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  1. What am I missing?

    Fair enough!
  2. Line / Tour assitance on bowdenham

    Glad it is solved!
  3. What am I missing?

    My general advice is to go over to Omsi 2.
  4. Line / Tour assitance on bowdenham

    A known problem with the Omsi 1 version of Bowdenham is that one of the crossings is out of allignment. This lead to defective tracks and trips and that's the reason why you don't see any scheduled traffic.
  5. Omsi Blue Sky Problem

    How can a nice blue sky be a problem, it indicates the waether is fine. Serious now. Which objects are missing and which map did you donwload from steam?
  6. Welcome at Vlietburg Vlietburg is a fictional commuter city in the southwest of the Netherlands. Situated near industries, harbors and major cities like Rotterdam and Dordrecht. This town contains a rich and dense network of bus lines which transport the inhabitants of Vlietburg across the city and to the main stations. With two city centers, two international convention centers, an industrial park, a technical university and some recreational areas there is a lot of transport needed. The city is served by HTMBuzz services which run a bus network that contains ten lines that all are running across the city. For those who want to stay up late and like to party there are four-night lines. Enough variety along the routes: highways, narrow streets, bus lanes, big squares, bus terminals and small country roads. As a driver for the local bus company: HTMBuzz it’s your job to transport all those citizens along the roads of Vlietburg. Download advise If you have Vlietburg V6 or higher already on your system you only have to download the Vlietburg V6.7.rar. If you have version 5 or an earlier version you have to download both rar files. It's recommended that you play Vlietburg V6.7 with collisions off. Read the Read Me for more information. Disclaimer Installing of this map is at your own risk. The builder of the map is in any way not responsible for any damage done to your Omsi installment or any other soft or hardware on your system. Requirements Omsi 2.2 or higher The following payware add-ons: Hamburg Day & Night Vienna (the 2014 version or both new versions (24A & 23A)) Stadtbus O305 At least 4 GB of Ram CFF Explorer to make Omsi use 4 GB All content from the default map (Berlin) and from the payware add-ons is not included in the download. Support No support by PM or in other sections of the forum. Support is given at Word Of Omsi in the ready for download section only. Vienna Vienna is needed for this map. Vlietburg is made with the old 2014 version of Vienna. If you have the new versions of Vienna (you need them both) please use the Vienna objects batch file you find in the Omsi root directory. It copies all needed Vienna files to the right directory. Repaints & standard bus The HTMBuzz repaints for the A21 are made by Jokervation. The A21 is made by V3D studio but is slightly altered to suit Vlietburg. Therefore this bus comes in a separate directory. This will be the last incarnation of Vlietburg. After this release, the map will not be further developed or patched. From this moment on support for this map will be limited. From September 2017 onward this map will be public domain and everyone can do with it what he or she likes within the limits of the copyrights of the content of the map.
  7. OMSI Maps :: Hertfordshire V4 [RHD]

    Moges was a map out of the starting days of Omsi. I think it's still available on the official forum.
  8. What I can see in your log file is that there is some problem with compatibility. That show/hide message you mentioned and the direct x warnings indicate that. Since I don't have any experience with Mac and Omsi I'm not able to help you further I'm afraid.
  9. I'm not into Macs but are Omsi and IMac compatible? I don't sure but as long things as Direct X are working on your system I think it must work. Did the logfile give any clues? You find that one in the Omsi root directory.
  10. Wrong repaint loading on bendy trailer

    I'm not really into repainting but for what i know of it; imho it looks like a wrong link in the CTI file.
  11. OmniNavigation woes.

    Okay, that's good!
  12. [MAP] Euregio Rijn & Waal (Cancelled)

    This existing parts of this map will be incorporated into a new version of Vlietburg.
  13. Hello, Time for something new. I first made some plans for creating a line in my hometown but after some planning and calculating i came to the conclusion that such a project will take about four years to complete. Omsi can be dead by then. It's taking such a long time due to the fact that although I'm a rather experienced map maker, i have not much experience in the field of scenery building. So Euregio must enhance my experience in that field. What can you expect Euregio Rijn & Waal is a region near the rivers Rijn and Waal on the border between the Netherlands and Germany, so the map is situated in both countries. Around eight lines are operating around the cties of Waalstad (Netherlands) and Bad Neuheim (Germany). There are city lines and interlocal lines. The latter commuters between the two major cities and villages like Blankwaardt, Hanenburg en Rijndijcke. The map is loosely based on the Rijn & Waal region around Nijmegen, Arnhem and Emmerich. My goal is to built as much as possible for this map so all splines and crossing for the Dutch part of the map will be made by myself. Since there's a lot of good German stuff i will borrow some more for the German part of the map. Building and other objects are mostly coming from every source where i can find suitable ones, so it seems that every payware add-on will be needed for this map. Making a map like this takes a while so it will not see the daylight before spring 2018. For pictures see the spoiler at the top of this page. Introduction vids (Dutch and English)
  14. Harbour City Hamburg

    So now and then a little teaser from the map Harbour City Hamburg (HCH) will be made public. HCH is the latest project by Darius Bode, one of the masters in the field of Omsi add-on making. This is the latest picture he published:
  15. OmniNavigation woes.

    Don't do that. The 32 version is fine. Line 92E on Grundorf.... You mean Spandau I guess. In any case, Spandau should be working in the Omninavigator unless you PC isn't up to it. To less ram for example. On which version of Omsi are you?
  16. OmniNavigation woes.

    To start with: Is the map you want to drive in the list of available maps? Do you have selected a trip? Do you have the right Java version?
  17. OMSI Maps :: Canterbury Basic

    In English please, so we can all understand.
  18. Personal Assistance Humbly Requested

    Augh.... well Macbooks... Nice toys 'till they need service or repairs. Donation done...
  19. General Videos

    More Hamburg!!!
  20. Those GCW objects are available on the official Omsi forum. That Ingolstadt stuff is harder to get. I think that is included in the Vlietburg package, that is available in our download section. Good chance it's part of the extra archive, you'll find the link to that in the Vlietburg readme.
  21. Berlin Spandau AI Lists

    Maybe on the official forum, but it's not to hard to make an AI list yourself. It takes some time but it's worth the effort.
  22. General Videos

    Same route, different direction.
  23. The release of Luzern has postponed again and is now scheduled for December 7th, 2017. It's quiet around the London add-on. No new release date is given so big chance we don't drive in London in 2017. Hopefully, it comes out before Lotus hits the streets. There are rumors that Metropole Ruhr will be released as download two weeks prior to the given releasedate.
  24. It's not really a staff announcement but here are the official release dates, according to Aersosoft, for the boxed version of the upcoming Omsi add-ons: · Luzern – Autumn 2017 · London – Unkonwn · Harbour Hamburg City – Download version is available · Bremen - 2017 Already released add-ons: Vienna part 1 line 24 Vienna part 2 line 23 Hamburg Day & Night Berlin X10 Citybus O305 Three generations Chigago downtown Gladbeck Gladbeck Strassenbahn NF6D AI Cars by Halycon Citybus O305G Citybus O405G MAN Citybus series Aachen Rheinhausen Add-on Doppel-Gelenkbus AGG 300 (downloadversion) 1-12-2016 Mallorca · The red text means that this add-on contains no map.
  25. Harbour City Hamburg

    They are programmed just to do so. I think it's just a special trafficgroup so you can remove them.