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  1. christmas

    merry Christmas to you Jay and all your dedicated team .hope you have a good break and enjoy some family time.
  2. it's a boy

    well done congratulations.
  3. Narromine - Thankyou Craig Hanley

    fired up flightsim last night first time for a long time .down loaded Narromine and had a good fly around there , what a magnificent bit of work .well done .wetted apatite so may do a bit more. 
  4. Happy Birthday Teecee

    Hi happy birthday ol Tassie boy hope you are fit and well.
  5. I confess I am guilty as charged. haven.t tested any thing much for a while struggling with health at moment .hope will return to flightsim soon.thanks to one and all who do paints and scenery or us who are not smart enough ..and thanks to you Terry for welshpool sorry to say haven't been able to have a thougher  going with it either ..keep up good work people will download and hopefully look at and test in not to distance future  ...cheers all    Doug.
  6. port welsh pool

    had another look today starting to come along well, don't wish to criticize anyone's efforts .as I remember where  vehicles are was only apron {white spots may only be colors in gravel don't know} can't remember all the big buildings {may have been added later}two white spots on eastern side would be office terminal buildings.dc3 I don't recon one ever went in there but ok just wants moving back a bit. tree off eastern  end   wants cutting down. .white shade  along north side of runway was heli workshop .from what I remember edges and ends where just white  tyres  .not much use in all getting involved putting things in so will leave to you two for now if that's all right.keep up good work. just had another look recon buildings are farm sheds shearing shed ect added after closing. on google earth they   are definitely cars where you got them Terry you wouldn't know what used for now  could be work shop or any thing else will make a few phone calls see what can find out.
  7. port welsh pool

    you boys are wonders thank you both.  
  8. port welsh pool

    tested for hour or so a few touch and go's and full stops by Google looks like strip has deteriated  in last few years was more gravel,.wasn't very wide last there when Tuckers had it  Navajo didn't have a lot of room either side of wheels .building halfway down on right side {north}was helicopter operations from what can remember other buildings near road was a small office {terminal}type building a hanger and a freezer shed probably another small shed or two.over other side  was a couple of old tiedown stands as far as remember. a good start and something to  work with the surrounding scenery looks great.       THANKS 
  9. port welsh pool

    Man this is great news thanks very much will check it out tonight or tomorrow cheers
  10. port welsh pool

    airport closed cameral ops promair went out of business reason not reverent here.private operators still use and at last I heard a charter company was using it. 20 or less years ago the choppers servicing oil wells was stationed here.any way not to worry doesn't look like any one wants to do it.
  11. port welsh pool

    shows up as good as any thing else as far as can tell Teecee.dosn.t look like any takers though.pleased you are fit and well  we have had a terrible winter wet and snow anyway got to get  better spring is upon us  
  12. port welsh pool

    WELSHPOOL in Victoria Teecee  would be good to have ah. and how are you keeping.
  13. would any kind hearted and talented person like to develop Welsh pool strip for fsx not a complicated strip and Google earth gives good imagery.realize buildings will have to be generic if some one can just do the pr could put buildings in for myself but would be only for own use thanks in anticipation. 
  14. Happy Birthday JayKae

    cheers Jay hope you had a great day.
  15. In search of YMHB scenery

    go to av sim or flightsim there is a Hobart main airport not the best for sure but a lot better than for Cambridge I can't find a thing wish some one would take it on there is repaints for the carenado c206 in par avion.all the best Doug