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  1. Ozx Jan Ozx Jan
  2. methinks the Caped Crusader has worked his magic once more ... all working again ...
  3. [fltsim.7]<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<change to match the next sequence number.. title=Tiger Moth VHALV sim=Ants Tiger Moth 00 model= panel= sound= texture=VH-ALV kb_checklists=Ants Tiger Moth 00_check kb_reference=Ants Tiger Moth 00_ref atc_id=VH-ALV atc_id_color= ui_manufacturer="De Havilland" ui_type="DH82 Tiger Moth" ui_variation="Silver A17-449" ui_typerole="Single Engine Prop" ui_createdby="Ant's Airplanes" description=The De Havilland Tiger Moth is one of the most famous aircraft ever built. Originally introduced in 1932 as a basic trainer aircraft for the RAF.Such was it's popularity that nearly 9000 were built and even today around 500 still fly. This aircraft represents a modern Tiger Moth as it may be flown today. It includes a few of the comforts of modern life you may find in such a plane like a radio and a GPS. It is also fitted with a tailwheel rather than the skid you would find on originals. texture.VH-ALV.rar
  4. My own personal livery is available for charter if anyone is feeling flush ... Cheers chaps Alan
  5. The Red Leader lies .... At least we can do something about it in flightsim Bruce!! Health and happiness to all from Brisbane where it's forecast to be a warm 34 degrees ... Alan
  6. YKCS in v3.4 Teecee ....
  7. whoever fixed the Firefox posting problem - my heartfelt thanks ... Alan
  8. having to use IE to post this... unable to pm you either using Firefox Noel... seems to be confined to this website ( perhaps JayKae could sort it when he has a spare moment ... Alan
  9. same problem here Noel - no idea ... just wanted to advise that the truck parked by the Bungy Bridge tonight is to collect wreckage from those who attempt to fly under the bridge ... safe skies everyone !!! Alan
  10. Agree with you 100% Bruce ... My apologies if you thought I was implying otherwise... Cheers mate Alan
  11. Good luck with tonight's mission chaps ... If you haven't already watched this BBC documentary on the raid I highly recommend it - much food for thought ..... Cheers Alan
  12. this is as far as I made it guys ....
  13. Thanks Dieter.
  14. Guys and Gals ... If you have just installed FTX Central v3 as have I, double check your "Library Insertion Point". You might be in for a big surprise, as was I ....