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  1. View File Canterbury Basic Welcome to the Historic City of Canterbury. You will fall in love with our breathtaking heritage and culture. After all, Canterbury is simply inspirational. This map is created with a high level of detail to realistically represent Canterbury as it is in real life. - Features - - 85 Custom made objects to realistically represent Canterbury as it stands in real life including Mcdonalds, KFC, Dominos pizza and LIDL. - Stunning night time visuals. - New style of bus terminus that requires buses to reverse out of the parking bay (not AI compatable) - Realistic traffic build up in peak times such as on the roundabouts. - A nice little Temporary bus depot so you can start and end your day there. The temporary depot is fictional. Hope you have fun with this free map. . Release Video: Many Thanks Freeman1001 aka MrToM3MaN Submitter Freeman1001 Submitted 12/04/2011 Category OMSI Maps Which version of OMSI is this download for ?  
  2. Freeman1001

  3. Willshire

  4. Hurry! The residents of Spring Lane Estate want to go do their shopping in Canterbury City Centre but parking is a problem and its too cold to walk.You are put into the role of one of the "new" bus drivers for Stagecoach Kent, Who drive the smaller town routes within Canterbury. Your role requires you to maintain your bus on an "every 20 minutes" schedule, as you are the only bus who covers this route. The route lasts between 16-20mins and lets not talk about rush hour. You will pass Canterbury Prison and the barracks on this journey and circle around Spring Lane Estate to head back to the City Centre. Just go to the same download page that you purchased version 1 from. Drag all the folders from the rar file into your OMSI directory and click YES to copy and replace for all. On the timetables you will see OB and IB. OB refers to Outbound (going away from the centre). IB refers to Inbound (heading into the centre). For the route 23, the display matrix is NEVER changed and even though it seems strange heading to the centre with the bus saying Spring Lane Estate, this is how it is done in real life. THE NL202 IS REQUIRED. PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT HERE. http://www.omnibussi...d&threadID=1066 Dont forget to use the new re-skins that are customised for Canterbury. Im afraid to say that lag has increased, and in some spots you will have huge FPS drops however its unavoidable as the map expands. Local thanks: Thanks to Fleetline for reskins and help with reskins. Thanks to Longyear for offering the ability to use the English voice pack to Canterbury. Thanks to Flippy for the timetables. Thanks to Thiago for the use of omniBus for Canterbury (Route 23 is already available) Thanks to Jaykae for the hosting and forum of course - Changes in Version 2.0 of Canterbury Donors Edition - - New route 23 from Canterbury City Centre to Spring Lane Estate - est travel time 16-20mins - About 25 new objects made for the new route 23 - Fixed Traffic lights at Dominos Pizza - they stay green all the time - Added new objects throughout the entire map such as post boxes, telephone boxes and grit bins - Changed the Entrance to Canterbury Bus Station (city Centre) to look more realisitic - Predestrians now walk along the wall in the city centre as they can do in real life - Added new skin to the D92 - Triangle buses - The static buses at Canterbury Bus Station have all been changed to Stagecoach thanks to Fleetline - Added new skin to the D92 - Park and Ride - Thanks to Fleetline - Added English Voice pack to Canterbury - Thanks to Longyear - Added skin for the NL202 - The Arrows - Thanks to Fleetline Thanks to all my donors for the support. More, soon. Freeman1001 aka MrToM3MaN
  5. Donors, Please contact me via PM if you need to redownload Canterbury at any time. Thanks

    1. sean Hanglin_11839

      sean Hanglin_11839

      i need a download links please

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      need help linking it to the game got the dowload

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      i need a download link pls


  6. Canterbury Donors Version installation issues

    I think I put all the files in the missing files package in the end so just download this:http://www.mediafire.com/?mte0wtbz13vkqlv however your problem doesnt look like a missing files problem, it is definetly something to do with the buses
  7. iWear support (Vuzix iWear vr920)

    I already own this, and have done for about 2-3 years - im sure they must have a new model by now. I was really excited to get this and then I thought wow - but the novelty died of very quickly. I had to buy an extra attachment just to block out the light. - Overall I eneded up only ever using it for watching films, because it feels like you are in a cinema. Basically it looks like you are at the back of the cinema looking at the screen so you see lots of black empty space before the screen which is a cool effect for films but not really for gaming. the unit also gets very hot and is pretty chunky as well as heavy for the head. I also had a few issues with the colours/wierd fuzzyness. I already knew it wouldnt work with OMSI so never tried it and now use trackir.
  8. Happy Birthday, Lockheart

    Happy Birthday Lockheart, you are a credit to this world and this community.
  9. Route 23 for Canterbury Donors is Released

    hehe, nice - I think looking out from inside the depot onto the road is the most realistic part of the map - and even better when you see an AI bus go by and stop at the bus stop outside the petrol station.
  10. Route 23 for Canterbury Donors is Released

    im not certain - omsi is weird and its all about finding that perfect level of all the settings...... Soon I may release a texture overhaul pack to those who want it - which changes all the textures to DDS - maybe it will help with your issues.
  11. Route 23 for Canterbury Donors is Released

    @WellCzech - Hi, well there is nothing wrong with your logfile so I would assume there is a problem with the NL202.... could you try this please - it will remove the NL202 from the map - BACKUP THE CURRENT FILE OMSI/MAPS/CANTERBURY/AILISTS and then replace the existing one with this http://www.mediafire.com/?sbeadw1n1a62cbo if it doesnt work, come back here @ Chris Myers yes the lag is really anoying for me as well - I have spent most of the day looking at ways to cure the lag but nothing is working - I guess there is just too many custom objects on the map. Thanks for your kind words though - its really appreciated.
  12. Route 23 for Canterbury Donors is Released

    Hi, to solve your problem I need to see your logfile.txt please paste it here within the parameters of [ Spoiler ] your logfile pasted here [ / Spoiler ] << without spaces
  13. Grundorf 2012 (work in progress)

    thanks for all the advice, it really does help. I just feel a bit sad that numerous projects that I see such as Grundorf 2012 and Woolich are going to be limited to my donors, but on the other side that is fair considering donors pay for the objects essentially. With all things considered I feel that the entire Freeman Objects folder is too much to give out at the moment, however for Bowdenham I put a little package together with some models from donors edition but not many - therefore to map creators - You should only use the Buildings_Freeman used in Bowdenham..... and if not, then you will have to bare in mind that your map will only be available to my donors (and the stealers) Objects do take time to make, especially making the textures (which are not perfect) but it involves alot of scaling and distorting. A typical object for me takes these steps. - Build the model by eye using google streetview - Take print screens from streetview of the object in question (not easy as alot of time the streetview hasnt aligned correctly) - Paste the print screen into image editing software - Straighten and align the image and delete unessary bits like the Sky - important the texture onto the model - align the texture onto the model correctly - export
  14. Grundorf 2012 (work in progress)

    I need to think about things because im noticing many maps using lots of objects from Canterbury now - just seen also which has loads of my objects. It really difficult to make a decision as to whether maybe its the time to release the full object folder to the non-donors. Maybe I will make a forum topic soon to ask the opinions of my donors.
  15. POLL: Do timetables affect your OMSI experience?

    From what I understand from Flippy regarding Stagecoach Canterbury - is that the routes are given out depending on skill/experience. supposedly new drivers start on the Canterbury arrows routes (the town routes) and then get promoted to the much longer routes such as the Triangle and the Diamond.......... thus for Canterbury mixing in different routes on timetables is probably un-realistic...... however I agree, Imagine just driving on the route 23 all day every day or the Park and Ride, that would be pretty boring so maybe they mix up the routes given to maintain driver motivation.
  16. POLL: Do timetables affect your OMSI experience?

    yes timetables are very important, and with Omnibus by Thiago - even more so because you can see more clearly if you are on time or not. One of the problems I had with Canterbury was that I wanted to try and stick to real life timetables however this turned out not possible for a few reasons such as 1) inacurate scale 2) decision making by AI 3) lack of road/splines - thus unless you spend alot of time on ensuring scale is exact, and speed limits etc are perfect - it is very hard to stick to real life timetables. I almost always pick up a timetable when doing routes and thanks Flippy for providing so many timetables to so many maps over the past year...... it is greatly appreciated.
  17. [BETA] Busscar Urbanuss Pluss - Scania K270

    thanks for the heads up Thiago - downloading this bus now - looks nice....... I remember this on CBS too. Thanks to the author. regarding Gabriel - yes I saw his new one - that is the one he is dealing out Pedros bus and others........ from what I translated from the official forums - they are going to discuss how to punish this........... Pedro just needs to file a copyright form against him like I did.
  18. [BETA] Busscar Urbanuss Pluss - Scania K270

    I will wait for a new download for the simple fact that I do not want to sign up to that site - and then have a few years of free SPAM OFFTOPIC RELATED TO OTHER BUS Mercedes-Benz O405 CAMO "Well, it would appear some of you got the beta of my bus, thanks to Mr. Gabriel, who stole it." (From Pedro - creator - official forum) - I have had enough of this Gabriel guy - it is a 14 year old idiot who was also sharing Canterbrury.......... he works from crapglobe. Good news- I filled a complaint via youtube - and his youtube account has been suspended. He had about 400 videos on that youtube account so he has lost a lot of time. www.youtube.com/user/GabrielSaysInUrFace
  19. Canterbury Missing Files

    thanks for the help Thiago - its greatly appreciated. enjoy the map Tom.
  20. well, I do agree with the suggestion about performance updates - I would love to be able to produce maps with as many custom objects as possible and not worry about lag but, another feature that TML-studios does have above MR is the ability to get out and walk around......... and when I think about it, I used this feature sooo much in CBS2010, and although its a simulator about bus driving having the ability to walk first person is nice.
  21. Do you Remember, Pilzdorf?

    yes, I remember that map. Several little lines in what I would call a "lego" city. I did enjoy it but it was no replacement for Berlin just because the lines were too short. I remember the bit coming out the depot and across that bridge, that felt nice. good idea Lockheart, yes you should do a weekly series - dont forget one of my favorite all time maps = (cant remember name) sachen Anshalt or something like that. It was a long route, nice environments.
  22. [RELEASED] omniBus Plugin 1.0

    why you speak so negative.
  23. Don't forget to DEFRAG!

    yes and get rid of all those unplayed games like BCCS
  24. omnibus.. spill the beans.. who

    Actually that happened to me once during BETA, but I didnt report it back to Thiago because I thought maybe it was because I picked up a timetable a few stops into the route. so I left Canterbury without a timetable, and then at St.Thomas School decided to take up a timetable and tried adjusting the clock to match the timetable for St.Thomas School but then the omnibus plugin just kept going up and up, even if I drove 100kmph I was still more and more late.