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  1. As usual mate great paints!!
  2. Hi Jeansy, They look great, been thinking about getting this plane, what's it like? Cheers Butch
  3. Noice ones Trev, it looks improbable that something that looks like that would fly let alone carry piles of cargo.
  4. Butch

  5. As ALWAYS, brilliant work Jan!
  6. Hi Guys and Gals, I happened on this video which I thought was simply... awesome, great scenery and amazing flying skills required. Imagine this approach in bad weather! I think it would be a brown pant experience! hehehe... Cheers, Butch Without further ado.
  7. Brilliant Craig, just brilliant! Can't wait for this to be out... Cheers Butch
  8. Very nice, but I think Geoffrey de Havilland, might have got upset...
  9. They look really good, love that blue one in particular.
  10. Painting is a never ending learning process, that's part of the allure. Just when you think you've got it... you discover something else.
  11. Looks brilliant Chris, I've always loved WWI german camo... well I also like the WW2 stuff.
  12. Same thing in Paint Shop, the point is if you do it in vector scale isn't an issue, you can expand it, make it smaller and make it bigger again does not matter its still pin sharp. Cheers Butch
  13. OMG... what's happened Chris, this one isnt shiny?
  14. Hi Pat, I didn't realize you had started painting... In relation to logo's, I can't stand analog and if I cannot find a vector logo I make it myself in PS. I use a photo of the logo as the background and recreate it vector. It makes for a much sharper paint and it looks a million bucks. Looks great! Cheers Butch
  15. Apologies for having dropped out, I was summoned by the better half to join her for dinner. It was nice to fly again even if it was brief. Cheers Butch