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  1. Yes for me it works everything !! Cheers Harald
  2. This is no longer a FS Forum more, but a OMSI Forum, sorry! Cheers Harald
  3. Done, so many thanks Jay Kae Harald
  4. At me the same problem. Harald
  5. Hello, This Scenery is also available in OZx3.3, so why new? Gruß Harald
  6. Merry Christmas 2010??!! Harald
  7. Hello, Has anyone a solution? Harald
  8. Hello, i have a Problem with Plan G Import from OZx Airstrips.csv The import file is incorrect, see log file (Plan G): "14:54:41 Importing User Waypoints: L:\FSX Downloads\Tools\Plan G\OZX_Airstrips.csv 14:54:41 Error on row 1 col 7: 348.56 is not a valid Magnetic Variation" Why I do not know and please excuse my bad English . Grüße aus Bavarian Country (Germany) Harald (Hardybaby)