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  1. Hi Jorge I know its been a long time but i found the sun. Its in 'C\Program Data\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3Dv2\suneffect.cfg' I've moved the size up to 3000. Much more realistic, especially in Australia, New Zealand etc. John
  2. I've tried Bruce but frankly, I don't really know what I'm doing and the manual's no good if you don't understand what they're talking about. John
  3. Had the above for a couple of weeks now and its great except for one real problem. Sorry to have to ask this but for the life of me I can't find how to adjust the throttle so that when I pull it right back beyond the stop, it actually slows the engines so much that the engines stop or only idles them. I've only just got this system and even with the lever pulled back as far as it will go the aircraft taxi too fast and landing with some is a nightmare as I can't get it slow enough to put down on the tarmac. The manual is no help so I wondered if anyone here has these controls and has resolved the problem and how? Thanks for any help you can offer. John
  4. I think I've probably confused you Matt. I want a co-pilot I can see! And not one like Heidi either Kevin, and I agree, she certainly had a mouth on her! The one in Ants Eaglet is nice but not suitable for all aircraft. What I'm thinking of is a professional looking woman perhaps in a uniform who would fit in with being a co-pilot. A passenger or two would help too, perhaps similar to the one who used to be sitting in the Hawker XP800 but perhaps not smoking as its so unacceptable these days. Don't want much really do I? Its just something for a bit more realism. The aircraft are so empty. John
  5. Yes, that's PF3 Matt. It is very good and I use it for all my flights except VFR which frankly, it doesn't handle too well. But it although it gives a choice of co-pilots all you get is the voices. I want one sitting beside me! John
  6. I'm getting pretty lonely these days sitting in the cockpit all by myself . I've got PF3 ATC and a really posh girl co-pilot but I can't see her. Ants got a nice looking girl in ripped jeans sitting in the co-pilots seat of his Eaglet but it is so slow it could take days for me to fly some of the journeys I do. So...what I'm asking is, is there someone out there who can populate the aircraft with co-pilots and perhaps, passengers? John
  7. The R66 I'm sure is the default helo in P3D and pretty good it is too. And I really don't want two of them. I've had a look at your suggestions Matt and none of them are advertised as suitable for P3dv3.4 so I'm holding off for a while longer. Thanks all the same and happy new year to you both. John
  8. Thanks for your tip about the FSX Dodo Sue and for the information Matt. However, knowing me to be an idiot, I wouldn't trust myself to do what your suggesting Sue. In view of the information you've supplied Matt, can either of you suggest a suitable alternative please? I'm using the default Bell at present and it's pretty good but it is boring to use the same one all the time. Many thanks. Have a nice and enjoyable Christmas both of you. John
  9. Does anyone know if the Dodo will be updated to P3Dv3.4 soon. I've been holding on rather than take a chance on some of the other stuff that's out there. If its not, can anyone recommend a decent helicopter of the Dodo type please? The reason I'm asking is because the Dodo is the only helicopter is the only one I've ever been able to achieve a near hover in. John
  10. Hm. On the odd occasion I've wanted to reinstall, I've simply uninstalled, Client, Content and scenery msi's and reinstalled them from my original backup. Seems to work and only takes 15 minutes or so. The beauty of this is too that somehow it retains all your original addons and settings. Clever. John
  11. Thanks Scott. This is one I've never heard of before and sounds as if it could be exactly what I want. Thanks again. John
  12. Perhaps this is the wrong place to voice this but I'm tearing my hair out. I've got France VFR Scenery but it comes without properly worked airports. Does anyone know where I can find them please. Preferably freeware or if that's not possible bundles of payware for the various regions. Many thanks. John PS - Hope I haven't broken too many rulkes by voicing this question here.
  13. Hi Jorge In previous versions of P3D the sun and moon sizes were listed in the main cfg and you just altered the size figures to suit yourself. But they don't seem to be in there with my v3.4. I suppose I could revert the scenery back to v.3.3, find them in that cfg, enlarge them and go back to v3.4 which doesn't actuall alter them strangely enough. To be honest, I don't like to muck about with it too much as its running beautifully at present an its such a small niggle and as I've a history of flight sim' insanity I don't really want to risk anything. They must be somewhere in V3.4 but I can't think where else they may be and I was rather hoping someone else would know. Never mind. John
  14. I always found the size of the sun in P3D too small for my liking so some time ago, I enlarged it in the cfg but I wouldn't mind enlarging it a little more but with v.3.4 I can no longer find it in the cfg. I'm wondering if any of you found the little dot LM had for the sun as irritating as I did but also if any of you know where they've damn well hidden it? John
  15. I have a 27" Dell S2470L and must say its perfect except for one small thing and that is the screen is somewhat too reflective. I've looked at anti reflective materials that stick on but they're very expensive for that size and if it's anything like my Kindle it would air bubble and they would be the devil's own treat to remove! I suspect too that it would degrade the image somewhat so would be out for me with photography in mind. Why manufacturers don't make non reflective screens for the larger monitors I don't know. John