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  1. I hear that ! I have everything, and those "nominal fees" would kill me. LOL Sue
  2. John Venema Orbx CEO Administrators 3,456 23,280 posts Location: Hampshire UK Order #:Staff ID: 1 Posted 9 hours ago Hi all, There's been a bunch of speculation about our pricing policy for the next version of P3D, likely based on my previous posts back in December. Let me clarify: we will NOT be charging anything for our products for the next version of P3D. They will be 100% free to use on the new platform. Better still, through the magic of FTXCv3 you won't even need to re-download them. Please do NOT ask me or any member of the Orbx team about any tech details about any new P3D releases from LM, or why we can make this zero-cost promise. We are under NDA and we will not be pressed into talking about it for obvious reasons. If and when LM give us permission to discuss things publicly then we'll do so. I just wanted to reassure those with a sizeable investment in Orbx products for P3D that you won't be asked a penny more to upgrade.
  3. John, you should be able to adjust that by calibrating the dead zone on the off side. Use the Windows control panel to get to Devices and Printers, then right click on the X-52 and select Game Controller Settings. Select the X-52 and click on Properties. From there go to the Deadzone tab. Set the zone a liitle bit further up than the bottom of the travel. That should fix it. I'm assuming you calibrated the X-52 in the first place, if not try that first.
  4. Using the W word. Not when but WOW!
  5. Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1
  6. Thanks for the reminder Teecee. Flukey beautiful work, thank you ! Sue
  7. OK, I just hate a total reinstall. I usually go several years without having too, but hey I'm a geek. I do understand your frustration. My sister always said that since we networked computers together, they sit up nights talking about ways to drive us crazy. I think she was right ! Love and Hugs Sue
  8. lists one, and Simmarket lists one by VirtualCol, according to Google.
  9. You are way to quick to rip it's face off and reinstall. 95% of the time we can fix it! Glad it worked out.
  10. Maybe ?
  11. Beautiful, looking forward to this. Love the farm, a very nice detail. Sue
  12. Looking very good, as expected from you. Sue
  13. Th OzX stuff has to be above the OrbX stuff to display. Go into FTX Central and reset your insertion point. Sue
  14. Do you have the libraries installed ?
  15. I agree with Spud. Please don't go over to the dark side. Strong in you the Force is! Beautiful work, as usual. Sue
  16. YBAS is available by default in FSX even without OzX, or this utility.
  17. What sim ?
  18. Matt it simply had my correct FSX location in the window, when I used it.
  19. Your installer is not finding a registry entry for FSX. I suggest using the reg edit tool here- used it for years, works well. That should fix your problem. There is nothing wrong with the installer.
  20. Thanks Bruce. Confused me. Thanks Trev. Worked 2 weeks ago so I thought it really wasn't shut down. LOL Sue
  21. Do you maybe mean Tuesday ? I still can't connect to OzX Teamspeak. Are you using the Digital Themepark TS or what? Can anyone help ? Sue
  22. Thanks Batman !
  24. Dude nobody from Nemeth has been here in years. Read the product pages it will tell you.