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  1. Wonderful. Thanks Matt. Regards Michael.
  2. I also have been remiss in thanking everyone for their efforts over the years. I take the opportunity to do it now. Thank you all. Michael.
  3. Thanks Matt, appreciate your efforts always. Michael.
  4. Thank you for all your great paints Jan. I remember Brain and Brown at Essendon when I was much younger. Thanks for the memories. Michael.
  5. Thanks Simmo. I had same problem, but thanks to this post found I was missing the Library folder. Michael.
  6. Sorry senior moment. Came up with this from publishers site, seems to have downloads for a number of files. http://au.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-0764588222,descCd-DOWNLOAD.html Hope this helps. Michael
  7. Hi Wombat. If you search wiley.com for Microsoft Flight Simulator X For Pilots: Real World Training it should show up. Cheers Michael.
  8. Should be interesting. Thank you. If you like historic flights do a search on Avsim for Bruce Kennewell, he has put together a number of historic journeys. I think they may have been for FS9 but can be adapted for FSX. Michael.