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  1. queensland

    Guys can someone put up a sceenshot of their library insertion points? this is doign my head in... I dont have the terminal at isa nor do I have anything for townsville except the pr.... so frustrating
  2. operation overwatch... Qantas are looking for new destinations..... NAh mate got nothing, but when you get an answer or fix please share that as it is an interesting one.
  3. Yes Smileymiley.. there is some stuff being worked on right now, but thats all I can say..
  4. Teecee, if you have the Orbx HD trees, just reinstall that program mate and that should eliminate this trees from showing.
  5. Just to add on to Flukeys updates. Here is a couple of Quick picks of the work being done on the terminal at Wellcamp Brisbane west Airport. The level of detail in this Terminal building has never been done before.... So when this Airport is completed, I think it will be a destination that you will all enjoy flying in and out of.. My aim is to make this visually appealing and stunning.
  6. Flooza, anything is possible this year mate. I know there is a significant amount of scenery being developed at the moment, which will further populate the Australian scenery. I am aware that Albury is being looked at as well as wagga wagga, but unfortunately often is the case that the PR is just n ot good enough to do a decent rendition of some scenery airports and locations. I know Flukey will be taking a break from development shortly as Developing sceneries takes a lot of time and effort. Keep checking the forums as new information is popping up here all the time with whats happening.
  8. too true
  9. So Recently got my new PC. Just took it for a test run using P3D 3.4, Ants Watts Bridge scenery, Milviz bell 407 and Realtime Weather. Because im greedy, all sliders were maxed and HDR was off.. I enjoyed the flight and thought I would share the parked pic below.
  10. Thanks pat.. I am about to give it a crack
  11. Dam you Craig, I just purchased the SAAB 340B (Virtucol) for the external appearance.. internal is fairly rubbish.. Does anyone know who did the first payware SAAB 340B for fsx. Wouldn't mind getting that again but dont know the maker. Also anyone know if it will work in P3d v3.4
  12. looking good rob one little thing mate, on the airside rotate the trees so they dont all look the same.. ust breaks it up from having that uniformed appearance..
  13. Looking just amazing mate
  14. Craig that looks really impressive mate. i will even consider buying the FSX Saab just to fly regions like this... Well done big buddy
  15. The following 2 images are a progress update (IN THE SIM) on Flukeys Sunshine coast Airport and awesome terminal building The following image is a advanced render of Flukeys wonderful terminal for Sunshine coast Airport. The vegetation is not included in flukeys model. Since I have a new powerhouse pc for flightsim, this is the LOD that I will be adding to sceneries. This certainly showcases the fantastic work Flukey has done to date and his on going contribution to OzX and the Flight sim community. Thanks Flukey you rock.. (Click on image for a larger View)