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  1. Nope, from the 3.4 manual... PREREQUISITES 1. OZx3.0, OZx3.1 and OZx3.2 and OZx3.3 installed & enabled as per the instructions in the OZx3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 Manuals. 2. Holgermesh Freeware installed & enabled. 3. FSX SP2 or Acceleration. 4. ORBX FTX Australia Regions Payware for best results. -and then there is 3.5
  2. You big tease ! I want it ! Very nice. LOL Sue
  3. Jay Kae recommended ESET, the last I heard on the subject from him.
  4. Nice, lloking forward to another Flukey masterpiece ! Sue
  5. Un Dodo ? Ce manifique. Miss you guys. Today is the anniversary of my husbands death. I can begin to regain the sanity I start to lose on his birthday on Nov 22nd. It's still a difficult month and a half, even after 6 years. Sorry I get b*t*hy that time of year. Sue
  6. The R-22 is one of the default helis John. The R-66 is Big Brother ! It flys a lot better than the default R-22, or I wouldn't recommend it. Sue
  7. Looking very good.
  8. Wow Jorge !!! Drool ! Nice setup. ENVY ! LOL Sue
  9. I have P3D 3.4. What is the ICAO of that field, so I can check it ? Sue
  10. Try the Alabeo R-66 John. It is designed for P3D. It handles well, and has good visuals. Sue
  11. That darn elf moves fast for his size ! LOL Sue
  12. The Dodo works fine in P3D as is. Put a copy of fsx.exe in your P3D root file. Use the FSX registry tool to point the FSX reg to the P3D folder. ( Install the Dodo. That's it, go fly. Been using the Dodo in P3D since version 1. Sue
  13. Drool ! Another Flukey masterpiece! Sue
  14. Jay Kae is there a password for the OzX Teamspeak server now ? I can't get on. It keeps asking for a password.



  15. Steam has NOTHING to do with DVD versions. What they have is a new digital version of FSX. It will only multiplayer with other Steam versions. I just validated a DVD install a couple days ago, no problem. Sue
  16. Ran across this- DDS plugin needed - here -
  17. No problem with the install, once I had the key. Found the plug in folder OK. I don't put anything in "Program Files (x86). Even with UAC turned off, it's still too touchy about controlling the folder. I only have a 500gb SSD for my C: drive, so I tend to install things on my other drives. I'm up to "M". I have about 9600 gb of storage in all. LOL Sue
  18. LOL me too. I had to go back after the key. Sue
  19. I'm staying with the original, thank you. I do appreciate your efforts however, kudos and applause ! Sue
  20. Thanks Jono. I thought they looked like big piles of dirt. I'm glad to hear they really are ! LOL Sue
  21. Looking forward to Broken Hills. Hope your remodeling on the house is coming along OK. Thanks Sue
  22. The question of course, is how it managed to turn itself down... Thanks for the tip though. LOL Sue
  23. Thanks guys. Great job ! Sue