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  1. Driving the nightline N4 in Vlietburg.
  2. Driving the Solaris U18 in Felsheim line 7.
  3. Alsways try via google:
  4. Hi there everybody, I don't if this is the right place to put this topic or just in the general screenshots section. But it came to mind that we didn't have a topic of youtube vids of real busroutes. Meaning from the drivers view. So i thought lets make a topic about this as i love to watch these kind of vids as i think many of you do aswell. So ill start off with a famous BVG route the 100 line from Berlin Zoo to Alexanderplatz.
  5. The Man Lion's city DD in Vlietburg line 21.
  6. Back in Waldhofen for a 590 run.
  7. Driving in Rheinhausen with the MAN Lion's city A20U Line 45
  8. Scania Power
  9. No problem
  10. Hello and welcome to the forum, After looking at your logfile two things came up. 1e your omsi 2 version is 032. I am thinking it has to do with the changer and the recent released tram map Schonau. If you choose the current version again, be sure to apply the 4GB patch and use CFF explorer to allow your omsi.exe file to handle more then 2GB memory. the second thing I noticed is a common error: 147 17:57:34 - - Error: The file "humans\ViewApp_2\Driver02.hum" could not be loaded! There is a temperarely solution here in this thread to help you with fixing that error.
  11. I have to be honest, this looks wayyyyy better then Vlietburg.
  12. In the case of Vlietburg yeah almost In case of the repaint: No its my own repaint that I use for Ahlheim Laurenzbach. I got a bit tired of the other traditional color scheme, so I made my own for almost every bus that I use in the map.
  13. Its looking very nice and get well soon.
  14. Testing the new bus: Neoplan N4021NF in Ahlheim Laurenzbach.
  15. Back on the bus, this time the Facelift CNG G in Vlietburg V6.5 line 25.
  16. Then still try to redownload the map, might solve the issue.
  17. Do you have any ttp or ttr files in your TTData folder otherwise best thing you can do is reinstall the map or maps.
  18. Why are you showing me Newcastle Pro in a Birmingham map thread ? Edit: If by any chance its the same with Birmingham, then load the map without busses.
  19. Could you please post your logfile in spoilers, that way we can see whats going on.
  20. Driving a tram this time on the newly released trammap Schonau.
  21. @JonathanBusMan Please stop with these posts about Microsoft updates or versions or whatever, we get it already. Move on from this subject about microsoft Windows 10 please.
  22. There should be a button on the left side of the dash that overwrites the ABS/ASR. It will have the text with ABS and a strip through it.
  23. The Newest addition to the V3D Studio's MAN lIon's city Family. The A20 Uberland.
  24. Im glad that the sound mod of MANSD202FAN has included a new right mirror
  25. Driving Line 811 with the Scania Citywide. The map is Ahlheim & Laurenzbach.