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  1. Omsi patch changer

    Omsi is far, faaaar away of been the "worst game ever made". Steam is full of worse games and, for it intentions, Omsi is still the best bus simulator out there. That out of the way, this is a mess as all of Omsi 2 development was. It's a pitty they let this came to this point. To be honest with you guys, if this gonna be how Marcel and his "team" thinks is the right way to treat their consumers, no way I'm buying Lotus. Of course, if Lotus ever sees the light of day. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...
  2. This seems nice... I guess. It's a feature that should be by default in Omsi, I believe. What do you guys think? omninavigation.de
  3. naioria

  4. Hi guys! So, I don't know what Omsi is up to now with me. Everything was fine, I was editing my personal map, no big problems and then, when I open up the editor yesterday, it doesn't let me do anything in the tab traffic rules. To be precise, all of the "Unscheduled" options when selected drop my framerate to 5 FPS. The "Higher an Lower Priority", "Cars prohibited" all work. By the way, if I click in one of these, or change the tab, the FPS grow back. It is only with the Unscheduled that this happens. And moreover, I thought it was a problem with my map until decided to test in others and the problem remains. Even in Grundorf, which has no modification what so ever. I already restored the game from steam and the error remains The general error is this one: Could not lock light map of tile "X" for getting ambient light for objects! Error: texture load My logfile is provided down here and if anyone had the same problem, or have any ideia of what is going on, it would save my day. It's impossible to edit maps with this thing. Thanks! PS: Yes, the game runs fine and it loads all light maps in the night. The error is only on the editor. PS.2: The logfile was generated after I checked the game files on Steam, applied the 4GB patch and using a pure Grundorf map. PS.3: The error starts at "17:38:12" that's when I clicked in one of the Unscheduled optionin Traffic Rules.
  5. Hi, I have a problem :-( I downloaded the original bus, version 2.2: After, I got this update and put it in the same folder. The bus shows up in the selection, but the electrics don't work. I turn it on, hear a noise, but I have no blinkers, lights, horn, etc. However, I can start the bus and accelerate, but it don't break. The original bus works fine. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Traffic Lights - Splines

    Thanks guys! Now I will try to understand how this thing works:-)
  7. Hello everyone! So, I'm doing a crossing using only invisible streets but I didn't tought it trough very well because now I can't use any traffic lights on them. As far as I know, traffic lights can only be "parent to" an object, but I remember seen on a video ages ago an object to use t.lights on splines, but couldn't find in the original files of Omsi. Does anyone know about this or am I a little paranoid?:-) Thanks!
  8. General Videos

    I know that it isn't an european map, but I'd like to share with you guys my last video anyway. Is from a brazilian map based in a real city called Curitiba. The map is edited by me and also are the buses. They don't have much internal details especially because a like to use them as AI so I can have a map with many lines and still a good perfomance. My "friends" (#ironic) back here in Brazil didn't liked and are giving dislike in the vid because it's a private project. So I ask you folks to leave your feedback (positive or negative) there because is my first big attempt on mess around omsi editor and I would pretty much appreciated if you could do that Thanks!
  9. General Videos

    Hi guys! Here's a little trip in the well know Farthington Demo with the Leyland Fleetline. Hope you enjoy;-)
  10. News from the Omsi forum:OMSI will be cared of and patched beyond that year.The betatesting before a patch release will continue.It's not worth to discontinue the work on OMSI projects, since LOTUS will not be released in the next year!The only platform we use for talking about LOTUS is currently Facebook.The LOTUS-forum is not going to be revealed in the near future. The OMSI forum will persist in its current shape and is not going to be our platform to talk about LOTUS or make announcements about LOTUS.Well, so 2017? 2 years doesn't seem enough time to build a new game + engine, but what do I know, right? :-)
  11. Ow!! That came out of nowhere. I mean, after all that happened, with Rudiger leaving the project, Janine taking many responsabilities were for sure signs of something, but I'm still surprised. That explains why Omsi 2 was "abandoned". Anyway, still processing if this is a good or bad thing.
  12. OMSI 2 Addon "Three Generations"

    Possible it is. The MEP Quadbus from Marcos Elias did it (as you can see here: http://imgur.com/a/0duUr). He even manages to fix the second articulation, that's why I thought that Darius also could had made it.
  13. OMSI 2 Addon "Three Generations"

    While this topic it's still hot, can I ask something? There are no passangers in the last trailer of XXL version, so does anybody knows if a fix for it exist?
  14. OMSI 2 - General Discussion #2

    I'm glad to see that still there is folks out there happy when another patch cames around. I miss this feeling.
  15. Winsenburg 2015

    Didn't want to flood the topic so I stay quieted until someone bring the topic back, hehehe. But aswering the question, yes, the repaint works in any maps when I select it. But if I put it to be in the AI through a cti file, just like Winsenburg, then the error occours again. See below: