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  1. I have seen an early NZNAC repaint for this plane is illustrations on Rikooo, but it'snot in the package I downloaded, and I can't track it down, do you know of it?
  2. I tired to download this, however, the link will notake mer htere, can anyone assist? Thanks
  3. Getting an SQL SEerver eroor, whatever that is
  4. Jay. I had tro upgrade my PC, now I cannot get onto my orbx Froum account, can you check my sttings and make certain that it is sending my account information to my hotmail address, please, if not can yo fixz it, since I cannot access Thanks Cathy Howat
  6. Any chance of an Israeli Airforce Spit I Desert Khaki, not Ezer Weizman's preserved custom Spit)
  7. Any chance someone could do an NAC--Based on the 60's DC-3 Skyliner, repaint of th4 Sibwings AN2, also an RNZAF one? and an Aussie registred Turquise with gloss black cowling repaint of the new Alabeo D17 Wheeled version? Thanks Cathy
  8. is anmyone else having this problem? have had to request a password rest, but even though I am entering the CORRECT Username and and new password, it keeps telling me it's wrong. I have contacted admion, but, so far, no reply
  9. Mate, I was wondering if you could f do a paint for each of these planes in the col;ors of Lt. James R. Golden. Jim died suddenly of cancer a year ago. His daughter Chrisite Golden, a well known SF writer loves the idea of her dad's planes continuing to fly, I am putting in a link to her obit for him. I can supply a fair bit of infor and pictures. I think his service shouod be recognised, and it would give some comfort to Christie, who is having toruble coping,
  10. f you are seeing this page still please click on your start menu --> type cmd in the run field or search field depending on the OS--> In this black screen that now comes up type --> ipconfig /flushdns I have flushed the DNS so many times it thinks it's a dunny and I still can't access the damn forum
  11. Still unable to get on New Years day, keep getting an out of memory error
  12. Ant, any chance of having a go at the new Tecnam Gran Turismo?
  13. Any chance of a Virgin Australia repaint for thsi plane. They are buying 18 with the first due shortly or regional service, head to head with QANTASLINKS's Dash 8's
  14. Question re real world RA planes. If you have all of your endorsements (cross countr, Flight Radio op, Ctaf, plus an appropriatly fitted plane, (Good GPS mode A and C transponder) van you fly through controlled tower airspace or land at controlled airports?
  15. They belong to Tiger and are grounded, along with the wind up pilots