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  1. Hey Guys Just a quick note to let ppl know that Clem Wu has created a Tweaked Shade Userguide for everyone to check out DOWNLOAD LINK He's reformatted it,added pics & fixed some of my poor phrasing (id been the first to say i suck at explaining stuff in writing) so many thanks to Clem Wu for his work on it BTW Sorry for my lack of presence here on the forums,Ive been a little out of it the past few weeks as ive been plagued by PSU problems on my main system & im currently awaitting a 2nd RMA on my PSU as the first replacement had a faulty switch...... add to that women trouble from my Ex GF....blah how come it seems when you want 5 mins to yourself to get some thing sorted everyone wants a bit of you! Cheers Steve
  2. Sunset at Hope

    Very Nice Tones Mark did a top job with his final preset and the amount of shots ive seen posted with it really shows that he has an eye for colour balance,after all the man is an artist!
  3. Shade for FS9 and Prepar3D

    Hey guys Sorry i've been so slow about getting to this! RL issues seem to keep poping up and cutting in on my dev and testing time! Should have a free weekend starting tomorrow so i'll be sure to get a few hours in on testing Cheers steve
  4. Hey Rich Not sure what NGX is but this effect should work with everything in FSX as its just a replacement for the lens flare effect,i just made some new glare textures and rearranged there placement & switched them on so they show in the VC,im pretty suprised that Aces didnt really think about using the lens flare effect in this way to begin with??? i only sat down to play with it after missing the glare effect from FS9 and after watching my bro play the hornet level of BF3,i thought the OTT flare effects helped to add a little bit of a dynamic shift to the lighting BTW Thanks for the reports back guys i was starting to think that either no one had tried it or everyone hated it hehe laters steve
  5. Hey Guys Sorry about the delay in getting this uploaded blame Skyrim for sucking my freetime anyhows heres the tweak with the new/added chrome ring http://aussiex.org/ozxrepaints/Gizmo/Shade%20Bits%20and%20Bobs/Mog_SunGlare_Test_2.zip same as before just extract/overwrite Cheers steve
  6. Made in the Shade.

    Wow nice shot very cinematic love the colour blend in that sky texture is that a REX-FEX or some other custom sky set? Cheers steve
  7. Hey guys Added some Chrome hoops to the out edge of the flare looks pretty cool as they fade in/out Shout if anyone wants the updated files Im still having a poke about in various HLSL shaders tweaking stuff ect,the problem is that tweaking one thing can break something else,i altered some stuff in the water shader code and it gave a fantastic effect on open non tropical seas but totally broke blending on tropical water areas....need to do a bit more reading on the ins and out of shader code i think
  8. Adjust night lighting

    Hey Curt1 Night lighting is controlled by FSX'es moon Phase,from my testing i found ambi light is added over a 16 day phase,you could try skipping time till you find a night with a fuller moon and see if that helps atm i have'nt found a way to control the moon's ambi light value or intensity if i get chance i'll have a look at playing with the tone of the midnight sky texture to see if that helps any Laters steve
  9. Testing 1 2

    Hey Guys Nope no FPS hit its just a reusing of the lens flare effect but playing with the position and blends of the textures used within it to create the effect,as i say its not perfect but it does look pretty cool when the angle is right Even without the effect/bloom it still looks pretty cool i think
  10. Testing 1 2

    Hey guys Ive been testing a new VC glare effect re-using the default Lensflare option,i posted the files and a how to in the GD section so go check it out if you like Heres a few test shots of it in action Laters steve
  11. ORBX Pacific Fjords

    Much better in Large-O-Vision
  12. Hey guys Sorry ive been away from things for a few days but ive been down with the Flu and just after that we had the Windows/Doors replaced at home so everythings been upside downside here... Anyhows ive been having a play with repurposing FSX'es LensFlare to make a Bloom like VC glare Effect when facing the sun (only tested in DX9 ATM dont use with the default bloom option not tested with enb running!) Heres a few shots of it in-sim First off this is not perfect as it suffers from the same problem that the default lensflare effect has which is cutting off at certain view angles,it will also cut out if solid parts of your VC obstruct the center of the sun,but if you want to give it a try heres How to use : Download First Backup your FSX Suneffect.cfg file (find it in the root of your FSX dir) If your using REX or Hifi sim or anything else that alters your insim sun/flare textures plz restore the SUN/Flare to the FSX default first Unpack the zip file to your FSX dir (overwrite the suneffect.cfg file with the one in the zip BUT MAKE SURE you backup the default file first!) Once You have unpacked the files go to your user/XXX/appdata/roaming/microsoft/fsx folder and backup the Camera.cfg file (if your not on win7 find camera.cfg in the same place as your FSX.cfg file) open the camera.cfg file with wordpad/notepad ect and under the [CameraDefinition.002] Title = Virtual Cockpit entry alter ShowLensFlare=False to ShowLensFlare=TRUE Also add at the bottom of this entry the line clipmode=Minimum Save the file Fire Up FSX load/start a flight in the default VC eye postion at around mid dawn/dusk and pan in and out of the sun If you want to add the effect to other VC camera's other than the default postion (IE extra VC cameras like co pilot backseat ect) you have to add the above ShowLensFlare=TRUE clipmode=Minimum To each of the camera entrires in the aircraft.cfg of each aircraft you want to use it for I'll keep plying with this to see if i can find a way to crack the angle problem because when it works it looks fantastic! the slight sift in lighting dynamic looks really cool Dam if only M$ had give us a little more access to the inners of the FSX engine! Have a play and let me know what you think laters Steve BTW if you want to remove this just restore the backup files you made and delete following files from the FSX/Texture folder blob.dds rays.dds spark.dds
  13. South of NAS Corpus Christi

    Yep infact i just looked at these the other day heres a linky 4 you http://aussiex.org/ozxrepaints/Gizmo/EC-135_AVCG_Repaint_Multipack.zip
  14. OZX Goose v1.20 and Air Hauler

    Well i have no idea either lol,best Fire Warchild (pam) a message about this and see if she can help! she did all the goose number Voodoo not sure how she'll like jay calling her one of the boys though hehe Laters Steve