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  1. goodbye

    I call shotgun!!!
  2. Airshow - Call to Action

    Definitely need a line of over-proced fast food vans selling Butch's Hamburgers! G
  3. Hi all, First, great job on the AW109 - beautiful modelling and texturing. I've just been having a go at this throughout the morning (the kids were uup early!) and I thought I'd share my findings. Apart from the massive rudder input required I hadn't really had any other issues apart from drastic yawing to and fro when using a GPS track in the AP. Anyway I popped the modification into one of the models and did some comparison testing. Nothing technical mind you - just an impression. What I noticed is that the hover is indeed much easier to manage, though not so easy as to be unrealistic (I say that having had no RW heli experience...!). Comparing the two setups the input seems a little softer or less sensitive and thus there's less tendency to over-correct. There's still a significant amount of rudder input required when increasing the collective but this now feels more manageable. Whether or not this realistic I've no idea but it does make the job easier while still requiring a fair amount of experience. I then thought of the AP. It seemed to me that the AP's issue with a GPS track (and presumably other nav modes but I haven't tried) was that it couldn't handle the massive rudder required and the AP itself would overcorrect the yaw and subsequently this would end up with +/- yaw of 10-15 degrees or more. With the adjustment the AP will now track with a +/- yaw of just 2-3 degrees. Super! All in all this makes for a much more manageable flight model that still requires enough pilot input to keep you on your toes. Cheers again to all for a great job! Greg
  4. Airshow - Call to Action

    With my flying skills as finely honed as they are I might be responsible for rear-ending somewhere in midair. I think I'll just be Bobbing it on the ground... or perhaps I could fly the camera chopper! G
  5. A better idea might be to practice on your house - something that you can easily get shots on all sides. Experiment with the different zooms etc that people have mentioned and you'll see what the effect is once you try and put together a texture sheet. The benefit of using your own house is that you know (or can figure out) exactly what the dimensions should be so you can tell whether or not your photos are 'square'. The main problem I've had with photos is that I took too many! That is, to too many individual shots to make up a face of a building. Ideally an average sized small hangar you should be able to fit into one or two frames. Don't overdo and up needing to stitch 10 photos together just to make a wall. The detail will be lost once you reduce it fit on a texture sheet anyway. And if you do need to take several shots, say for a long wall, make sure you include an obvious overlap (a window frame, door, sign etc) that you can use when stitching. As far as resolution is concerned - I use an older 6MP Canon (EOS 350D) and the resolution is perfect. In my experience mobile phone cameras are really only any good for 'capturing the moment'... So my advice - basically the same as everyone else. If you try and keep your zoom at or near 35mm you'll avoid the fisheye effect (which can be corrected but it's a proper pain!) Get plenty of shots that give you the big picture as it were and that you can use to help with placement. You're only going to get one crack at getting airside shots so just go nuts but try to be prepared before you get there. Take along a GE screenshot highlighting the main things you need to focus on and remember to take a few seconds to line up your shots. I try to imagine the viewfinder as a page in Photoshop - look at the details you're missing and what you'll have to correct artificially. Then adjust accordingly. Also try and arrange your visit for a time where the sun is going to be in the best position - ie so you're not taking shots straight into the sun. Lastly. Remember to get close up shots of signage and anything that identifies or is unique to the airfield but again take long shots as well so you remember where they belong! These are the features that will set your airfield apart from the others. Enjoy! Greg
  6. Skype

    For a minute there I thought we were all going to have to buy ribbons to show support for Underprivileged Internet Service Providers! Greg
  7. Beechcraft Bash, Stages 1& 2

    Tony those shots are fantastic! I love that last one - looks like a stampede of startled Beechcraft! What dust effect is that? Sorry I couldn't make it up front for the formation - I suffered an 'autopilot induced stall' (at least that's MY story) which resulted in a nasty dive from 8500' to 3000' in a matter of seconds. Bloody autopilot. Anyway there was no way I could catch you at 9500' by the time I recovered. Still it was a great flight - I particularly liked the additional entertainment provided by Butch's family! Cheers, Greg
  8. Hi Mike, I thought I'd just pipe in to help out. I just downloaded the Auster as I wanted to try it myself anyway. Basically in FSX the folder structure for ALL fixed wing aircraft is this (where \'FSX\' is your root Flight Simulator X folder) \FSX\Simobjects\Airplanes\AircraftName - contains the aircraft.cfg and .air files \FSX\Simobjects\Airplanes\AircraftName\Model\ - contains the model variants (there may be more than one of these usually designated by model.1, model.2 etc) \FSX\Simobjects\Airplanes\AircraftName\Panel\ - contains the panel.cfg and panel textures \FSX\Simobjects\Airplanes\AircraftName\Sound\ - contains the sound.cfg and any unique sounds. \FSX\Simobjects\Airplanes\AircraftName\Texure\ - contains the texture files (there will usually be more than one of these designated by texture.1, texture.2 etc or texture.vhgrj or similar) Usually aircraft manufacturers pack up the files according to the above layout assuming you are already in the \FSX folder. So all you have to do is copy \SimObjects, \Effects and \Gauges from the .zip file straight into \FSX\ and the structure is all maintained. This is exactly the case with the Auster. The .zip you downloaded includes the folder \AusterJ1. Simply open that folder then copy the four subfolder (\SimObjects, \Effects, \Sound and \Gauges) straight into your \FSX folder.If you've done it right you should get a warning from Windows that each of the folders already exists etc etc.Click 'yes' to each instance and the folders will be updated as appropriate. If you install the aircraft while you're already in FSX it generally won't appear until you restart. Sorry if I've told you things you already know but I figured it's better to be thorough! Hope this helps, Greg
  9. "Beechcraft Bash comments"

    So what time's kick-off tonight? 1930 AEST as usual (don't give me any of that zulu nonsense!!). I've been given special clearance to fly (aka Mummy's putting the kids to bed tonight) and my shiny new X52 Pro arrived during the week so I've now got no excuses not to join! Cheers, Greg
  10. Big FSX scenery problem!

    That's a relief! How did you figure out the solution? G
  11. YADG trouble

    OK if the airport isn't there then you've almost certainly missed something along the way. I'd say reinstall OZx (I don't think your FSX install is at fault) ensuring that you installing all 6 components (OZx 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and OZx_LIBS 1.0 and 1.1) in the recommended order. Sorry I can't give you the golden solution but as they say in 'The IT Crowd' - "Have you tried turning it off and on?". Cheers, Greg
  12. YADG trouble

    Hmmm... strange that it doesn't appear iin the airport list. Check whether or not you have the file 'aero_YADG_AFX.BGL' in the \OZx\OZx_AUS folder. If not then I think you've missed a step somewhere! Cheers, Greg
  13. YADG trouble

    Hi Dan, Are you saying that it doesn't even appear in the airport selection list? Or is it just that you have the ground textures but there are no buildings? If it's the latter double check that you've installed the OZX_LIBS (both 1.0 and 1.1) and that they are active in the scenery list. Cheers, Greg
  14. Welcome. As Tony said, it's extremely addictive (but fortunately not expensive - well at least until you lose your job because you forgot to go to work...). Just a couple of things. As a relative newcomer to development I'd suggest (and some will disagree) that you try and focus you queries in just one or two places. Those being here at OZx and over at FSDeveloper. This will avoid getting 10 different variations on the right way to do things. As the forums here are a manageable size you can be sure that someone will read your comment and respond in fairly short order. FSDeveloper is great for the nitty gritty and there's loads of great tutorials and FAQs etc when you hit a brick wall. I was a bit reluctant initially to have a crack at a Skype session but, trust me, you'll get more out of a 20 minute (see 2 hour) Skype session than you will out of 20 to-from emails!! The screen sharing in Skype works a treat and it's nice to know that the people who are answering your questions are real people - at least I think they are!? As far as Alphas and the like don't worry until you have a need for it. Don't get bogged down in the details early on or you'll just lose heart. Keep practicing what you already know then when you learn something new it'll make more sense. But it's subjects like alphas that would take a page of text to explain and use in detail where a 5 minute Skype will make all the pieces fall into place. Instant Scenery 2 is a godsend. Without it I would have given up long ago - I did many many times! Having said all that - feel free to put your questions in an email and I'll see what I can do or perhaps just point form in a forum post. Cheers, Greg
  15. Bonanza Bash ?

    Silly me. I forgot that I read that post yesterday. Just pretend I'm not here - everyone else does! G