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  1. The last one of the Fleet, the Citaro G version which in real life is not in service anymore. (only on special occasions) I only need to change a few things on the other busses. (little mistake I made.) Then have to organize them in a pack and write a readme for them. I will surely be done this week.
  2. The Citaro CNG and the G CNG Breng are now nearly complete. The G version is using the Finlay mod which is not compatible with the morphi soundmod and the Solo version is using the CNG from Morphi. The CNG solo version from Finlay is bugged and that's why I am not able to repaint it. There will be also a version without the CNG tank for the articulated bus, which will work with Morphi's mod. Only the Citaro G Altter to go, only need to research for photo's of the real thing.
  3. Driving in Fictional Szczecin on line 156
  4. The first part of the pack is nearly complete. For people that are familiar with this company and wonder why are the roofs not colored? That's because the original roofs of the real busses there are white not pink and blue as ive seen while researching. Also after I said oh the finlay mod doesn't work with the Facelift cause of problems with repaints, I was stubborn and downloaded it again and you know what? it worked. However there is a catch, the mod doesn't work with the morphi latest patch. That means that the old ticketmachine box and moneybox are back in the busses. But don't worry. I will still make the repaints for non finlay mod users.
  5. Today I began a new project pack of repaints. Breng Arhnem/Nijmegen (dutch cities). This pack will include the breng and Brengdirect MAN Lion's city bus, The CNG citaro Facelift (the CNG tank from morphi is not the same as what they have for real unfortunately but close enough. ) The Citaro Facelift G (half real repaint). The facelift G does not have a CNG tank. Yes I know of the mod from Finlay but that has a lot of problems with repaints which I have tried and failed to get it working and the Citaro G from Alterrr.
  6. Please reinstall the sceneryobjects and splines from the pack and the link that is in the readme file. Omsi 2 has issues with them, also if you get any errors in your logfile or this mention: (if you are loading an addon map, please read the documentation and contact the map's author. If you are loading an original map (Spandau or Grundorf), please repair OMSI with the original setup.) then you need to redownload the scenery or spline mentioned with that.
  7. What does your logfile say ?
  8. I quote the following: Please check if there is a batch file included when you extract the files from the Vlietburg.exe in too a folder outside the omsi 2 folder. If its not there then please download the previous version and check if you can find it there.
  9. no idea, perhaps on 3 the tram worked and the BI-articulated bus didn't. That's my guess.
  10. There has been a new update to the changer, now you have the options Omsi 2.2.032/ Omsi 2.3.003 and the current version.
  11. Bare in mind you don't have to do the CFF explorer again, this is still activated. Has anyone tried this already btw ? Cause im not sure what will happen to the settings of omsi 2 if you go back a version.
  12. Because you installed a newer version of Windows, your steam needs to redownload all the attributes it needs to run OMSI 2 again. This will not harm your omsi 2 and is not a error. Just let it finish its run and all will be fine in a while. If you are worried that you don't have the correct Directx version, you can check by going to start and search for dxdiag and it will tell you what version your DirectX is.
  13. Did you run the batch file for these objects that came with the download ?
  14. Driving in Manly with the Eclipse. Not my finest moments of driving. I messed up the name of the bus, but its the Wright Eclipse.
  15. You can try that, or try redownloading the map, might be possible that you had a incomplete file and that your missing something in the Vlietburg main folder, which doesn't show up in the logfile or omsi tools. This is a pure guess btw.