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  1. same message for me Rob
  2. Sorry Gaz...no idea who did the first one.
  3. I think your on the money there Jethro. I'll leave it for now.
  4. I had trouble with the night lighting in photoshop and then in MCX, so I left it out. I can go back and add it in You should have had floodlights there on the apron anyway.
  5. Those files were the wrong textures, so it probably won't matter if they stay, but you can delete them if you like.
  6. Just the AI one Rob...took me ages to find a time of day that one was there. Although now I'm finding it just disappears and doesnt taxi. I must have done something wrong with the taxiway.
  7. The new V2 is now available to download. Please delete previous version, and install V2 Fixes the night taxiway lighting issues. http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/5963-ozx-ybhi-broken-hill-v11/
  8. They had a new terminal built about July last year I think. Looks better than the old one...
  9. HI Guys, I will have an updated version of the airport very soon which will fix the lights and also make it compatible with P3D (thanks to Jorge). It will require it to be downloaded again thats the only downside.
  10. I will have a new version of the airport which addresses the lights and also make the airport compatible with P3d.
  11. hold everything if you like, and I will investigate tomorrow,....hopefully my Internet will come back and I can get untethered from the iPad and mobile phone.
  12. Lost my nbn connection at the moment Jorge. Been out for 3hrs...on my iPad tethered to my phone. Have a look in the original download. There was the YBHI scenery itself, and another folder with MWL files and the others ones were the soarfly ones. remove the soarfly prefix if it's on them. Maybe I put that on them and the bgl is looking for the textures without the prefix. Bloody Trev asked me to change the names...I bet that's the issue...lol
  13. Same as me Jorge. Got me buggered. . Maybe move the soarfly textures and the soarfly_airfield_objects.bgl file back into the YBHI scenery and texture folders from the ozx lib folder. ( these files were in a seperate folder in the download...should be 31 texture files and 1 bgl file.) this is how I had it setup originally so maybe that's why it's not working.....just an idea.