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  1. It is a bit strange, yes. However I'd much rather that than someone's shoes muckying up and ruining the mocquette!
  2. Feet on seats... I can put up with it if they have the decency to take their shoes off beforehand (as long as there's no foul smell) but when you can actually see seats being worn down because of it and folk still do it. That gets on my nerves!
  3. Don't let OMSI update then, simple!
  4. I absolutely love this. Thankyou!
  5. Pedals will probably be fine, no need for a refund probably. Best try making sure they work first... Try the troubleshooter in the Devices & Printers section on the start menu. I'm guessing you've carried out the automatic setup in the OMSI settings menu?
  6. Although you could have the Line/Route set up along with the X1 matrix to then change the Destination 3-digit code to the 1/2 - it keeps the passengers on the bus you already have as well as poaching the others I'm nearly sure it does that anyway!
  7. It looks fabulous! One wonders however, how easy/hard would it be to convert it to LHD so it can be used on the likes of Bowdenham?
  8. You're much better off getting TrackIR 5 though, even if you have to wait a little longer to save up for it.
  9. I agree, a very interesting topic. I had my foot on the desk yesterday whilst scrolling through my Facebook news feed and BBC News app
  10. This has already been mentioned, no there won't be as it is too time-consuming to do every single chrono period. I was messing around with some the other night but I'd expect the only ones you'd find will be community ones.
  11. Mine's always worked fine (or near enough fine, I need a new GPU soonish!) now I'm in the habit of setting OMSI to high priority. Don't really use GB an awful lot to be honest.
  12. Do you use GameBooster? Have you made OMSI 2 'High Priority' in the task manager? I seem to remember posting the very same thing a couple of pages ago...
  13. I'm slightly more concerned as to how close the decker looks like from falling off the road and cruising into a tree!
  14. Thank you very much, they'll definitely come in handy!