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  1. good stuff mate, you and Craig are on FIRE.....
  2. Wow wow wow simply awesome can't wait to get onto this
  3. Looks fantastic as always mate... well done
  4. Good job mate, creating a thing of beauty takes a lot of time
  5. Gaz,  I hope you dont mind that I posted a couple of your new objects for us to try on our friday night flight, just to see if they work and any fps hits.



  6. Guys I need some researchers for the next project. The next project is Oakey. Anything and everything on the airfield, plans or blueprints a bonus. land marks around the region, I would lie to include the whole township area in the PR but it will depend on if the imagery is any good. I also need a whole bunch of models and hopefully these are readily available which will save a bucket load of time. All ADF aircraft and in particular Army Aviation.. GAF Nomad, Kiowa, Blackhawk, Nh 90, Aus-tiger, huey, squirrel, chinook. Any contribution that can be made will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a shout...
  7. Hi Johnny, yes mate, there is just a few other projects to clear at the moment. Wellcamp, Mt Isa, Parks, Broken Hill, Bathurst Island etc. They are all taking a little bit of time. To put it out there, I would like to kick the new year off with Getting Oakey started and completed by End of March, then Whitsundays complete Island Group with All airports to be completed by end June. I am currently also working on Models for Shoalwater Bay and the Airstrips and numerous helicopter landing points. Have you ever done any Object modelling or used Sbuilder for PR work before? If not not a problem and we can always do with researchers.... Im sure that there will be a way of getting you involved in the projects.
  8. This looks Awesome Craig, cant wait for the final version.... well done mate
  9. Sorry lads I missed a few. Tow motor and power cart are still a work in progress.
  10. Here is a quick update showing a few items around the place but with also the inclusion of the heavy lifter GSE and the Tow Motor. This is coming along slowly, however I think the wait will be worth it.
  11. Thought I would add a sample of some of the GSE and Objects for you to check out.
  12. See flukey I told you it would blow the socks off people. Fantastic work mate and can't wait to fly around and explore it
  13. This is the new texture sets of Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport Terminal building day time. As promised this will all be HRHD.
  14. This image was an earlier test shot for the same section for both night and day. Things are much more improved now for both night and day and the LOD that has been put into this has not been seen in FSX or P3D. This was the first test of where we wanted to go and now these images are old and no longer being used as we have even better stuff coming.