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  1. Yes. Happy birthday Sue and plenty more of 'em. John
  2. D'you mind JaeKae. Not only did the music rattle my mind but the plane's antics nearly made me airsick which I've never been! John
  3. For the second time this week I've got a frozen screen. The only way I could get out of it was to re-start the computer. But of course, it ruined the flight I was on. I've heard of them but never experienced it before myself. Can someone offer a suggestion of the cause, or, more importantly, a cure please? Thanks. John
  4. What an entertaining thread. Thank you guys and gals...you're brilliant. But I do sympathise and admire your tenacity. I think I'd have just packed it all in and read my Paperwhite more. John
  5. Thanks fellers. I've started on them and so far, I'm well impressed. John
  6. Yep, got it, tried it, used it and all is well. Thanks fellers. John
  7. Sorry for not replying sooner chaps. To be truthfull I've been busy getting the rest of Europe in Photo Scenery. Now, I've got enough of that and I can concentrate on the airports and stuff. And the first one I'll get is Carcossone from the looks of it! Thanks again. John
  8. I've searched the P3D v3.4 'Controls' pages and can't find 'Reverse Thrust' in any of them. I have learned from an ex BA pilot that they use 'Reverse Thrust' rather than 'spoilers' which apparently uses a lot of fuel. I also know from memory that it was available in the FSX program which I thought P3D was based on. Perhaps its under a different name although I can't think what. Can someone tell me if it is there please ? If not, can someone who flies the heavies tell me how they get around its absence please. Many thanks. John
  9. Me too Sue. The one thing I really hate about P3D though is frequency of the updates and the number of times what were previously good addons won't work properly and have to be 'repaired?' In fact when I looked at their latest update and saw what they had in there I decided that was one I could easily do without. Just waiting for the 64 bit version. Now that really would be something! John
  10. Hi Bruce Yes it was a problem only with the Vitual Col 900 and 2000 aircraft. no matter what I did I couldn't get the lever to close it sufficiently. I've cured it now with some help from their technical department. I assigned the bottom right hand wheel on the throttle to reduce throttle and that seems so over-ride the actual throttle lever. It's just one extra thing to worry about when landing! John
  11. Hi Terry, yes i have them for Wheels -up & down, Floats deployed and retracted and Pushback. I use the top left button for Flaps and Spoilers, the push 'c' button for AP on and off and the leavers at the back for the brakes. If I needed them for something else related I suppose I could use the upward button for that but so far haven't found the need. I use the top button on the throttle for Increase RPM incrementally, the middle one for Feather and the lower one for Decrease RPM incrementally. What I can't find is something to slow that particular plane down sufficiently for landing!! All the best. John
  12. Thanks for that suggestion Terry. I'll try that. As all my other 'planes fly perfectly, I do think it's the fault of the Virtual Coll aircraft though. I agree with you about the X52. The joystick particularly is the best I ever had. I do miss my old Throttle Quadrant though with the three leavers It didn't have quite the control of the X52, but being able to feather and mix independantly was great. Ah, well, back to clicking instead of flying! All the best. John
  13. Yes, well, it has certainly given me more control but I still can't get the 'planes to slow down. In fact they're going faster on what is supposed to be touch down than when they're on the glide slope! I'm going to give up on the Virtual Col Saab Regional aircraft. They're quite resonable in every way except that business of speeding up when coming into land. They definitely want to fly and keep trying to get back up so it makes landing a nightmare even on auto-pilot. They just will not come down! Ah well. Waste of money. John
  14. Yep. I found the dead zone was as far to the right and left, or in this case up and down as it would go. I think that's done it. To be truthful, I didn't know what it would do to the throttle so had left it alone! Thanks Sue. John
  15. My old Saitek Joystick and Throttle Quadrant finally gave up the ghost about a month ago and I replaced them with the well recommended X52Pro' system and very good it is too. However, the one thing I can't seem to adjust correctly is the Throttle and that manifests itself in my not being able to close it right down all the way which means in turn that with some aircraft despite flaps, feather and decreasing rpm, some the aircraft are often still going too fast for me to land them safely. A couple in question are the Virtual Col emb 190-3 and saab 2000. Any chance of any of you geniuses being able to give me chapter and verse on how to adjust the X52 Pro Fligfht Controller Properties settings to allow this to happen please? Many thanks. John