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  1. You have to map a button or keypress to "Avionics Master Switch" for the radios to work properly. They may look like they are on, but they are not.
  2. Radio Issues

    You have to map a button or keypress to "avionics master switch" in order for the radios to work. This is a common trait with most (all?) ND helicopters. Also, Matt's point stands - Nemeth Designs is no more.
  3. SeanTK

  4. View File Stargate Studios HK Bell AH-1W SuperCobra - US Army *Fictional* United States Army repaint for the payware Stargate Studios AH-1W SuperCobra helicopter. See the Readme for further information and installation instructions. Submitter SeanTK Submitted 02/02/2016 Category North America Manufacturer Stargate Studios HK / Bell Helicopter Model AH-1W SuperCobra Specifications US Army (fictional) Have you met the requirements as outlined in the upload rules ? If so please answer with 'Yes'
  5. Version


    *Fictional* United States Army repaint for the payware Stargate Studios AH-1W SuperCobra helicopter. See the Readme for further information and installation instructions.
  6. EC 130 HSI Works Incorrectly

    This appears to be a common problem with more recent Nemeth products, to include the AS350/355, and Mi-24. It sounds like it may be a case of the programmer not knowing how an HSI should work. Unfortunately, we can't fix it ourselves, and I would be surprised if they revist these four products (350, 355, Mi-24, and now EC-130) to resolve this issue, but I'd like to be proven wrong.
  7. Mil-Mi24 Hind Error Report Thread

    Looks like Nemeth Designs locked the Hind support thread, though there were indications in the thread below that further support may be provided. So...a few items of note for a possible future patch are posted in the thread you're reading now. Note: I recovered the Hind following a disc recovery routine of an old drive after a computer upgrade, while I wait for account access as outlined here, in case you recall that and are wondering how I currently have Hind access: A few items to note for a future update if Nemeth Designs chooses to issue one for the FSX Mi-24D Hind: 1. The radio compass / HSI is acting like a wet-compass, whereas in the real deal, it does not have the turning or acceleration errors of a wet compass such as the one mounted on the uppper left of the pilot's canopy. I outlined a nearly identical issue in the AS-350. 2. While the nose landing light functions just fine, I have noticed that there is a main landing gear light present on the model on the right main strut (if I recall the side correctly). This is not accurate to the real world (as far as I can tell in all of the Hinds I've seen) in that there are no landing lights on the main struts. On that note, I cannot find a switch (if there is one) for the landing light modelled on the left side of the fuselage itself, below the pilot's canopy...near the belly of the aircraft. I only see two switches, one for nose light, and one for the incorrect gear strut light (the latter of which should be for the second landing light on the fuselage). 3. I need to double check this myself, but I believe that the ADF needles for ADF 1 and 2 are reversed from their data sources. By that I mean that programming in a valid freq in ADF1 will cause needle 2 to move, and programming a valid freq in the ADF2 input area will cause needle 1 to move. This brief initial assessment (again, I need to look closer) looked to be confirmed from an external HSI (with ADF1 and 2 needle support) I run connected to FSX through my iPhone. The external HSI showed the correct needles associated with the correct data input sources. 4. No APU engine sound. Granted, it wasn't an advertised feature, but if you are updating the model in the future, it would be a "nice to have". 5. Lack of virtual cabin following VC mdl fix. A few others experiened that issue as well as noted in the now locked thread. 6. If it's possible to make the navigation light bulbs/glow a bit smaller, that'd be another "nice to have" in any future updates, as I know it's been a noteworthy observation of a few other users here and elsewhere (such as Hovercontrol). Overall, it's an excellent addon and one of my favorite, and if an update comes, great! Otherwise, I'm lookin forward to your future products! Thanks, Sean
  8. Any Patches Planned?

    Thanks for the responses, sir! A few points of clarification if I may.... My questions were of a friendly tone, and out of curiosity and a desire for clarification on how Nemeth Designs currently operates. The official executables question was more along the lines of posting solutions (executables or not) on your downloads page linked below, as some users may not know enough to dig through the ever-aging forum threads to find the answer to a minor problem you may have solved. Example includes posting the updated mdl file which was distributed via zip. http://www.nemethdesigns.com/3-downloads Regarding the "official" support question, that was not a dig...that was an attempt at seeking clarification. Do the beta testers who answer questions here officially speak for Nemeth Designs as a company, or are their statements/opinions their own? (Example: A beta tester responds to a thread saying "yes, I acknolwedge the error on model X". Is that an official Nemeth Designs statement, or a beta tester simply conversing in a thread?) The reason I ask is that some companies do not consider alpha/beta tester responses to be officially in-line with a formal response from a developer. Just asking out of curosity...not a dig. In terms of customer-facing support, while I certainly understand the numerous real-world commitments we all have, I was simply asking if there were plans or opportunities in place to have additional Nemeth Designs developers respond. It must be extremely difficult to respond to customer inqueries when support is up to a single person, which is why I'm asking. I recall in the Simforums days when Nemeth Designs had support there, one or two additional developers would respond, just to ease the burden. As an additional note, I do not know the size of your alpha and beta test teams (nor do I need to know), but I'm wondering if you have any further need for testers with real aviation experience, and where we may send our credentials if there is a desire for additional eyes on forthcoming products. As someone with a real-world aviation background (instrument rating), I would be interested. Thanks again for taking the time to respond to my questions. It's hard to convey tone in a text enviornment, and I know I've reported bugs and other issues in the past, which may lead to a belief that I am overall dissatisfied with the company, but on the whole (barring a few issues), I will continue to be a cusotmer, and look forward to your future helicopter products. I've been a long-time Nemeth customer, since the days of FS2004 and the Mi-2. Regards, Sean K.
  9. Nemeth team, Just a few questions out of curiosity. There are a number of varying errors for multiple Nemeth products outlined in the stickied threads above, as well as some of your newer ones that don't have an official error report thread (AS350/355, Hind, EC130). 1. Will you be compling lists of errors/bug reports for your newer products currently without stickied threads? 2. Do you plan on releasing further patches for any of your existing products to cover any outstanding errors that have persisted and that have been documented to be actual bugs and not end-user ignorance? Examples include the lack of avionics master switches in multiple helicopters, incorrect HSI functionality in the AS350 (and possibly the 355) causing it to act as a wet compass, the window flicker bug with the AS350, the BO-105 beacon lights issue, the Hind virtual cabin or lack thereof (after the updated mdl fix), error-prone HSI on the EC-120, and other isues. 3. Depending on the answer to number 2, could you establish threads (or close existing stickied threads) for those products which you will not be releasing further patches for, and/or compile a list of bugs for the public with indications as to what will be fixed, may be fixed, or will likely not be fixed, along with timelines? 4. Can you update your main website with links to any solutions that may not be compiled in an official executable file? The Hind window glass (new mdl file) solution comes to mind. 5. It is my understanding that Nemeth Designs consists of three developers, however I only see one that actually is customer facing, and there can be significant delays with responses (if any response even materializes) due to this. Are there plans to add additional "official" support staff or have a programmer that is customer facing? I have noticed that some of the beta testers sometimes jump in, but having access to the actual programmers who can isolate the issue directly may be beneficial, as I oftentimes see the existing official and unoffical support relying on a bit of guesswork as to a technical solution. Thanks for any answers you can provide! Sean
  10. Good day, I'm wondering if you have a new time estimate as to when your website issue will be fixed, as I still am not able to access my account to re-download and use my purchase. Thanks, Sean
  11. Just trying to follow up on this please. I'm not going to let this problem be ignored and will continue to check on this until we come to a resolution. A look at Nemeth representative profiles shows that at least one staff member was online today, so I'm a bit dissapointed that a response has not been recieved.
  12. Nemeth team, I'm just wondering if the issue outlined above will be resolved. Emailed order numbers/keys and download links would be appreciated for this and any future purchases. Please see the note above for additional info. If not, I suggest prominently placing a warning on your page stating that order keys are only accessible through an account on the Nemeth Designs webpage, as well as a warning stating that support is not provided for lost password/account information, as that has been my experience so far. Thank you, Sean K.
  13. Nemeth Team, I purchased the FSX Mi-24 "Hind" during the sale on December 23rd, and following a computer upgrade over Christmas, I am attempting to reinstall the product. I have tried to log-in to the website to re-download my product and associated key (which really should be emailed with an order reciept) but I cannot. Upon trying to reset the password, your website presents an error stating that an email could not be sent (I have confirmed the correct email address mulitple times). I have a feeling that the website did reset my password, but now I have no-way of accessing it, and thus no way to access my product and key, due to this email error. As of this time, I can only produce a "Paypal" reciept number, since that was the only proof of purchase I received after purchasing the addon from your website. That number is as follows: 0632-0831-4248-3017 I also submitted a support ticket through the website, but as your email system seems to be down at least partially, I have no way of knowing if that went through. Thank you, Sean K.
  14. File Name: Alphasim/Virtavia AS365 Dauphin Black cockpit mod File Submitter: SeanTK File Submitted: 21 Jul 2013 File Category: Helicopters Manufacturer: Alphasim/Virtavia AS365 Model: Dauphin Specifications: Black Cockpit Re-textured cockpit for the payware Alphasim/Virtavia "Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin", for FSX. This texture utilizes the existing black coloration of the center console/radio area in the virtual cockpit, and applies it to the main instrument panel. Thus, the texture should match up perfectly with the rest of the cockpit. See the readme for installation instructions.
  15. Version


    Re-textured cockpit for the payware Alphasim/Virtavia "Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin", for FSX. This texture utilizes the existing black coloration of the center console/radio area in the virtual cockpit, and applies it to the main instrument panel. Thus, the texture should match up perfectly with the rest of the cockpit. See the readme for installation instructions.