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  1. Do we have to? Love all three: B17, P51 - both.
  2. Hi Cathy You'd think that would be answered here but I can't find it. EDIT: However: at this url: "Recreational aircraft operations in Class C and D control zones To operate in Class C and D control zones, the recreational aircraft and the engine must either be certificated to the design standards specified in CAO 101.55 para 6.1 or meet criteria specified in the exemption CAOs (e.g. see paragraph 7.3 (a) ii and iii) in CAO 95.55); be fitted with a certificated or CASA-approved engine and is fitted with a radio capable of two-way communication with air traffic control; and the pilot in command must hold a valid Pilot Licence ( i.e. Private Pilot Licence — PPL, Commercial Pilot Licence — CPL, Air Transport Pilot Licence — ATPL) in addition to the Pilot Certificate. Even so, it is unlikely that, if it came to a judicial test, a recreational aircraft would be legally be able to operate from, or enter, most Class D CTRs as the 'lanes of entry' to such airfields usually involve overflight of closely-settled areas, and overlying Class C airspace may severely limit available altitude (and thus gliding distance) in such lanes." So, yes, if the above conditions are met and the glide performance of the aircraft is suitable. You need a PPL.
  3. Woohoo! Wolter. You'll need to go through basic FSX training again, though. I'm working on the OZx4.0 Install just to tidy things up again. This Green Bay is walking off the shelf - 160 downloads already.
  4. File Name: OZx Green Bay File Submitter: Catchman86 File Submitted: 04 Jul 2011 File Category: OZx Scenery Green Bay X HD is Scenery for Green Bay on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin USA. Catchman86 has done PR, agn, AFCAD and models with over 34,000 placements. Green Bay includes 2 airports and the city. It's in a default area of the US and is catchman's first published scenery. He's planning to do more OZx strips soon.
  5. Turn crashes "OFF". In NA, there's a minefield of exclude layers which play havoc with the mesh on some airfields but, other than that, FSX's woeful crash detection is only suited to their H U G E default Billiard Table fields with no nearby autogen or objects. Search this forum. We've gone through it time after time.
  6. jankees, you're the king of the repaint. "Lady Beth III" is unreal!
  7. Sorry AJC - didn't see you there 'til after you'd gone. If someone is in a locked room, right-click on them and "poke" them to wake 'em up. Yes I flew - there were about 13 of us and it all worked very well and was great fun until Tony's PC crashed at Fraser's Farm.
  8. Well, Ant, you're like A2A. Your Updates fix things we didn't even know were wrong and add features we didn't know we craved until you announce them. An Autopilot will be much appreciated even though it already trimmed quite well. Jack would like a cigarette lighter and jumbo-size ashtray.
  9. There isn't a password.
  10. We're on right now. Click on The TS box on the OZx Portal page. It has some connection info. Download and install TS3 first and set your mic options, etc. I'll watch this thread for a little while.
  11. I will, too, thanks BS but I'm a bad tester as I'm clueless with GPSs. I read the Carenado manual but it didn't mean too much to me yet. I'll get better.
  12. If you can run ORBX airports, then your machine will eat up the OZx ones.
  13. The complexity was always pie-in-the-sky. But most Fridays there's Tony's very well-organised and popular flights. Anytime you go on TS and find others there it's just a matter of setting up an impromptu session of whatever you want - it works pretty well. The Heli guys are often on, too.
  14. I've gone back to just changing the icon by hand as the shortcut reverted to the "exe" from the "bat" repeatedly and I couldn't get the vbs to swap to the icon I wanted as it lost its 3 buttons. Maybe I just need a re-boot.
  15. I'll have to try it BS, as the Carenado gauge is almost non-functional. I bought the V35. It's nice and I love the Autopilot but the panel GPS just stops working - the writing "hotspot" goes cold.