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  1. (I did not make a repaint since a while). Unfortunately I do not have a tutorial. You will find a lot of them on the web as well as many advices on the forums here and there. I learned like that. I started with this (old) one : You already work very well. The screenshots of your textures are very nice. Regards, Richard
  2. Louis, I have a big favor to ask of you, sir.  I'm posting twice to ensure my request reaches you.  Back in August of 2014, I lost an ag-pilot friend I hold in very, very high esteem.  He had flown for 40 years with only one other incident in which his plane quit on him, but he was able to land in a near-by hay field.  This last accident claimed his life.  It was a wire strike that got him.  Would you be willing to repaint the Alabeo Cessna Ag-Truck to look like my late friend's airplane?  I am uploading some pics for your visual reference.  The paint scheme of the plane at the time of the crash was orange (bright orange) and white.  The pics I have are mostly of the plane when it was red and white, but if you substitute orange, the scheme is identical. 

    I will be so grateful if you decide to do this for me. 





    James Taylor_N5850G.jpg

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    2. Will Crump

      Will Crump

      Wow! That's a big file! That would take a long time to upload and download.

      I can see from the pictures you've posted you take great care with your aircraft repaints.  I am very impressed with your work.  I'm sure the final product will be totally awe-inspiring.  Thank you for doing this. 

    3. Will Crump

      Will Crump

      Can you do do a texture with the plane orange and white? That's the color the plane was at the time of the crash.  The red and white paint scheme was replaced with the orange and white, which is the original color when it came from the factory.  He had painted it back to its original color just before the crash because he had intended to retire at the end of the 2014 season and reconditioned the plane from top to bottom and front to back so he could sell it. 


      James Taylor_N5850G.jpgk.

    4. Will Crump

      Will Crump

      The red and white is awesome and I love it. I was just wondering if there was a way to do a second paint later on with the orange and white paint scheme.  That way, I could have both without one conflicting with the other since they'd both have the same tail number. Just a thought....

      This paint is so totally awesome and has a nostalgic appeal.  This is what the plane looked like when I was volunteer ground crew for the pilot from 1998 to the end of the 2001 season.  I love this paint and can't wait to fly it. Thanks for making my dream plane come true.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      N5850G_New Paint.jpg

  3. Thank you for you kind words. I am happy that you like the texture. I am sad for you screenshots. I hoped to see some of them because it is my most beautiful reward.
  4. Thank you for your enthusiasm mates ! I hope you will enjoy the texture. Hereafter a link to donwload it. (File name : - Size : 6.06 MB)
  5. It is finally finished ! The project took much time but increased my knowledge of PhotoShop. Thank you Teecee. Time to make a package and delivery ... very soon, here in this post.
  6. Hi Teecee, this is a new version. I was not satisfied with my previous work. I found that this one looks better. The left side still requires some final improvements. Thank you for your patience.
  7. Work is still in progress. Next step the left side.
  8. ... and let's sing all together : ... always looks on the bright side of life... The second solution gives a better result. I leave the project for a few days because I will be busy with the family until the next month. Stay tuned.
  9. Thank you Trucker17. Comments from other repainters like you are appreciated.
  10. Ron, you are incredible, it is exactly that !
  11. Thank you mates for you kind words. Well, my initial idea is not good. The front part does not match with the back part. On the paintkit, the fuselage is in several pieces and it is necessary to find the good connections. That will ask too much work. So, I will try an other idea. I will use the complete fuselage which I made for my repaints.And I will "draw" the mud with PhotoShop brushes. Ah Ron, I do not know why I am always so happy to read you. Perhaps this is for your kindness, your good mood, your open-minded, your advices or for all that things at the same time! It is each time a pleasure. To answer you, I put the picture above my template, I add some transparency and with the tool "Edit" > "Transform" > "Warp" I strech the picture bit by bit until details match together.
  12. Hello Teecee, first step ... Easiest is made. Next step, ... patience.
  13. Hi again Teecee, I did not imagine that a plane could be so dirty ! OK I will do some "mud" tests. If you do not have other photographs of the VH-TET, do you have photographs of other so dirty planes ? That would help me to do something most realistic possible.
  14. Hello Teecee, I took a lot of pleasure to make this reapint. More photographs of this kind (in particular of the belly of the plane) would be useful to make a dirtied version. So, If you have some, I will be happy to add a dirty version (for free as usual).
  15. Than you Craig. I like that kind of planes.