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  1. Does anyone know how to use 3D Studio Max?

    NFI.....sorry... Jorge may..I think he mentioned a couple of weeks back. finally gonna finish Rottnest...LOL
  2. I think you have me on a technicality there Jorge. Fair call.
  3. YCNO was left out for a reason...so we could find it without an ADE file, being a small strip. No issue though.
  4. crikeys...what was going on with my landing
  5. He's like a mosquito that wont go away.
  6. I'm madly compiling scenery for next two legs. Because of the distances and the lack of OZX or ORBX scenery I will have 5 new airports for Leg 5 and 6. Anyway...Lets do the this leg first.
  7. Have a look here Will. There are all the links for each version. http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/1825-single-links-ozx-au-complete-ozx-na-complete-ozx-libraries/
  8. You two couldn't lie straight in bed....you both went and got a room together down in the flight 2 room after Bruce stopped his flight. Friendly fellas you two.
  9. View File OZX YTWB Toowoomba This airport is a combined project by myself, Elias Smith, Watkin Tench (Liam) and a complete AI file provided by TerribleT (Terry). Toowoomba Airport is officially known as Toowoomba City Aerodrome and is both licensed and certified. The aerodrome is owned and operated by Toowoomba Regional Council. Being certified means the airfield is able to have airlines and larger charter aircraft operate from the aerodrome. No scheduled passenger services currently operate from Toowoomba Airport, with most commercial airlines moving to Wellcamp nearby. The airport is used by Darling Downs Aero Club, CareFlight, Royal Flying Doctor Service and Toowoomba Airport Services. Submitter hanleyc Submitted 11/06/2017 Category Staff Scenery  
  10. New AgTruck Spraying Mission Available

    Do you do any flight sim anymore Trev???? or are you now land based sims only.....LOL
  11. I must have missed that. I am on my work laptop so i cant download anything. Is that in the documentation for the airport Jorge?
  12. mmm....Scone and Luskintyre...both close to me in the Hunter valley. I thought OZX had done Luskintyre? I cant seem to find on their website if it works/blends with OZX and ORBX stuff
  13. Collective Project

    You got time away from your trucks Trev?....lol I have no idea why I didn't respond to this earlier...you can just place the files in a Dropbox with a link, and we can download them. If you prefer, send the dropbox link in a private message. Jpg is fine as it sounds like they are fairly hi res. As Trev has said, I think we are waiting until we see what happens with the ORBX AU update.
  14. As much as I enjoyed last week in PNG, I can't make it tonight...have fun and it sounds like it needs to be a big first aid kit.
  15. the wet

    You guys have copped bad up there again yesterday...I saw it on the news...awful storms.
  16. Hi All, I have been thinking of this for some time and his is the first chance I have had to put it into place. After some discussions with Bruce, we have come up with a massive flight plan that spans 4 states and 233 airport stops. With Australia day on Friday, we thought it would be a good time to start this adventure on that day and maybe finish it in 12 months time on Australia day 2019. We are not sure on how many legs there will be, but the flight will basically start on the south west corner of Tasmania and move northwards. It will zig zag across all 4 states (mostly inland as we move northwards)and then come back south down the east coast back to Hobart This what you need to know : There are a combination of OZX airports, ORBX and default (not many), so you need to download any stuff you dont have or need to update. Please go through the staff scenery download section of oZX and download as much of the Eastern Australian content there is. Most of it is in the flight plan.( Tasmania, Victoria, NSW and Queensland) Attached is a copy of the plan - a PDF file, a .plg file for Plan G, and a .pln file. If we could all use Plan G, we will all be able to see each others aircraft. (maybe PM Bruce for an questions on Plan G.. I'm still learning it as well) You will need a variety of aircraft as some of the legs will be longer than others and others with many fields in a small area. Have a couple of options with speed and agility in mind. Details on what you will need to fly each week will be incorporated in Bruce's usual flight plan posting each week. The locations may change slightly if needed, but we will stay as close to the plan as much as we can, and Bruce will set the weather and the time of day as per usual (maybe some crosswinds and clouds to start with Bruce). The first 2 legs will need to be done with a legacy or similar for a bit of speed. Bruce will post the first leg for Friday but to give you some idea here is an image of the whole thing, as well as an image of the first 2 legs. . Leg 1 Leg 2 Hopefully we get as many people to join on the trip. Any questions please post, and Bruce will post the first flight shortly for the 26th Jan. Monster1.pln Monster1.plg Complete_Route_Draft_Jan_2018_.pdf
  17. Parkes Radio Tel

    No...don't be sorry... I just hadn't seen the post iniatilly so I was glad you answered it, so don't think I was having a go at you...that last thing I want to do is stiffel your expertise. Happy for you to answer as many things as you like Jethro.
  18. Parkes Radio Tel

    Thanks for that reply Jethro. I missed that support thread for Parkes...probably should have answered it as I did do the Parkes scenery...LOL. Spot on with the answer.
  19. I am downloading England now and global LC Europe as well .
  20. What scenery do I need for this flight Bruce? I have England which I have to re download. What else? Is there any freeware airports to add?
  21. OZx "JoinFS" Club Flight Fri Jan 12, 0930z

    Still getting 404 error Bruce.
  22. Happy Birthday Scott!!

    Happy Birthday mate. Have a great day.
  23. You only pop up to say something smart every now and then dont ya That is some RC plane. The last turns and loop was about 8G, so amazing is a understatement. it was a great flight and the weather was perfect for the day, although the nor-easter was quite strong and gusty...something else the sim doesn't replicate that well.
  24. My wife gave me the ride of my life for my 50th birthday with the Matt Hall Racing team at Lake Macquarie yesterday. It was the best 13 minutes of flying bar none. My stomach was a bit queezy for about an hour after but at least I didnt vomit in the cockpit, and I could still walk straight when I got out. A huge thanks to Col at Matt Hall Racing, who looked after me well and is an exceptional pilot. A couple of photos below and video link . Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7OGkad3eF0&t=681s [edit by Bruce............ video starts at min 11, wind back to start then sit back & enjoy ]