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  1. Of course we want it for P3D no brainer - thank you
  2. Hi Gizmo, Luv this mod but is there anyway to tone down the sun effect as i find it a bit bright. What can I tweak to reduce it - thanks so much Regards, Rich
  3. Steve will this work with NGX ? thanks buddy. Regards, Rich
  4. Excellent Steve, great shots also pal. Rich
  5. Stunning work Sir, thanks for the hard work.
  6. Excellent stuff Steve, thanks so much for the hard work. Regards, Rich
  7. Hi Steve: New 1.01 darker day with REX Pal thanks to you, wow this is a neat program Sir the copter was just factory but I use texture load 4096 Regards, Rich
  8. New Shade and fsdt klax thanks Steve
  9. Hi Steve, I see you load them from file load in flight simulator running, so you now can see a preview of the changes, so if I have this right I can load one of them end up in the trike and then from there I can go to an airport of choice and those settings will remain ?
  10. Thanks for the update Steve much appreciated buddy. Regards, Rich
  11. Seems Flightsim store has not gotten to the new download update yet, bummer.
  12. Hi Steve: Thanks for a great product and support, looking forward to many more posts here, by any chance do you know how we will know to get the new version of shade ? Regards, Rich
  13. Hi Mike: Been a while, man your work has gone to a hole new level, what a stunning piece, a wall hanger for sure. Regards, Rich