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  1. Copy the file unsched_trafficdens from the default Spandau map, into both the Bowdenham V4 map folders.
  2. You need to install the required addons including the RNC bus pack. These are linked in the readme file.
  3. You need to install the fonts that come with the map download.
  4. This issue should be resolved now.
  5. Thank you gents, and lady of course!
  6. No probs! Glad you got it working! As for 2017, Im afraid I have all but retired from OMSI, so there wont be anymore versions of it.
  7. Hello I cannot download Bowdenham V4 in aussiex, can you help?

  8. If you have renamed the VKL splines, ensure that you have done so in all the Chrono folder files aswell as the main map folder file. Also make sure your rename convention is the same (IE the folder location and name matches exactly the location and name given in the map tile files)
  9. The Download button for Bowdenham V4 doesn't work.When I press the button it says Error Code:EX1048.

  10. Is it possible you ever going to make a version 5 of Bowdenham because the map is really good

    1. dazza1980


      No im sorry there wont be a V5 of Bowdenham. I rarely play OMSI anymore. Im usually in Prepa3d. I may get back into OMSI when the South London Project comes out, but it wont be for map creation. There are a number of people working on updating the map and converting it into RHD.

  11. I just tried the download now using Chrome and had no issues. It would suggest a problem your end, have you tried deleting your Internet Cache folder?
  12. Hi how are you i'm wondering if you have played Bowdenham V4 as i am trying to create a route from Wotton bus deport to Aspley bus station then from Aspley bus station via Aspley station back to Aspley bus station but when i created the Wotton bus deport to Aspley bus station this happened can you help. omsi.JPG

  13. Hi dazza i would like to know if it is ok to use your ticket pack for my map. I will link bowdenham V4 as a required addon. Thanks

    1. John Bennett

      John Bennett

      do you know  how to make announcements  omsi 2 for maps i am making a new map

  14. do you know  how to make announcements  omsi 2 for maps i am making a new map