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  1. Some pics with an old Lady. (F-104 by Sim Skunk Works).
  2. Some pics with two beautiful girls (Mirage III by Restauravia)
  3. Thank you. Bingo ! Yes it is Carenado - Hawker 850.
  4. Thank you so much.
  5. One does not balk at the expense, a small flight in a private jet from Palm Springs to Edwards AFB.
  6. Thank you Bassman. Same feeling as you, a Corsair is blue. And it is better if she is weathering. But sometimes I like clean and colored aircraft. I remember in 1976,I was 18 years old, how much I was impressed by USAF and USN aircrafts wearing fantastic and colorful paint schemes created for the bicentenary. For these shots, I chose this year, a day in June (I do not remenber any more which one), 6.30 to 7.30 PM, and I selected KTNP station for real weather. I confirm, what you says "One learns so much more by being involved in simming!" Belgium is a very little country but we have 3 national languages ! Dutch in North, French in South an German in a little East part next to Germany border. (I speak French). Good photos : De belles photos (French) Mooie foto's (Dutch) Schöne Fotos (German)
  7. Thank you Scott.
  8. Some pics to emphasize the F4U of Aircraft Factory, the repaint of the pack of textures carried out by team FASA and the very beautiful scene of 29Palms “KTNP”.
  9. Thank you Trev.
  10. Here some pics taken in Harvey Field S43 this weekend. And a little extra
  11. Thank you.
  12. Nice, a touching idea !
  13. I better understand your remark in my last post.
  14. A set of screenshots from Monterey. This remind me my holidays. These landscapes are very similar to those I saw The small town of Monterey is quite detailed. A comparison with Google Maps. The Bay of Monterey with the tourist area and its famous aquarium. It is funny to see again the hotel where we remained. So long !
  15. Thank you for the advice Shaun. I need a lot to learn !