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Mr Drive

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  1. Can i ask something

    Which map??? I think you mean Berlin 2.2 It wasn't removed, it was moved to the right section: Ready For Download. You have to read better next time, there even was a redirection link on the old place.
  2. OMSI Maps :: Hertfordshire V4 [RHD]

    Good chance you miss some objects and or splines. Did you use maptools for checking the map?
  3. OMSI Dead! HELP

    Pure magic or divine intervention.
  4. OMSI Maps :: Bowdenham V4

    I see more than enough errors that can lead to the nice blue sky.... For example: 59 19:06:20 - - Error: Missing [end] in file maps\northern route\global.cfg - or is too long (>255 lines)! 60 19:07:31 - - Error: Missing [end] in file maps\northern route\global.cfg - or is too long (>255 lines)! 77 19:07:52 - - Error: The file "TicketPacks\Bowdenham_2003\Bowdenham_2003.otp" could not be loaded! and: 107 19:08:57 - - Error: The file "vehicles\Mercedes_CLK_500\parked_Mercedes_CLK_500.sco" could not be loaded!
  5. OMSI Maps :: Hertfordshire V4 [RHD]

    I'm afraid the builder isn't much around anymore.... Taking stuff out of map is easier said then done. That Moges stuff must be around somewhere on the web. Did you try Omsi.cz? Take a look here: http://www.omnibussimulator.de/forum/index.php?page=Thread&postID=881627&highlight=moges#post881627
  6. [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    World of Brains.... In any case, you need to have a special one when delving into the Omsi Editor.
  7. OMSI 2 Editor problem with AI traffic rules

    You have to mark all paths for restricting the AI groups that you don't want to drive through your busstation. You mark the paths with No Unscheduled Traffic, you do that in the editor on the tab Traffic rules.
  8. Welcome at Vlietburg Vlietburg is a fictional commuter city in the southwest of the Netherlands. Situated near industries, harbors and major cities like Rotterdam and Dordrecht. This town contains a rich and dense network of bus lines which transport the inhabitants of Vlietburg across the city and to the main stations. With two city centers, two international convention centers, an industrial park, a technical university and some recreational areas there is a lot of transport needed. The city is served by HTMBuzz services which run a bus network that contains ten lines that all are running across the city. For those who want to stay up late and like to party there are four-night lines. Enough variety along the routes: highways, narrow streets, bus lanes, big squares, bus terminals and small country roads. As a driver for the local bus company: HTMBuzz it’s your job to transport all those citizens along the roads of Vlietburg. Download advise If you have Vlietburg V6 or higher already on your system you only have to download the Vlietburg V6.7.rar. If you have version 5 or an earlier version you have to download both rar files. It's recommended that you play Vlietburg V6.7 with collisions off. Read the Read Me for more information. Disclaimer Installing of this map is at your own risk. The builder of the map is in any way not responsible for any damage done to your Omsi installment or any other soft or hardware on your system. Requirements Omsi 2.2 or higher The following payware add-ons: Hamburg Day & Night Vienna (the 2014 version or both new versions (24A & 23A)) Stadtbus O305 At least 4 GB of Ram CFF Explorer to make Omsi use 4 GB All content from the default map (Berlin) and from the payware add-ons is not included in the download. Support No support by PM or in other sections of the forum. Support is given at Word Of Omsi in the ready for download section only. Vienna Vienna is needed for this map. Vlietburg is made with the old 2014 version of Vienna. If you have the new versions of Vienna (you need them both) please use the Vienna objects batch file you find in the Omsi root directory. It copies all needed Vienna files to the right directory. Repaints & standard bus The HTMBuzz repaints for the A21 are made by Jokervation. The A21 is made by V3D studio but is slightly altered to suit Vlietburg. Therefore this bus comes in a separate directory. This will be the last incarnation of Vlietburg. After this release, the map will not be further developed or patched. From this moment on support for this map will be limited. From September 2017 onward this map will be public domain and everyone can do with it what he or she likes within the limits of the copyrights of the content of the map.
  9. OMSI 2 Error While Initialising/On Startup

    That's correct. It looks like something is wrong with direct X since there are a few warnings (they don't brake down Omsi) and an error on the same subject. Errors are mostly showstoppers.
  10. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    Yes, replace the old files with the new ones from V6.7 Looks good!!
  11. omsi 2 cound not read o3d file

    What are the spec of your PC? And to be sure: Don't load ths map in full map modus.
  12. OMSI 2 Error While Initialising/On Startup

    Das ist ja, ein gutes eigenshaft! But indeed, the logfile will help. You find the logfile at the Omsi root folder.
  13. omsi 2 cound not read o3d file

    According the red text (Zu wenig Arbeitsspeicher) you're lacking memory. Do you use the CFF explorer?
  14. OMSI 2 Error While Initialising/On Startup

    Based on the eigenshafft Visible warning I would say that the map you're trying to open is not ready for Omsi 2.
  15. OMSI 2 Error While Initialising/On Startup

    Is there any cue in the logfile?
  16. copying tiles?

    That is also possible but you have to prepare such action very carefully. This are the main steps in the procedure: Decide which tiles you want to copy from map A to map B; Copy those tiles to a seperate folder; Make an overview of the tiles in map B that you want to replace; If you gonna add tiles, you have to add them first in map B and later replace them; Rename the tiles from Map A to the tiles numbering of map B Make a copy of Map B and store that at someplace outside the realm of Omsi; When the tiles from map A are renamed, copy them and paste them into Map B Be aware that ground textures are not included in this procedure. If there is water on a tile, the water file must also be copied and renamed but in fact it is easier to add that later. It's a tricky procedure and things go wrong easily since tiles are connected in a diffirent ways. It's also possible to copy (and replace) the content of a tilefile into another tilefile. In that way other connections can't break but that is a hell of a job when you have to move a lot of tiles.
  17. Problems with the Canterbury Basic map

    Tune down your settings. You can choose one of the lower presets and try to gear up 'till it's looking good and working good,
  18. Problems with the Canterbury Basic map

    Let's hope that!
  19. Problems with the Canterbury Basic map

    You missing still a lot of objects: Addon_GCW, you can download that here: http://www.omnibussimulator.de/forum/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=1161 NDBV Objecten: http://forum.omsi.cz/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=8330
  20. Icelandic Font for Signs??

    There a two ways to do that: Make a seperate object for each streetsign using a different texture which consists the streetname; Make a adjustable object where you can fill a text field, in that case the script has to be changed for accepting special fonts. It's more flexibel the second way, but, although i have a lot of things made for Omsi, that kind of streetsigns is not one of them. Maybe Chuckinho can help your here.
  21. Problems with the Canterbury Basic map

    Then we can make some progress!
  22. Highway

    Or bad can happen? What do you mean by that? Again: The map highway isn't available here at Aussiex. It is forbidden to host it over here. ( ¿O puede pasar algo malo? ¿Qué quieres decir con eso? De nuevo: la autopista del mapa no está disponible aquí en Aussiex. Está prohibido alojarlo aquí.)
  23. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    No there isn't a map for this version. And unfortunately, the Omsinavigator doesn't work either. So you have to find your way around or use the route arrows.
  24. Problems with the Canterbury Basic map

    We really need that logfile to determine what is going wrong. Without the logfile we have to look into our glass sphere....