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  1. queensland

    I dont have p3d but if you post a screenshot of yours Gazza I might be able to help as I believe the setup is the same as FSX in regards to scenery library positions.
  2. What about Dunedin airport itself for those flyers who tend to use equipment that tend to carry 200+ people handles well and looks good?
  3. Well done Craig on another great release.. Whats next?
  4. queensland

    All good mate.. glad the issue was resolved. regards
  5. queensland

    Majority of YBMA is P3D compatible, The objects that I personally made should work in P3D,so they shouldn't be missing like that...the only issue for P3D users are some of the old OZx Lib files I had used (only a small number) do not show people I had given this scenery to (who use P3D) during testing didn't report anything major missing like this nor has anyone in general since release.. I have to ask just to cover all basis: Is the OZx_LIB folder active in flightsim? and this should be below your OZx airports within the scenery library? From the YBMA zip there were 2 folders, 1 that went into the addon scenery folder as you have activated above and the other to the OZx_Lib folder did you do as instructed? Please check in the OZx_LIB/Scenery folder that you have a bgl file called rf_YBMA_Object_LIB.bgl + rf_YBMA_Town_LIB.bgl Have you installed YDPO as well? and if so do you have the same issue?
  6. updated OP
  7. When I'm on my personal PC next I'll save it to dropbox and provide a link.. It seems to be only staff which can download the contents attached..
  8. Opening post updated with the individual files rather then a zip..
  9. Now that YDPO and YBMA are out the door its back to my other 2 projects.. I'll be taking quite a long break once these are done!!
  10. There seems to be an issue with OZx 3.5 complete version with many of the library objects missing from this upload, mainly v1.0 and 1.1.. Until further notice or time when this can be rectified if you have only downloaded this file can you please go and manually download the required library files from here, When you hit download file and agree you only need to select the Library files 1.0 and 1.1
  11. Just downloaded for me fine, anyone else getting this issue?
  12. For those who like flying something a little larger that carry's more then 6 people I have created a couple of GSX Profiles for my YBMA and YDPO scenery's. These will stop the equipment from getting in the way when entering and leaving the bay (since no pushback is required) Place in your C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\Virtuali\GSX folder ***DROPBOX LINK FOR THOSE HAVING ISSUES DOWNLOADING THESE FILES**** https://www.dropbox.com/s/7edw8ozr283f128/GSX Files.zip?dl=0\ ybma-x5ux8f.ini ydpo-gpwevy.ini
  13. Hi Mark, I take it you have FSX SP2 only and not acceleration installed? Unfortunately this will become a common problem when using my scenery (and probably others) since all my runway bases will be using the PR image (Obviously runway markings are lib objects).. You can go into the ADE file and change the runway width to zero and this will work but will cause the runway to feel like dirt (acft will kick up dirt) or you can add the runway markings as per the ADE by clicking on the runway itself (option is there) Unfortunately I am only making scenery for FSX acceleration and up and wont be porting backwards.. Its up to you and how you want to run your sim but Im sure you can pick up acceleration or even the whole deluxe and acceleration (gold) editions for around $20-30 I know I did when I got it a year and a half ago.. Flukey
  14. Getting this for YDPO download


  15. Im getting this issue when hitting the download file?