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  1. Been very busy with pool and renovations and Xmas as well. It's almost done and it's in its fourth round of testing. Hopefully we have ironed out the issues now. You'll be the first to know , and I'll send you a private message to let you know first.
  2. Bugger Bruce. Should have kept it in the cooler in back of your plane with the beer for me as well.
  3. Thanks fellas...currently been 40 deg here today, so the new pool has had a workout.:)
  4. Ok here you go....
  5. Gaz,  I hope you dont mind that I posted a couple of your new objects for us to try on our friday night flight, just to see if they work and any fps hits.



  6. I have a couple of late files if anyone would like to try. They are a couple of objects by Gazza. Ive placed the objects in the folders they should be in in your flight sim. You need to take the files out of the folder and place them in the corresponding folder in you fsx folder https://www.dropbox.com/s/vq7xflnzmpdp7h9/Gazza Objects.zip?dl=0
  7. I re did that train so should be frame friendly, but do what Jorge said, and you should be sweet.
  8. I'll see how I go. I've got Broken Hill and Parkes on the go right now. Your right, not much to do at that airport...pretty easy, but just need the time. Broken hill is into second round of testing now.
  9. Broken Hill V2 ready Bruce... Details in existing thread....


  10. Here you go Gray...some signage for Nesbit for taking all the photos...
  11. Yeah Noel I will enjoy once finished. Still a few months away, but at the moment we are walking on a dusty concrete slab inside until the new floor goes in....garage is full of furniture, and I am lucky that I still have my pc going at all. No doubt it will be moved into the shed very soon though....just the iPad then for a few days.... i will get there though.
  12. HI Gray, I have been doing some home renovations including a pool, so I havnt had a lot of time to keep moving at the pace I was. Having said that, I have done some modifications to the photoreal since those images. Good news also, is that I have permission to use the Nomad I modified for the entrance to the airport in that last image of mine. Hopefully I will get some time over the weekend to do some more. It has already been tested once by the beta team, and I need to go back and make the changes from that test, and we will see what comes from that. Regards Craig
  13. Nice pick up Alan You are correct...8.30pm Melbourne Time during Summer.
  14. I dont use DX10....so perhaps Bruce could chime in here as I think he does. I cant explain it..tried to replicate it with no luck with DX9.