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  1. EMB505 Phenom 300

    A question for the real techies and experts here please. I've had this aircraft before but have just reinstalled the version for P3DV4. However, each time I try to fly with it, it starts both engines and the left engine fires up and opens fully but the right one only opens up about 75% . I have the simulator set up to start with everything running and 'ready to fly so I don't think this should happen. As its a waste of time trying to ask Carenado anything and nothing I do in the drop down 'failures' section will correct it, I'm wondering if anyone here is familiar with this aircraft and can offer some advice. Many thanks. John
  2. Real World Weather

    Sue..I know that but ASP4 is lethal to my sim' and doesn't work and if the Hi-Fi experts can't find the answer I have no chance have I?! Hence my wish to find an alternative, or, if necessary wait until there's a P3DV4 version of FS Global. John
  3. Twin Otter

    Very helpful. Thanks all. I thought I had read the book but when I got into the 'plane, I realised I hadn't a memory or a clue! I'll work it out. John
  4. Live weather program wanted for P3DV4

    I've checked it out Dan and I don't think they've got a P3DV4 version out yet. They say they're working on a new update and they've already got a Beta but after my history with Hi-Fi starting with their Beta, I'm not prepared to take a chance. FSGlobal is a favourite wish at the moment but they are still working an their V4 Version. So, as usual with everything flight sim' related I'm having to wait!! John
  5. Twin Otter

    I've just got this for P3DV4 but its so long since I could use my previous one I've forgotten how to set and activate the Altitude in the suto pilot. Can someone give me chapter and verse please? Many thanks. John
  6. JohnY

  7. Live weather program wanted for P3DV4

    Hi Sue. Yes you make sense. I back everything up but in bits as they come in. Stupid really. That's good advice. It won't make ASP4 work though! Hi Bassman, I've had a look at that and it looks promising. However, before I leap, as the web site mentions only P3D , can you confirm please if it will work with W10 & P3DV4. Thanks, John
  8. Live weather program wanted for P3DV4

    Thanks Greg. I've got a 500GB SSD 'C' drive and two 3TB hard drives in my Windows 10 computer. I'm running P3DV4 from a folder in Program Files (not 86) and everything is working fine except for ASP4. Not even Hi-Fi Help or the Technical Dept., know why it crashes my sim' when everyone else's seems to be fine. I wouldn't mind trying it again except for the frustration it causes when it crahes my sim' and the full week of work that follows in getting it all to-gether again. I'm also a long time customer of Hi-Fi having got my earliest version shortly after FSX came out even though that had a reasonable version of real world weather built in. So, although I'm by no means a 'techie' I'm not exactly innocently ignorant with computer technicalities. So, the whole thing is a conumdrom. I'll give it another little while and maybe pluck up the guts to try again. In the meantime I'm looking forward to the learning to fly a couple of new aircraft I just bought. John .
  9. Live weather program wanted for P3DV4

    Hi Sue and Matt I mean ASP4. It wrecks my sim'. Hi-Fi Help and Technical Departments have been on the case and not only failed to rectify it but each time resulted in the need for three/four uninstalls and re-installs each of which took the best part of a week! Hence my need of an alternative. John
  10. Real World Weather

    Probably Sue, but having tried it and gone through that nightmare three times, I'm looking for something different that's not quite so lethal. John
  11. Can anyone suggest a decent live weather program please? Not HiFi AS16 please. It destroys my sim every time I've tried to use the beta version they have out now. Thanks. John
  12. Carenado H25B_850XP

    Got it. Thanks Sue. Always has always been a lovely aircraft to fly and still is. It's good for the longer flight because it provides a brilliant view, has a great turn of speed and yet the ground is still rolling by slowly so you get to see what you're flying over....err...depending on the weather of course John
  13. Carenado H25B_850XP

    I've just downloaded and installed this aircraft which is now available for P3DV4. Of course, I'm in trouble straight away! I've read the manuals but they all assume that the main panels are there, or, that you know how to get them to display. Unfortunately, I don't. Does anyone know how you actually get the displays to display on the instrument panel.please? Thanks. John
  14. Real World Weather

    Nah Sue - that's the version I've been trying to use! Strangely, I've found that in the P3DV4 weather program it gives a choice for AS16 Weather described as AS16 Weather Theme. It seems to work but I'm not really sure. Certainly it shows the weather here in England, usually cloudy! And in Texas, nice and sunny. Seems to vary the wind conditions too, so it may be I've have it without me knowin?! Without cast iron guarantees, I'm certainly not up for reinstalling it,,,,,again!. I just can't go through all that again. It doesn't just take a few hours, it takes days of solid work to get it all back together again. John
  15. Real World Weather

    I've been in touch with HiFi support about their supposed P3DV4 friendly AS16-V4 programme. If I've installed it once over the last fortnight or so, with new downloads from them I've done it at least half a dozen times. Problem is, not only it doesn't work but on at least a four occasions its taken my P3DV4 with it! Not only that, on three of those occasions its also took all my addons as well and they take at least three days to get back on! So now I'm giving up on AS16 and wondering if any of you kindly folk can please point me in the direction of an alternative Real World weather program that you've got and know works with P3DV4. Many thanks. John