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  1. Sorry guys. I would love to join in to remember Tony but unfortunately I just can not make it tonight. I will be having a Scotch later tonight and I will most definitely raise my glass to him. R.I.P Tony.
  2. Thank you all for your inputs. I did what Jorge suggested but it did not work. So I used the simconnect.msi I found in "Prepar3d V3\redist\Interface\ESPv1\retail\lib\SimConnect.msi" which now has seem to fix it. Thank you again and now I can get on with the full install -OZx is up next. Does the current OZx Complete package work in P3Dv3...? Cheers, Tim. p.s. Quit picking on Jorge!?!? I agree with him....A2A SUCKS!!!!
  3. So after weeks of downloading and installing many, many Gig's of ORBX software onto the new P3Dv3 hard drive..... I installed my A2A aircraft last night and guess what? I am getting "sim connect error" messages again!?!?! Now I am told by A2A that it is not their programs but a "bad install of the sim". So where and how do I search were the bad install of what program now creates this "sim connect error"....!?!?! All this time and effort to re-install and then to be told that I need to do it ALL OVER AGAIN!?!?! I am so close to throwing this whole hobby in the bin!!!!! Rant over.....
  4. Darwin is chock-a-block full of yanks at the moment! Even bigger when their is a combined exercise on! Even more when they through in a aircraft carrier fleet too!
  5. Pat i am now getting your "Black Fuselage" issue due to downloading and installing the new JF service pack v2 for the HS-748. How do I fix Matts paints so that they work with the new service pack? Cheers, Tim.
  6. Spot on Matt. "LEST WE FORGET"
  7. Thank you again for your reply Bruce. I have just re read my last post.....Man I must have been tired? It makes no sense!?! I was meant to say that I have FSGlobal installed on my C:\ drive and want my P3D (installed on my F:\ drive) to read those locations.... So when I add the FSGlobal entries manually to the P3D scenery library, were do they sit in regards to ORBX entries? However, you have answered that for me now. Thank you. I am just sooooo tired from re-installing EVERYTHING again!?!? I hope you are well? I have notice Duxford are really getting on with the Victor restoration. Are you going to the Duxford Air Festival this year? Cheers, Tim.
  8. Thank you for the offer of help Matt. Another question.... I have FSGlobal 2010 installed on my C: drive. So when I go to add scenery in P3D and pint it to my C: drive.....where do I place the FSGlobal 2010 entries? Below FTX OpenLC? Or below the FTX Vector entries? In short where in my scenery library should FSGloabl 2010 sit? Cheers, Tim.
  9. Hey Bruce, Thank you for that. I have not yet installed any addons except FTX (ORBX) and wanted to check that it was correct before adding any OZx and other 3rd party stuff.... It just look incorrect to me. I always thought that FTX airports were at the top, then the "Full Fat" regions followed by OpenLC then Vector...? But if you say that it looks correct I will push on and keep installing stuff. Thank you, Tim. p.s. Here is a screenie of lower down FTX entries.... http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/images/2017/04/13/FTX381d06.jpg[/img]
  10. Hello Guys, Could you all please help me understand something....? I am in the middle of doing a FULL P3Dv3 re-install and have only installed FTX Global, FTX Vector, FTX AU/NZ/EU/US regions, FTX OpenLC AU/US and all of my FTX AU Airports.... From last memory I thought that the scenery library listing would go like this..... FTX AU Airports... FTX AU/NZ/EU/US Region... FTX OpenLC... FTX Vector... Does this sound correct? When I look at my scenery library listing I am getting my FTX stuff ALL over the shop!?!? I did not think that you had to manually move them into their correct positions..I though the installer/FTXCentral did all of that!?!? Like I said I can not remember..!? Could someone please tell me which is the correct order that my scenery library should be in regards to the FTX entries?? Here is a snap shot of my scenery lib list for my current P3Dv3 install.... Does it look correct or is it time to re-install AGAIN!?!?! Cheers Tim...
  11. I hope this helps you out....?
  12. I will most definitely do that JaeKay. I have FSX on a external HDD but this time I will put P3D on one too when she is all reinstalled. Because the last P3D install was so young, I thought I would have some time to add a few more things before doing a whole back up.... I love having egg on my face!!! "Live and Learn" some wise person said.... Maybe they were a simmer too....!?!
  13. Hi Matt, I am not going to enjoy this one bit!!!! I was soooo close to walking away from the whole thing! But I will chip away at it. I have lost so much stuff, I did have a lot backed up, but some stuff -for reasons I have no idea- I did not. So I have sacrificed them to the computer gods! DOH!?!?!
  14. Thank you Pat. C:\programdata\lockheed martin.... file escaped my mind!! So many nooks and cranies! I'll go back and delete everything, and again re-install P3D so -fingers crossed- she works as she should. Cheers, Tim.
  15. Hello Chaps, Long time no speak....sorry. I have been having issues for ages (with both sims) and have been quietly trying to sort them out. However, the other day my 2TB hard drive that I had P3D on decided to fold all together!!!! So off to the shop to get another 2TB HDD and go through the PAIN of a full re-install again! Before installing P3D I had un-installed any left over P3D files that happened to be still on my computer....so I thought!?! Get this.... When I installed P3Dv3 onto my new HDD I was getting a bunch of "addon scenery" errors!? A message saying that "Scenery area XXX can not be found. Would you like to remove it?" This came up for EVERY addon scenery entry that i had on my old HDD!?! Any idea why this would happen if the old HDD was totally removed from my computer and a new HDD was installed!?! So confused.... Also I am now installing my ORBX stuff and it keeps asking me do i want to back up the original...!?! Again, so confused!?!