply. P/supply ever so slight suspect fragrance. Took PC to PC hospital, after receiving a guaranteed "full dianosis inspection" quote for $60, and weighing up the impact on forthcoming trip away (could 'just' afford at least that). Will collect my PC tomorrow, & part with $200. New 800 watt p/supply + diagnosis (I'll install P/supply thus reduced from $260). My dead one was a 850 watt one. A replacement would be days away, & cost $100 more. So the new 800 watt will do. Just. The very good news is, the thorough diagnostic careful test showed the PC is working excellently in all ways, and nothing wrong at all wit power on button/wiring.
  14. Top~of~Trees, Who's this D Niles phellah?