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  1. It would be nice if Queensland councils had building outline data like the Hobart and Glenorchy councils do with the SE Tasmania PR I'm toying with, but even the larger Qld regional city councils (liike Townsville, etc) don't have it. Makes autogen much easier with someting like scenproc if you do. Did you have PR for the Northern end of the airfield area, or did you have to contruct that. The aerial the Qld Govt has for that is missing the northern 1/8th of the runway. Braedon
  2. If you need LIDAR DEM data for this I have some here somewhere... Bungo
  3. I've been trying to match colours wth FTX AU Blue (for Tasmania) from screenshots, but they all come out too dark. Does anyone have a prefered set of FTX AU Blue tiles that is good for colour matching the seasons? I have a set for AU Gold from when I was ding a litle Orbx Development, but wouldn't have a clue which ones to pick for AU Blue. cheers Braedon
  4. Old post, but watch this space, I'll finish this off soon... Just need to work out the bump map thing... cheers Bungo
  5. In response to the performance issues experienced by some, I filtered the updates I made to Anthony's models through MCX in an attempt to reduce the drawcalls required to draw these old models. The Terminal went from 18 to 1, and most of the others went from 4-7 to 1, so maybe there might be a little more performance from these new models. This is at the expense of an increased texture size, so some testing might be required to see if there are any beneficial effects of this. Again, provided as .X files and Textures so someone can compile them to FSX MDL files and add to BGL libraries with the original GUIDs of the relevant buildings. cheers Braedon YBTL-X-File-Sources-for-ANTS-models-Optimised-w-MCX.zip
  6. The dirt things are I believe a form of blast shield between hardstands on the outside of the OLA area. Not easy to convincingly model piles of dirt and grass, with seasonal changes unfortunately. The power generation station near the civil terminal is underground too. I think the FSX Accel SDK is going to need to be the most compatable for everyone. cheers Bungo
  7. OK, Airport file updated. Changes include: Nav and waypoint data re-added from stock airport (these were inadvertently stripped when the airport was first modified in 2008). fixed display of taxi-ways. Some markings FSX/P3D mangles, I've not remedied those. Changed taxiway I to C as per the changes made to the airport layout several years ago. Put the attached file in <P3D>\OZx\OZx_AUS\Scenery overwriting the existing. Not tested in FSX or P3D v3.3 or less, so please feel free. This and Jorge's fixes to the BGLs should bring YBTL back to it's former "glory", with Navaids now... If all the fixes work in FSX and all P3D versions, then it could be rolled into the standard update not just for P3D v2+ people. cheers Braedon bungo_YBTL_AFX.bgl
  8. from the ADE help docs: The latest version of Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D (P3D) now honors the Draw Flags for taxi links. While these flags - DrawSurface and DrawDetail have existed since FSX, the Sim has ignored them. As a result ADE did not set these flags and existing projects and Bgl files will not show some or all taxiways in P3D v2. The latest version of ADE (1.60) supports P3D v2 and also provides tools to ensure that the Draw Flags are properly set. The quickest way to set them is to use the reset function. This will set the flags for each type of taxi link based on those values found in stock files. This function is available in ADE for FSX, P3D v1 and P3D v2. Thus, FSX ignored that DrawSurface and DrawDetail were not set, but P3D v2+ now honour them. Thus the fact they were unset went un-noticed. I'll go thru and set all the appropriate ones and post a fixed APX file. cheers Braedon
  9. I'll fix up the missing textures in the ADE and Navaids/waypoints. I found the original ADE files, downloaded ADE and I know what the problem is. I'll renumber the taxiways to match their current configuraton too. cheers Bungo
  10. That lib contains model I did not use as I made my own RAAF ones, The BGL snuck in there but is not used. cheers Bungo Also, it looks like the apron materiak shown in ADE as "Bituminous" is absent in P3D as the texture doesn't show. Needs to be converted to some other dark texture. Additionally, it transpires that the early version of ADE I was using stripped out the waypoints and navaids and approach data. Can you re-import these from the default airport BGL? Bungo
  11. That would explain them not showing up if the PLC file is using different GUIDs. Braedon
  12. The -FIXED is just to indicate the files that I modified. It's just the file name so it shouldn't make any difference. The -FIXED one is where I *think* I've fixed it by converting the textures to DDS and I took the liberty of giving them a meaningful name instead of "FSDS_Object" that they all had. The one without -FIXED on the end is simply the original using BMP files as exported from Anthony's VOZ FS9 files when I compiled YBTL originally You should not need to change the name and the GUIDs should be OK using Arno's LibraryXML tool (the Instant Scenery one ignores them and creates their own which could be problematic). They all show up OK in MCX. The XML files will show you which models go in which BGL library. Let me know if you have more questions. cheers Braedon
  13. YBTL X-File Sources for ANTS models w-DDS Textures (3.7MB) I'm not set up for Dev work right now, anyone who can compile the sources from .X files to be compatable with P3D can download this ZIP and work out why the buildings don't apear in P3D. Read the README in the zip file. cheers Bungo
  14. I've had a closer look (I have OZx v3.5 installed), only the ground poly and PR BGL files for YBTL have made it into this install. I have P3D V3.4. I recompiled the terminal with DDS files and it all looked OK, but none of the rest of the airport is there except the aprons. Not even the parts Jon has. I'll do a test install of v3.0 onwards and see if it's being deleted by one of the later installers. Nevermind, It's been too long. The OZx Lib installer for 1.2 does not mention you need 1.0 and 1.1 installed beforehand. They must have all been moved into the Libs while I wasn't watching over the years... cheers Braedon
  15. One issue I am having is the sources I have for Anthony's models are missing a great number of Textures. I don't have the original sources for these buildings, just what I can load into and export from modelconverterx from the BGL and .X files. I have no textures for Hegarty's hangar, or what was the Inland Pacific building (at the time the textures were made that's the airline that occupied the facility), I have substituted some roof textures from the terminal and other buldings onto the ones where the roof texture was missing, but I have completely transparent buildings without them. Does anyone still have the latest v2 of OZx that might have the MDL files and textures that are missing from V3? cheers Bungo