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  1. Nope, from the 3.4 manual... PREREQUISITES 1. OZx3.0, OZx3.1 and OZx3.2 and OZx3.3 installed & enabled as per the instructions in the OZx3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 Manuals. 2. Holgermesh Freeware installed & enabled. 3. FSX SP2 or Acceleration. 4. ORBX FTX Australia Regions Payware for best results. -and then there is 3.5
  2. You big tease ! I want it ! Very nice. LOL Sue
  3. Jay Kae recommended ESET, the last I heard on the subject from him.
  4. Nice, lloking forward to another Flukey masterpiece ! Sue
  5. Un Dodo ? Ce manifique. Miss you guys. Today is the anniversary of my husbands death. I can begin to regain the sanity I start to lose on his birthday on Nov 22nd. It's still a difficult month and a half, even after 6 years. Sorry I get b*t*hy that time of year. Sue
  6. The R-22 is one of the default helis John. The R-66 is Big Brother ! It flys a lot better than the default R-22, or I wouldn't recommend it. Sue
  7. Looking very good.
  8. Wow Jorge !!! Drool ! Nice setup. ENVY ! LOL Sue
  9. I have P3D 3.4. What is the ICAO of that field, so I can check it ? Sue
  10. Try the Alabeo R-66 John. It is designed for P3D. It handles well, and has good visuals. Sue
  11. That darn elf moves fast for his size ! LOL Sue
  12. The Dodo works fine in P3D as is. Put a copy of fsx.exe in your P3D root file. Use the FSX registry tool to point the FSX reg to the P3D folder. ( Install the Dodo. That's it, go fly. Been using the Dodo in P3D since version 1. Sue
  13. Drool ! Another Flukey masterpiece! Sue
  14. Jay Kae is there a password for the OzX Teamspeak server now ? I can't get on. It keeps asking for a password.



  15. Steam has NOTHING to do with DVD versions. What they have is a new digital version of FSX. It will only multiplayer with other Steam versions. I just validated a DVD install a couple days ago, no problem. Sue