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  1. Yes, well, it has certainly given me more control but I still can't get the 'planes to slow down. In fact they're going faster on what is supposed to be touch down than when they're on the glide slope! I'm going to give up on the Virtual Col Saab Regional aircraft. They're quite resonable in every way except that business of speeding up when coming into land. They definitely want to fly and keep trying to get back up so it makes landing a nightmare even on auto-pilot. They just will not come down! Ah well. Waste of money. John
  2. Yep. I found the dead zone was as far to the right and left, or in this case up and down as it would go. I think that's done it. To be truthful, I didn't know what it would do to the throttle so had left it alone! Thanks Sue. John
  3. My old Saitek Joystick and Throttle Quadrant finally gave up the ghost about a month ago and I replaced them with the well recommended X52Pro' system and very good it is too. However, the one thing I can't seem to adjust correctly is the Throttle and that manifests itself in my not being able to close it right down all the way which means in turn that with some aircraft despite flaps, feather and decreasing rpm, some the aircraft are often still going too fast for me to land them safely. A couple in question are the Virtual Col emb 190-3 and saab 2000. Any chance of any of you geniuses being able to give me chapter and verse on how to adjust the X52 Pro Fligfht Controller Properties settings to allow this to happen please? Many thanks. John
  4. You're probably right mate. However, with what we've had to put up with from developers over the years we've had to be optimistic types just to carry on!!! John
  5. I've decided that this up-date doesn't offer enough to warrant going through all the business of sorting out what addons still work and those that don't. Admittedly, my sim' is working really well now so there's little incentive to change. From what I've read lately, 64x is on it's way and if that's the case I'm thinking no more updates for me perhaps until that is launched. John
  6. Thanks Sue. My mistake. I'll try it. John I've got it now Sue. Thank you. As you say, very nice to fly. Very responsive! Do uou know of a way to remove that wand or stick that floats around in front of the windscreen? I find it distracting and it spoils the picture when taking photos through the screen. John
  7. Thanks Sue. My mistake. Just had a look. All I can find is a Just Flight one suitable for P3D v1. I've got 3.4 so although it should be alright I'm not sure I want to risk it. The reason I'm so cautious now with P3D is that I once had something downloaded and got a .dll error as a result. Took me forever to gbet over it by uninstalling and starting all over again. Life's too short to have to cope with that sort of thing for a past-time. John
  8. Thanks Matt. So far it's been fine at 5.5 but that's over photographic scenery enhanced with addon autogen etc. I'm not sure it will fare so well using Orbx which I've always found is a bit heavy memory. We'll see. John
  9. I've just moved this up to 5.5 from the paltry 3.8 default. What a difference. No more stepping out practically under the nose of the aircraft. Now it's sharp way out until it fades into the distance. And it doesn't appear to snap out at all. But, and it's a big one. Although it hasn't so far seemed to have had an effect on frame rate or memory I'm wondering what it will do on a reasonably long flight with a more sophisticated aircraft and over/near sceneries that are memory testers. Time will tell. John
  10. Me too, but I understand from PC Pilot Mag that in their recent tests Kasperski, Avast and ESET were very good, but Windows was to be avoided and so was Mcavey. Avast was judges as the best of the freeware. John
  11. Hi Jorge I know its been a long time but i found the sun. Its in 'C\Program Data\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3Dv2\suneffect.cfg' I've moved the size up to 3000. Much more realistic, especially in Australia, New Zealand etc. John
  12. I've tried Bruce but frankly, I don't really know what I'm doing and the manual's no good if you don't understand what they're talking about. John
  13. Had the above for a couple of weeks now and its great except for one real problem. Sorry to have to ask this but for the life of me I can't find how to adjust the throttle so that when I pull it right back beyond the stop, it actually slows the engines so much that the engines stop or only idles them. I've only just got this system and even with the lever pulled back as far as it will go the aircraft taxi too fast and landing with some is a nightmare as I can't get it slow enough to put down on the tarmac. The manual is no help so I wondered if anyone here has these controls and has resolved the problem and how? Thanks for any help you can offer. John
  14. I think I've probably confused you Matt. I want a co-pilot I can see! And not one like Heidi either Kevin, and I agree, she certainly had a mouth on her! The one in Ants Eaglet is nice but not suitable for all aircraft. What I'm thinking of is a professional looking woman perhaps in a uniform who would fit in with being a co-pilot. A passenger or two would help too, perhaps similar to the one who used to be sitting in the Hawker XP800 but perhaps not smoking as its so unacceptable these days. Don't want much really do I? Its just something for a bit more realism. The aircraft are so empty. John
  15. Yes, that's PF3 Matt. It is very good and I use it for all my flights except VFR which frankly, it doesn't handle too well. But it although it gives a choice of co-pilots all you get is the voices. I want one sitting beside me! John