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  1. Hello Matt, I have tried installing several times but both 202 and 204 have corresponding prop colours..!? That is 204 has an orange prop and 202 has a white/silver prop? Is this suppose to be the case? Cheers, Tim. EDIT: I am such a dick!?!? Of coarse 202 and 204 were the two bladed prop and not the three.....!?! Your work is fantastic and am looking forward to the weathered one!
  2. Thank you very much for these Beaver paints Matt! Some long flights around the "Red Center" will be done in this one.
  3. Thank you very much for these Beaver paints Matt!
  4. Hello John, If I may Trev....? John. 1) Click on Trev's link... 2) Click on the blue tile "Download this file" 3) Click on "Agree & download" 4) Choose the file that you wish to download.....eg: LIBs_v1.0, LIBs_v1.1 and LIBs_v1.2. I hope this helps? I had your trouble at first too. Cheers, Tim.
  5. Here is what I get when I copy and paste the link from JayKae's image site under BBCode Embed: http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/images/2017/05/17/FSX36875.jpg[/img] Right-O!!! I have to delete the inputs.....!?!?! Never had to do that before!?!!?
  6. http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GA3v THAT IS WHAT I AM USING!!!! I have no idea why its not working!!?!?!!? I give up!!!! TAKE THREE!!!! So now I have to delete the beginning and end of the links (IMG) to get these pictures to work!?!? I HAVE never had to do that before!?! My blood pressure is through the roof!!! Time to walk away from this stuff for a while..........
  7. TAKE TWO:....... P3Dv3 Camden Taxi ways are a mess and objects missing.... http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/images/2017/05/17/P3Dv3.jpg[/img] FSX Camden Taxi ways and objects are all there.... http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/images/2017/05/17/FSX.jpg[/img] http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GA3v http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/images/2017/05/17/P3Dv3.md.jpg
  8. Thank you Bruce for posting your findings. I have no idea why the link -to my pictures- are broken? I will try and send it again tonight. As for my "missing buildings", if you look at your two last pictures its the hanger that is directly behind the fin of the Comanche. I just have a large black square there. Also your taxiways and aprons are not all there in P3D as it is in FSX.... Cheers, Tim.
  9. You are a legend Trev! Bruce you are too. Thank you guys for hanging in there with me. I thought I was off to the "Funny Farm".......!? If you could shoot me a link Trev to that P3Dv3 stuff I'll have a look at it. Cheers,
  10. I am saying that there is something wrong with the "OZx Complete" file Bruce. Needs further investigating. Now I have copied my FSX OZx_LIB folder over to P3Dv3 and get the following issue....!? FSX Camden NSW. Taxi ways and objects are all there. http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/images/2017/05/15/FSX.jpg[/img] P3Dv3 Camden NSW. Taxi ways are a mess and missing objects. http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/images/2017/05/15/P3Dv3.jpg[/img] I read that Pat aka Aussieman said that OZx works in P3Dv3 but clearly it does not. From my findings and your input it does not. Thank you. Now if Jorge is on the job, then I have nothing to worry about? The only thing now is why am I having runway and apron/taxi way issues....!?! Cheers, Tim.
  11. This is for FSX!!! No mention of P3Dv3...!? PLEASE READ MY OPENING QUESTION/TOPIC.
  12. Thank you Trev and Bruce for your help. However, I think you are missing the point....? If I was a "new" simmer and was installing OZx for the first time into P3Dv3? What would be the procedure? I have found an issue with our product and would like to know the remedy.... As for your idea Trev. What if I do not have FSX installed and/or want to keep ALL of my sim files on one drive? Bruce, the point of the "OZx Complete" I believe...is just that...yes? Has anyone tested our scenery in a "vanilla" install of P3Dv3, without "cross driving"? p.s. Late last night I had deleted my P3Dv3 OZx from the scenery Library and directed P3Dv3 (F:\) to look for OZx in my FSX drive (E:\) and I am getting the same issue with airport runway and taxiway issues.... As for the the OZx_LIB folder I just copied and paste the "WHOLE" FSX folder over to the P3Dv3 folder and the black building have textures now. However, there are buildings missing in some places... I will post some screenies later tonight.
  13. I have just found out that the "OZx Complete" install only has -in the "OZx_LIB" file- 64 entries in the "scenery" folder and 389 in the "texture" folders..... However, when i look at my OZx_LIB folder in my FSX install, I have 1,319 entries in the "scenery" file and 6,149 in the "texture" folders!? Why is the "OZx Complete" download so void of the OZx library entries....?
  14. Hello Chaps, I am at my witts end!!? Its been weeks re-installing all of my scenery into a vanilla P3Dv3. I thought that I would leave OZx until last, because it was easy installing in FSX? BUT I am having nothing but issues!?!? Default runways showing through ground.bgl's, building blacked out and the scenery library not recognising OZx_LIB's, so I had to install or register manually!?!? Could someone please show me a set of instructions for OZx to be installed into P3Dv3 so it works correctly.... Thank you.
  15. Sorry guys. I would love to join in to remember Tony but unfortunately I just can not make it tonight. I will be having a Scotch later tonight and I will most definitely raise my glass to him. R.I.P Tony.