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  1. I downloaded all 3 packs and all I will say is that I am not overly excited with the quality.
  2. I only do a complete re-install when a new, stable version of P3D comes out which is about every 12 to 18 months. Any hot fixes and upgrades I only install the new Client.
  3. The Virtualcol S340 works fine in P3D V3.4.
  4. No, you are better.
  5. Why never noticed this during testing but there is no lighting in the terminal.
  6. I have finished up going with ESET as recommended by Jay.
  7. Can't wait to get my hands on this beauty.
  8. Thanks Sue I will look into it.
  9. That's the one I was thinking of switching to Elias. Heard a few good reports over at the SOH and I believe that Jay recommends it here.
  10. Following a new installation of Windows 10 I have decided to change my anti-virus. For the last several years I have been a beta tester for AVG but I am finding that I am getting too many false flags and AVG will not allow me to add them to a safe/excepted list. Need recomdations for a new AV free of payware.
  11. Terry you have me very confused with this. On Christmas Eve my system went belly up which meant a re-install of Windows 10 and then Prepar3D. Once I had P3D installed and re-activated I ran the FTX3 installer and unbelievably all my ORBX stuff was installed without much input from me. Also I created folders called "Addon Scenery", "Scenery Beta Test" and a folder called "Terry's Stuff". All these are inside the main P3D folder and work perfectly. I shake my head and wonder at some of these people who say all addon scenery MUST be outside the P3D main folder. Apologies if I sound blunt but I am known as a grumpy old fart.
  12. That mine would make a good check point as when to turn base for a final approach.
  13. So PC Case Gear were able to help you?
  14. I followed both links and got a "No search results" message on both.
  15. Thanks Rob, much appreciated.