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  1. File Name: Birmingham (Sutton Coldfield) File Submitter: fan79 File Submitted: 20 Jul 2012 File Updated: 22 Jul 2012 File Category: OMSI Maps BIRMINGHAM Sutton Coldfield - Route 904 Addon map for OMSI, by Fan79 Birmingham is UK's second largest city. Once famous for heavy industry, Rover cars and Cadburys chocolate. The city today is thriving and has some of the busiest roads in the UK. The route modelled runs from Birmingham City Centre to Sutton Coldfield, a busy town about 7 miles away. The route will start in central Birmingham, On Bull St. You'll then drive around colmore circus, the police headquarters, the Birmingham post building, the law courts, Birmingham children's hospital and Aston university. Then you'll drive the route along the Aston expressway (A38m). It's a pretty unique road as it has no central reservation and no hard shoulder for a long stretch. The speed limit is 50 mph. The "red lane" in the middle is used to aid congestion at peak times. In the morning rush hour it is open inbound to city and in the evening it opens outbound. However, buses are banned from using this lane. You'll drive under the world famous spaghetti junction where the speed limit is reduced to 30mph. Driving through Gravelly Hill and into Erdington. The well known route 11, Europe's longest bus route drives "the outer circle" of the city and stops here. It runs as AI traffic at 1 of its stops. From then its pretty much a straight road, passing through Wylde green and arriving in Sutton after a scheduled 31 minute run. This is possible but it is pretty tight for time. There is depot on Holland Road, Sutton Coldfield. In reality this depot closed in the 80's, but for Omsi purposes , it's reopened! Layover times in Birmingham city centre are minimal. They are regulated pretty hard so you won't get longer than 4 minutes idle at the Bull St Terminus. If you find you are running early, you should wait at Aston University stop 1 to make up your time. You probably won't run early though. It's a 31 minute peak and 28 minute off peak run and you will need to put your foot down to stick to these times. __________________________ Downloads needed: This map uses the Dennis Enviro 500 addon bus by Winsome. You need this bus installed. This is used by the AI and is also the bus you should user as your user bus. Optionally, you can use the Dennis Dragon addon bus, for which rollblinds have been provided. Scenery required: Addon GCW http://www.gcmods.de...trassenobjekte/ Nemolus Objeckte http://forum.aerosof...-traffic-signs/ Tony A Objects by Tony A Canterbury Basic by Freeman Addon simple streets - http://www.omnibussi...d&threadID=7811 Please make sure you add all the objects I've included in the scenery objects folder. With it being a left hand drive map, some splines and crossings have had new files added (the originals remain unchanged) and it's important these are in the correct place for the map to work. INSTALLATION: Installation is manual. Move all files into the OMSI 'Root' folder, and click 'yes' to merge and/or overwrite where prompted.
  2. fan79

  3. Hi guys I did post this a couple of days ago but it's gone. So hopefully someone can help: I'm triyng to convert some crossings to LHD using Omsi crossing editor as described in the pinned thread. Doesn't seem to working though. The programme opens, then when I go to Object>>Load I get a windows error "Datei Nicht Gefunden". I have it installed here C:\m-r-software\Omsi. anyone else having / had this problem and know the solution?
  4. A big thank you

    Great to hear bear, thanks so much. Internet forums and social networking sites etc now have a "I'll say what I want, when I want" culture. Look at any celebrity on twitter view their @ mentions to see that they are subjected to daily abuse of the worst, most threatening and horrific kind. The Internet is a place where everyone believes their opinion is correct, and therefore racism, sexism, homophobia, slander etc occur every minute of every day. And you're right, this forum is totally unique in that there are standards. The laughable thing is, the standards aren't even high ones. Basically "type using real words , be descriptive and please don't be rude". Even those simple steps fall short of some people. So it's great to see we have a team of people dealing with it to make it a great place for the majority of us. I remember in the feb 2011 just prior to Omsi release looking at the official forums and reading the comments and thinking to myself "are these people serious, it's a bus game" and that hasn't changed for lots of people. This forum is still fun happy and positive and gets great results though!
  5. Thanks! Yeah it's a 28 min night run. Do you mean you find the return (birmingham to Sutton) run needs to be tighter after the expressway?
  6. Please confirm you are running v1.6 If so please load the map and at the point the error occurs, please post a screen shot
  7. Phew! Glad it's sorted! Marc, would you like me to send you the files? Let me tell you though, bowdenham is epic! That's a lot of maps for you , I hope you don't drive the passengers the wrong way Hahahaha Let me know if you want me to send them to you, although I'm Omsi-less until Thursday
  8. Hi guys These are 100% not from donors version. I only downloaded that map myself a few days ago, by which point my own map was finished. So this is a bit weird isn't it? Can you just check in your folder buildings_freeman and confirm relevant sco files are missing
  9. Hi Marc Do you have "Canterbury basic" installed in your maps folder? They are scenery objects from that map and they are needed to run on "Sutton coldfield". Please download it if you don't have it. It's also an incredible map and youll love it!
  10. Will the map be extended / more routes added? Hard to say. I don't have any plans. My intention was a realistic, fps friendly, map. I knew the route well and with the help of google, recreated it. I don't have the memories, or actually, the passion in other routes to recreate them. So at the moment, probably not. A bit off topic - my next map will most likely be a central London route. If anyone is familiar with route 9 (heritage version), I want to try and recreate that. Trafalgar square, Hyde park corner, Albert hall, kensington high st. But we are a long long way off from that yet. Likely early 2013. Which in a way is good as by then we may have some UK style buses released.
  11. I agree..making anything new for Omsi is just a hard and time consuming operation no matter what is being made. No doubt in my mind about that. If after this update you are still having texture issues or missing roundabouts etc, please take a screenshot and post it. I can send it to you directly rather than found yet another fix
  12. When released v1.6 will fix all texture issues. (just waiting for longyear to upload it for us) No timetables or no AI = your vehicle location. You need to open your AI list and check the enviro location against your own. No passengers in Sutton parade. Is it possible I didn't change the bus stop cube? Not near Omsi until thurs now, so can someone check?
  13. Thanks guys For everyone having problems with textures splines and missing scenery Objects - v1.6 should sort it. It will be out soon so look out for it It also: - removes the "crashing bus" collision mesh problem - includes some rollband textures for Dennis dragon for AI use routes (courtesy of "ricky30") and updated hof for dragon. Also allows for people who don't have rollblind mod to use them too - annoying parked cars height situation in erdington sorted. - speed limits adjusted.
  14. @longyear some people in v1.5 complained of no AI buses, unable to select a route to drive and lots of missing scenery objects that weren't even included in the map. I'm guessing from that the version of "Sutton coldfield" i sent you earlier was v1.0 so I need to change it over for that of v1.4
  15. It's pretty easy I'm working on a 1.6. Give me till 9pm uk time please. Some people having some scenery issues and timetable issues in 1.5 so I'll try work it out now
  16. In fact I think I might know why this is the case. I'm going to work on v 1.6 this evening and get it up online ASAP
  17. Hi guys I'll put those objects up online in next 2 hours for you. Apols about delay. I'll paste link here As for the AI buses. Open your AI list and check the enviro is the same location with same spelling as it is in your Omsi folder?
  18. If its displaying it for AI but not for your own bus, check that you're selecting the correcting depot when selecting your bus. That's the only thing. It sounds like something really simple, I'm gonna home about 7 ish uk time so I can help you properly then
  19. Ok copy the tga textures from the folder rollband dragon folder into the folder where your other dragon displays are kept. Let me know if that sorts it...
  20. I'm not at my Omsi computer today but it sounds like you've not gt the folder structure quite right. What is the folder location where you normally keep your blinds for this bus? Have a look around where they are. At a guess you haven't installed the rollblind mod so the original model of the bus is looking in a different place to where I've specified it to look Tell me where your blinds are for this bus and I'll tell you what to do
  21. Class2, can you confirm your destinations are not working in the dragon or the enviro? If dragon, are you using the rollband mod or the default version? Totally your choice but it's a tiny job to just copy the textures to a new location
  22. Thanks thiago! Guys whatever splines and objects you are missing, just tell me and I'll put together a new download of splines and objects for you. The map does seem to have a few collision issues, which still aren't showing at all on my map. It took about 6 months for me to build this map and during all the testing I did, I never noticed any issues with it at all. So I'm now working with longyear to get this nailed and stop everyone from crashing the bus haha. Another "known bug" is traffic rules, mainly "give. Way" junctions on side roads. The roads follow the same path design as M&R non traffic light junctions yet the unscheduled AI behaves differently. I'll investigate more as time goes on.
  23. Sure I will yes. In bed now so will sort it tomorrow and hopefully we can get to the bottom of it.
  24. Yes it is pretty strange. Never heard of that before. Can't think of 1 reason why that would occur Been spending some time looking at this crashing bus situation too. Total mystery. As you can tell by my rather basic buildings etc, I'm no expert of 3d objects so it's pretty advanced for me. I wonder if thiago or someone would know any more. He's pretty good at that.