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  1. Knocked this up over the last few days...
  2. This is the unspecified location
  3. shouldn't be too long and we should be rolling them on out starting with: YBHI - Broken Hill, HanleyC YBMA - Mt Isa, Flukey YPKS - Parkes, HanleyC ???? - Unspecified location, Flukey YBWW - Brisbane West Wellcamp, Flukey/Gazza (this one is on a slight delay due to unforeseen issues)
  4. Fingers crossed all goes well and we can have this out soon
  5. You're on fire mate, if it is anything like your upcoming Broken Hill scenery then the community is in for a treat!
  6. I've had a little change of heart when it came to the surrounds and have decided to actually extend the Leichhardt river to Lake Moondarra (I think its my water textures making it look so darn Blue!) Also included will be the George Fisher Mine in PR form though the image I was able to get wasn't that great as you can see below Hopefully I'll have this completed by this weekend for testing to begin (not all of the PR imagery will be covered in trees or buildings)
  7. It'll be a single release and while I have hand made a lot of the buildings it will require the OZx libraries in order to see the full effect as I did use things like cars and markers from our libs.
  8. Airport Done just a couple of things to finish around the mine and town then off for testing...2017-1-6_15-11-49-196.BMP
  9. After going flying yesterday out of YSBK and up via Hornsby (Realworld) I thought that the rail sheds missing from fsx/p3d required to/should be included, so have quickly knocked up a rendition to go with the ORBX AU scenery for anyone that wants to drop it in,https://www.dropbox.com/s/e6zwenxcz6jz6rr/Hornsby Railsheds.zip?dl=0 Install into your OZx scenery folder as per the zip file, for FSX/P3D
  10. Here are the first shots of my upcoming Mt Isa Airport scenery and Surrounds As you can see Ive taken on quite a bit of land mass... Unfortunately this one will be a slow process due to other commitments and cant give an estimated ETA at this stage. As you can see Im quite a way through it already but still a lot still left to do!
  11. I used the image available in GE via SbuilderX and the are above is all I chose to do at this stage
  12. Man thats alot of autogen!! As you can see in the second pic the area I have undertaken which Im getting closer to completion.....
  13. Happy Birthday mate
  14. As Trev mentioned, Without the original BMP files I dont believe this can be achieved. And unfortunately I cant help there either sorry as Im not sure who created that airport and more then likely might not be around here anymore. Feel free to post some pics would love to see the changes made thus far
  15. Hangars done, couple of minor things to do then will be heading back to the town to finish that off, but dont expect this to be available anytime soon sorry guys
  16. Just a quick update to my slow progression: Ive moved my attention to the Airport since I was able to obtain some pretty useful pics, and I was getting tired of adding autogen. As you can see Ive further updated the terminal and carpark from earlier pics including some night lighting (lightpoles) while the I am about 70% through all hangars/buildings Then it'll be back to the town
  17. I haven't seen a post about this but the link seems to be active in that there is an update available for YSBK now Update includes: Removed PR runway markings and replaced with modeled markings from our libraries, this will assist those who tend to have blurry issues Relocated the Convair around to N1 from the grass area in front of the Kilo apron - Though this has now moved again in real life to in front of the Hawker pacific back on TWY KILO When you select download the option for the update will be available Flukey
  18. So some news regarding this little issue in that an update to YSBK will become available in the coming week, where I have Removed majority of the PR runway markings (center lines, numbers, piano keys, touchdown zones ect) and replaced with modeled markings from our libraries, this will assist those who tend to have blurry issues
  19. Just another OZx place in the Pipeline...But this time an airport capable of handling something a little bigger! Will post some early progress shots, hopefully by the end of October but here's a tease for now
  20. Attached is an updated ADE file which puts back in the default runways for those Using FSX SP2 only or for those having issues with the PR in general being blurry Overwrite previous version (though I would back it up incase you wish to revert). rf_YSBK_ADE.bgl rf_YSBK_ADE_CVX.bgl
  21. View File OZx YSBK Bankstown NSW Australia OZx is proud to bring you Bankstown Airport (IATA: BWU, ICAO: YSBK), a general aviation and business park located in the city of Bankstown, 22 km (14 mi) from the central business district of Sydney, Australia. It is the second biggest airport in Sydney. The airport is situated on 313 ha (770 acres) of land and has three parallel runways, several apron areas, a small passenger terminal and a business park, home to over 170 businesses, including many fixed wing and Rotary flight schools. Contents include a readme document for install procedures By Robert Fluke (Flukey), Ben Odonnell (FBK289) & Garry Moore(GAZZA) Submitter Flukey Submitted 10/03/2016 Category Staff Scenery  
  22. Ive decided to PIN this should others come across this issue. Flukey