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  1. Please post OMSI questions in the OMSI forum. thanks.
  2. Sure is good news. Especially when pretty much the whole catalogue is owned.
  3. No, there are white lines across the boot screen. New card coming up the weekend I think. Nvidia 1060. $330.
  4. Just done a couple of tests. Plugged a different monitor and cable. Same problem. plugged in a different card and all is good. looks like a new card is in order.
  5. So after bailing from the flight, thinking my PC was too hot, I tried to start it up 2 hours later when the room had cooled. Display problems right from the boot screen to eventual black and white short lines covered the screen. After fearing the worst, I open the PC case and wriggled the graphics card around, only to find it was a little loose at the back end. Turned out I hadn't put back one of the screws last time I fiddled with it ages ago. Amazing how it hadn't given trouble all this time. Anyway, wack a screw in, make sure its seated firmly and give it another go. Bingo, its back in action. Sorry to miss this flight. I might have a crack at it by myself. A bit too quick on the jubilation. Greg, did you say you had graphics drivers updated?
  6. Good stuff Butch
  7. I tried my installer and it had my FSX folder correct but I couldn't change it to anything else.
  8. OZx teamspeak has been shut down and we use Discord for all OZx communications now. However we still use the DTP teamspeak for our club flights.
  9. Post request by CathyH : How about a coupe of fictional paints for the A2A Connie RNZAF based on their Dc-4s and Air NZ based on thier early dc-8 livery _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Post request by BaileyF : Hi, Just wondering if someone is able to make the Air Ambulance livery for me for the Carenado B200, either AMR, AMQ or AMS. Thanks, Bailey
  10. Use Instant Scenery to identify the bgl file they belong to.
  11. Awesome Gray. Looking forward to more of your RFDS shots around here.
  12. Plenty of RFDS flights in and out of here. Awesome Craig.
  13. Happy birthday old Fella. Cya in the skies in a few hours.
  14. I just drag and dropped the folders into a combined one. A single Alan Blancowe folder with scenery and texture folders.
  15. Did you take notice of this line? NOTE: THIS IS A FULL DOWNLOAD, IF YOU ARE AFTER ONLY A SINGLE PART PLEASE DOWNLOAD FROM HERE v3.5 is available as a single installer for those already at v3.4. The same goes for the Library v1.2 file. The v3.5 complete file contains all installers in a single download for those who are new to OZx.