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  1. I just drag and dropped the folders into a combined one. A single Alan Blancowe folder with scenery and texture folders.
  2. Did you take notice of this line? NOTE: THIS IS A FULL DOWNLOAD, IF YOU ARE AFTER ONLY A SINGLE PART PLEASE DOWNLOAD FROM HERE v3.5 is available as a single installer for those already at v3.4. The same goes for the Library v1.2 file. The v3.5 complete file contains all installers in a single download for those who are new to OZx.
  3. Yes Terry. Install from OZx 3.0 right through to 3.5 and LIB 1.0 through to 1.2. That should set you right.
  4. When you click on Messages, do you get a 'go to inbox' showing at the bottom. If this is the case you have some options, select all, from which you can manually deselect any you wish to keep. You can use the filter for some things as well.
  5. Ant hasn't done any scenery development since he started doing aircraft way back starting with his tiger moth. There hasn't been any update since then.
  6. I don't know if it has escaped your attention or not, but Nemeth Designs have not been active for over 2 years now. It is very unlikely they will be making new paint kits.
  7. Careful. You are on the slippery slope of scenery development.
  8. Bump. Link added for the song played at the end of his service. One of his favourite NZ songs. Looks like Jeansy is about to upload a Connie paint for the Tony's beloved Ansett.
  9. Lovely shot mate. Happy New Year everyone.
  10. Mate, how I wish you were still with us to experience the new Connie we now have. I am sure you would have loved it and spent many hours cruising the Aussie skies like you did in younger days. Remembering you on this day my dear friend. One of Tony's favourite songs played at the end of his service. Here are a couple of me flying over your place.
  11. Qantas Connie out of Wollongong YWOL up to Longreach YLRE. Home of the HARS Connie to the historical base of Qantas. YWOL - BIK - BTH - MDG - WLG - CV - LRE- YLRE 760nm On the climb out east of Sydney
  12. Looking forward to this one.
  13. Hope you have a great day mate. Happy birthday.
  14. So are you saying you don't have the folders showing? Can you manually add them to the top of the list?
  15. No problems. Only issue is all the freeware scenery needs going into your account and adding them before they will appear on FTXCv3.