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  1. Personal Assistance Humbly Requested

    I missed the last server round so here's a clue...
  2. OZx in Prepar3d v4

    I've had quite good results by simply adding the area from my FSX installation using the Scenery Library. When P3DV4 versions are ready it'll be just a matter of deleting the scenery entry for the FSX location and installing directly into P3DV4.
  3. OZx Donation Drive 2017

    Donation via FSS Pilots shop made and thanks for keeping this valuable resource running!
  4. Marulan strip in OZx 3.5

    Just TrackIR... would never fly without it now unless I had 180 degree projection screen which I haven't. It's fun trying to make FSX a little more than just boring patterns and procedural circuits. Plenty more video against my name in Youtube; nojwod
  5. If you're wondering how to get to the new Marualn strip or what it looks like, I did a 'delivery' there today and filmed it. https://youtu.be/oKa9ijqa434 :-)
  6. ORBX kills P3D V3.3

    Bit harsh to automatically blame NA OLC for that. If it was at fault how come hundreds or thousands of other users haven't had the problem?
  7. Orbx Forum Error - One for Jay Kae

    Was up for a while this morning but now seems to be unobtainable. I seem to remember it does this when it's being attacked. We'll just have to wait n see.
  8. Parafield (YPPF)

    There was a good Parafield out for FS9 as I recall. With a bit of fiddling it will work in FSX as far as I know. You'll have to google for the file.
  9. Took a ride in the Milviz T-38 Talon from the Grand Canyon National Park airport down into and around the Grand Canyon to show off the excellent freeware Grand Canyon package available here at OZx. Check it out. BTW it's 14 mins long but you don't need to stay for the whole ride! http://youtu.be/ujqtXhex9e4
  10. YMBT

    Mount beauty? Google Ants airstrips, you'll find it in one of his packages. Hmmm just had a look, I thought it was in one of his packs but it seems not, so it must be in OZx
  11. The End Of The Line

    Seems to me that some people in and around OZx owe the community an apology. To have a dedicated pro like JayKae throw in the towel must make those responsible feel just a little bit guilty, surely? Anyway, from me, a very big thanks (NOT) to those responsible for JayKae's distress and I hope you're happy with your miserable lives.
  12. Another tip if it's not too late... if you can head out on a hazy or light overcast day then you will be getting the ideal textures, as shadows are generally going to degrade the usability of your images. Not only because the shadow angle will be fixed, but also because of the limitations of photography, you can generally have detail in either shadow or highlights, but not both. However if you are forced to shoot on a sunny day you can reduce the problem by setting your camera to a manual or semi-manual mode, and for each shot, shoot one exposure for the sunlight, and then exactly the same shot with the aperture opened up by 2 to 3 stops to capture the shadow detail, and then it should be a relatively painless procedure to combine the two in Photoshop. There's nothing wrong with Photoshop 7, it can do everything you need to do to manipulate images for use in scenery! And its interface is so much easier to use than GIMP and the like, and, importantly, a lot faster for most processing routines.
  13. Durned DVD's

    One trick I find often works is to clean the DVD or CD with a cotton handkerchief. Fog it and give it a brisk clean with a cotton handkerchief and see how that goes. Often I have hired DVDs that need the treatment. Another option is find a blu ray drive, the extra detail available may just help.
  14. Crash in the Grass

    Hmmm methinks that a 2,000 hour pilot would have a pretty fair idea when he's 'crashed'. I don't see how a simulation that allows you to restart your flight in a brand new airplane after a crash that simulates neither the effects nor the injuries of a real crash is somehow made less realistic by allowing you to fly on after getting into a crash... either way you know you're either sorry, injured or dead. If on the other hand you had to wait 7 days after crashing before you could re-install your aircraft, and depending on the level of damage in the crash, perhaps have FSX shut down on you for a day, a week or forever if you spear in, then I would take crash detection seriously. As it stands I cannot and therefore it's just as realistic to have it turned off IMHO. One final example of why CD is a joke... if I push the envelope and fly close to mountains in fairly detailed mesh, the mesh can sometimes be behind the eight ball so to speak, and as I fly a few feet above a ridge, all of a sudden the mesh catches up, and supposedly I've crashed, yet I KNOW I flew over the ridge in question. Happens in faster aircraft, especially fast jets in the WA mountains. Turning crash detection off stops the problem dead in its tracks.
  15. File Name: Dorrigo Bush Strip File Submitter: nojwod File Submitted: 19 Feb 2011 File Category: VOZ Downloads (FS9) This imaginary strip was created on a patch of land that appeared at the edge of the Dorrigo plateau with the installation of the Andy Weir mesh and the VOZ scenery for FS9. Simply add the file to a suitable scenery folder such as Voz Scnery/scenry, and as long as you have VOZ and the mesh correctly installed it should appear at the edge of the plateau between Thora and Dorrigo, NSW. Happy Flying!