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  1. I'll be in #2, the camo paint. Cheers, Glenn.
  2. Happy birthday Craig.
  3. Happy birthday Trev! Hope you have a good one. Cheers, Glenn
  4. From what I understand, there are a couple of files in the ../ORBX/Scripts folder named scenerylib_!OZx.cfg and scenerylib_!OZx_LIB.cfg that FTX Central uses to configure the scenery library entries for the OZx_AU and OZx_LIB folders. Cheers, Glenn.
  5. Found this issue in FSX. Don't have P3D so cannot comment if this occurs in it as well. Cheer, Glenn.
  6. Hi folks, If you have installed the fantastic YSBK Bankstown airport into your addon scenery with a folder name starting with OZx.... , running FTX central will remove it from your scenery library (something to do with Orbx scripts I think). Rename the folder without the leading OZx (or to anything else that takes your fancy), add it to your FSX library in the usual way and then FTX central will leave it alone. Cheers, Glenn.
  7. Bruce - all scenery looks to me as all ozx. May need to load near to host though as Kennetts strip is not AFCADed. Cheers, Glenn.
  8. Can I suggest a slight deviation to course from Rosehill 030 degrees will take us over the VRP Patonga. Cheers Glenn.
  9. Happy Birthday Jorge. Glenn.
  10. For what its worth, I haven't been getting OOMs but my FPS have been very poor at Warren. Turning this BGL file off fixes my frame rate. Cheers, Glenn.
  11. Here are my pics. Great flight guys.
  12. Can I suggest that we fly Ant's Tiger Moth? Glenn.
  13. Vale Tony. Very sad indeed. Tony saw me lurking on the ozx teamspeak one friday night and coaxed me out of hiding when I was starting out with FSX to join in on the Friday night multiplayer flights. Only had default planes at the time but it didn't matter two hoots to Tony, got me to join in and i found him always very helpful and understanding. My highlight with flying with Tony is the Tiger Moth formation flight when Balina was released with Tony the lead plane. Condolences to his family. He will be greatly missed. Glenn.