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  1. SBuilderX

    Thanks guys. My anti virus program (Norton) says it's probably got a virus! Do you guys use this tile file without problems? Jorg, SBX 3.14, how did you locate that? Yestarday the best I could find was 3.13, which I already have. Ian
  2. I wanted to grab a small bit of PR using GoogleSatellite in SBuilderX but when I go to zoom in the PR ends up disappearing entirely! No matter what I try I can't get in close enough to view what I want, let alone save it. Although I can get the PR I want using VirtualEarthSalelite (in SBuilderX) but there's a few clouds overhead which spoil the photo. So Virtualearthsatelite works ok but the GoogleSatelite is not working for me. In the past I've loaded a dll in the SBuilder/Tiles folder to get Google working but I can't remember where I got them. From memort the dll needed updating from time to time to ensure things keep working properly. Does anyone have any suggestions? Ian
  3. Photo real runways & taxiways

    Jorge Yes, ADE does allow for invisible runways, providing your FSX SDK is the correct version. I can't get my SDK to update so ADE won't allow the option for invisible runways to enable. That's why I useTaxipaths to harden some surfaces. They work ok and provide a solid and invisible surface to taxi on. Ian
  4. Photo real runways & taxiways

    I've had success using Taxipaths in ADE. They are invisible and get rid of the dirt & dust flying up. You can set them to your chosen length and width. Ian
  5. I've been researching the moving objects thing and one or two posts suggest making objects with "false animations" as a fix. Does anyone know if either Sketchup or MCX can be used to add false animations? I've got no idea how to do that but if that will glue my objects down it's worth a try. I get frustrated when I place a gate in a fence and next time FSX opens the gate is several feet away! Logic says it is caused at object creation time because some objects are good and don't move. Ian
  6. Next Project

    Maybe I should keep quiet about it all . Here's two more pics The second pic was taken nearby. I placed two objects but was suprised to see good Ole MS had placed the major object there many years before I came along . I won't be doing a second PR so a home in the trees is all they get, but is is a good visual reference, if you don't get you grounded for flying overhead. No, they aren't a collection of porta-loo's. Ian
  7. NAVEX anyone?

    FWIW, and it won't make much difference to a Ozx Navex, SY VOR was re-located a few hundred metres last year. I doubt many of us have that change in FSX or P3D and for what we are doing it doesn't matter. Ian
  8. This might be something of interest. I might not be the only one with this problem. http://www.simforums.com/forums/is2-objects-move-after-placed_topic36980.html Ian
  9. Next Project

    At least I have been able to correct MS's poor spelling of the default airport. Ian
  10. I'm wondering if the problem isn't caused by the initial drawing process in programs like Sketchup or Gmax. For example, what position the object was drawn from in Sketchup, or other program. Was it dead center or off to one side of the guide lines? Or even if the object(s) are created with Sketchup or Gmax. Just a theory at this stage. It might be easier and quicker to off-set the objects a whisker in FSX rather than trying to find the cause. Ian
  11. I use the latest version of IS to place scenery objects on PR in FSX. In my latest project the gables and cones have moved slightly from where I placed them. When they were placed they were exactly where they should be, on the whitish textures in the PR. After rebooting FSX they have moved about one foot (300mm) or so. After that they are always in the same off set position. I've offset them somewhat using IS and that's fixed the problem but knowing what is the cause and fixing it would be best. At this stage I have only seen it with gables & cones. One thing I've noticed is that some gables & cones, from different Libs, are good and stay where I put them. Many others are not so good. As a test I used Sketchup & MCX to make new gables and these moved a little bit too (not as much as others). Some scenery projects are ok and the gables & cones never move. If it happens with one single object, all others of the same type in the project move too. If I start IS the offending objects move back to their proper positions. I'm wondering if anyone has seen this before? Ian
  12. I'm working on my next project, just before finishing my first one. Here's one shot, there's plenty to do. Some generic objects have been placed just to give it a lived in feel so I enjoy testing it. I'll do custom objects for anything that may be unique. Ian
  13. User Scenery :: OZx YZPM Pimpama SE Qld

    Elias Thanks again for your scenery, I'm getting it now. Ian
  14. Scenery Objects?

    Scott I've looked at those and they are nice. I placed one from the "royals_Xa_LIB" and the next time I selected it to move it using IS the model indicated Orbx_royals or something similar! Not wanting to use Orbx objects, I removed the pole and moved on. Ian
  15. Trev Thanks mate, I did that and it isn't Ozx. I think it's stock standard default which is unusual because of the sheep!. The other object is the NDB building. I haven't made a habit of moving up to NDB's to see what they look like. This one is a hut. small TV like aerial, fully fenced, two power poles with lines and some high voltage signs on the fence. There is some infrastructure there in Google so maybe it's not too far from reality. When I finish Gildandra I'll have something to keep me busy. Ian