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  1. hello there. 

    i have recently got the Canterbury basic map to try it out but i am having problems loading the map. it gets stuck when loading tile 0 and comes up with and error message. i have tried running may with no buses and tired turning off loading whole map.  can you please help as the map looks really good. 

  2. Freeman1001

  3. I cant get Canterbury to load it seems to stop at "Tile no.0(276/277)



  4. Thanks Londonmale2011, Just as a note, I am working on a patch to make Canterbury full version more compatible with OMSI 2 e.g. the AI bus for route 23 will now be the default NL202 as well as some other fixes across the route such as passengers standing too close to the road when waiting for the bus. I am in process of driving the route numerous times to check for new bugs with OMSI 2 which I will be working to fix. In terms of additional routes for the map, I am still trying to understand whether OMSI 2 will allow me to make the map bigger and keep FPS to a satisfactory level (as in OMSI 1 - I could not even open the map editor anymore). If not, I will have to start thinking about new freeware projects. Freeman1001
  5. Hello there, Please try starting the map with the selection "Load map without buses". If you still have the error after this then please would you copy and paste the contents of your OMSI logfile.txt into a private message to myself so I can assist you further.
  6. Donors, Please contact me via PM if you need to redownload Canterbury at any time. Thanks

    1. sean Hanglin_11839

      sean Hanglin_11839

      i need a download links please

    2. darrenmlee1


      need help linking it to the game got the dowload

    3. JoshWareing


      i need a download link pls


  7. Hello, sorry for lack of reply. You may use any of the objects that are in the Free version (basic) however you wish to. You may want to check the objects that came with Bowdenham because you may use any of those (there is a few extra ones such as the bus depot). Just reference my name in your readme or download page. As Longyear said, try not to include the objects in your download but I think most people will have them in their directory by now. Thanks Freeman1001
  8. I think I put all the files in the missing files package in the end so just download this: however your problem doesnt look like a missing files problem, it is definetly something to do with the buses
  9. I already own this, and have done for about 2-3 years - im sure they must have a new model by now. I was really excited to get this and then I thought wow - but the novelty died of very quickly. I had to buy an extra attachment just to block out the light. - Overall I eneded up only ever using it for watching films, because it feels like you are in a cinema. Basically it looks like you are at the back of the cinema looking at the screen so you see lots of black empty space before the screen which is a cool effect for films but not really for gaming. the unit also gets very hot and is pretty chunky as well as heavy for the head. I also had a few issues with the colours/wierd fuzzyness. I already knew it wouldnt work with OMSI so never tried it and now use trackir.
  10. Happy Birthday Lockheart, you are a credit to this world and this community.
  11. hehe, nice - I think looking out from inside the depot onto the road is the most realistic part of the map - and even better when you see an AI bus go by and stop at the bus stop outside the petrol station.