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  1. Let me in on the secret too please. It was me who gave Terry the idea .
  2. What is the status of this project? Haven't heard anything since January 4th.
  3. Maybe my problem is there is no usual .cfg entry so I created one. But there is an xml code that I am not sure where it is supposed to go.
  4. I am not sure what is wrong as this does not look right. When I check the texture folder everything seems to be ok but for some reason this is what I get.
  5. I think he thought it was a true story Terry.
  6. Great writing Matt. Was starting to believe it was a true story until I remembered you mentioned they were fictional earlier. Are you going to release them, especially for those who mainly fly Australian skies.
  7. You bring the throttle back to idle then hold the F2 key down.
  8. I know. Bazz and I have had several discussions about paint kits but they don't seem to change. Like that Electra 10. Just waiting for these to be uploaded especially the Virtavia B-29s.
  9. I got the same and have done the right thing. No big amount but all I can afford this time.
  10. Nice work Matt. I gave up on the Dove. I have one that I have had a look at finishing recently but at the moment a bit busy beta testing some OZx scenery and also on the beta team for some JF that have been recently released. Just testing some bugs that customers have found in the Hunter, HS748 and the Meteor.
  11. Use the one in your ProgramData.
  12. I had asked about the Drover over at the SOH about 2 years ago and one member started to make one but I haven't heard from him for about 12 months. Hope he is still working on it.
  13. I downloaded all 3 packs and all I will say is that I am not overly excited with the quality.