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  1. Advanced Omnibus Driver (Android app)

    I have now used this for two days for trial version but havent decided if i would continue using this or not. What others are thinking about this? I definetely like career part and that it will make scrabled schedule ready for me. Also ticket seling with tablet is easy and nice feature but dont know if its worth for paying. And i cant find infos that is license for limited time only like 8 bucks per year or something like that.
  2. Hamburg Day and Night update coming!

    I installed some days back this update but i cannot see 688 timetables at all. 109 is working just fine, map is working just fine but no timetables for 688. Old version of map work with 688 but not updated one.
  3. OMSI 2 Add-On: MAN Citybus Series

    Is there easy thing to do to get more passengers? For myself i think it ridiculous that 15meter bus has room only for 44 passengers. Comparing real life about 55 seat places and 20-30 standing places. I dont care if i see them psyhically inside the bus, its enough for me that i can get more passengers in than for now.
  4. OMSI 2 Add-on: Rheinhausen

    Isnt invisible wall problem temporaly fixed by disabling collisions? I bought Gladbeck yesteyday but was littlebit disappoiment. I have high end computer (GTX 1070, i5-4690K overclocked to 4.5GHz, 32gb ram) but that map was just too badly optimimazed. How about this one? Do you @Mr Drive or someone else recommend this? Or Aachen?
  5. Omsi 2.3 is announced

    But i have seeing some bi-articulated bus on Youtube videos already. Someone on comments said that it need Three gen add on so i though it would be there already. From comments: Q: Do you need the 3 Gen addon? A: Im afraid so buddy Q: E o link para download? A: its part of the 3 gens addon (payware). one day i will show you how to enable it But at least that guy hasnt showed how to enable it.
  6. Omsi 2.3 is announced

    So... Bi-articulated should be here but cannot find it. Do i need to enable it somehow or something?
  7. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    Thanks mate! That solved the problem! Is there a file where is showed all lines and ibis infos like V4 had? Read me said something about additional files and informatin folder but i dont find it.
  8. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    Thank you! This helps a lot! But. Now i have installed missing scenery pack, it was my fault and stupidity. Sorrry about that. But i have new question. Im getting error when loading the map now.
  9. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    Lol.. I read only changes.txt.. Not read me. Sry mate! Im now downloading scenery pack. With "code words" i mean these: Can't understand whats the real name for those busses and where to find them if i want to use. A37 i think i know (made by V3D?).
  10. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    Whats the differences between AIlists? I cant understand those code words so if someone can say in english whats the buses what AIList in AIList folder is using? Thanks! EDIT: Something isnt right. I just downloaded V6 and V6.1 and installed them but when opening Vlietburg there isnt anything on the map. Just a sky. Vlietburg and Hamburg is installed. LOG:
  11. zige

  12. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    I have now driven 4 hours (line 122, tram replacement line 2, N1 & N2) and it still working so i think that issues is finally gone! Have good weekend buddy!
  13. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    Thanks you buddy! Yup it seems now working. Just drived line 122 again (line which i had most of issues) and it seems to be fine. I also choosed to load whole map at startup and reduced scheduled bus from 1000 to 50, otherwise i didn't change any settings. FPS seems to be 50-60 so maybe everythings is great. I will test couple more hours with different lines so i can see if this is finally sorted! Thank you for helping me!
  14. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    Okay mate, it happened again, but now i needed only to close Omsi and open and load map again... But what in hell is causing that? I know that my computer is powerful for Omsi so it's not that... Maybe i have bad setting on Omsi settings or something? And again... Now i moved from spawn place menu to central station.. Here is log for that one. If i understand right it's complains again about same folder... Argh.I'm not sure if it is my Omsi settings. Check for links below. EDIT: Okay so yeah i checked and it seems to that i'm missing files Splines\Terrain-Spline-V3_1\Terrain_Spline_Kopfstein.sli, Splines\Terrain-Spline-V3_1\50mTerrain_Spline.sli and Splines\Terrain-Spline-V3_1\30mTerrain_Spline.sli. But i can't find from that package or from Vlietburgs .rar:s. Graphics http://puu.sh/jlLwu/497f2e3c82.jpg Graphics advanced http://puu.sh/jlLxF/f91c162f2e.jpg AI http://puu.sh/jlLyE/ec48b83df7.jpg
  15. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    So what i now did.. I removed fully that folder. Also removed omsi.exe. Then did on Steam game files verify check (so i got omsi.exe back). Then opened CFF and did 2gb> "hack". Then extracted again those files, copy&pasted exactly that folder name, placed to right folder, checked that address and it was right, opened Omsi, loaded the map and.... IT WORKED! So i'm really thankful to you Jokervation! You are lifesaver, my mate!